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Text of (the donut hole) Donut Ho¢  newsletter, The Donut Hole. In this issue, we will be...

  • IN THIS ISSUE: Please click below

    • Fall Event Calendar

    • Meet the Medicare Class of 2017

    • Welcome Dr. Sadiq

    • OTC Patient Handouts

    • Educational Corner

    • Congratulations Graduates

    • Roast n’ Toast

    • A Tribute to Dr. Woelfel


    The Donations and Design Committee of the

    Medicare Class of 2017 is pleased to present the

    first issue of the sixth volume of our class

    newsletter, The Donut Hole.

    In this issue, we will be introducing you to

    students in our new Medicare class and giving

    readers an opportunity to meet Dr. Bahar Sadiq in

    our “Spotlight” section. This newsletter will also

    highlight our 7th Roast n’ Toast event, over-the-

    counter (OTC) medication patient handouts and

    much more. We will introduce a new permanent

    feature in this newsletter (“The Educational

    Corner”) and include a tribute to Dr. Woelfel in

    honor of his commitment to the Medicare class and

    in celebration of his retirement.

    Thank you for your interest in The Donut

    Hole. We hope you are as excited as we are for what

    this upcoming Medicare season has in store and we

    hope that our newsletter keeps you in the loop as to

    what the Medicare Part D class at Pacific is up to!


    Medicare Donations & Design Committee 2017

    Emily Chang, Joanne Kim, Trisha Macaraeg,

    Summer Rego, Patricia Tam, Mary Tran,

    Catherine Trinh and Michelle Vo

    Design and Layout by Catherine, Mary and Joanne

    (the donut hole) Volume 6 Issue 1

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  • By Patricia Tam

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  • This year’s Medi-

    care class would like

    to introduce Dr. Bahar

    Sadiq! We are honored to

    work alongside someone

    with her skill set, expertise

    and passion. Dr. Sadiq is a non-

    traditional pharmacist who has

    experience in a variety of pharmacy

    settings including: managed care, retail,

    independent, youth/adult incarceration

    facilities, and a community medical center.

    Through her wealth of pharmacy experience,

    Dr. Sadiq has noticed two major issues that

    continue to present a challenge for both patients

    and our healthcare system; 1) polypharmacy and 2)

    medication noncompliance, especially in the elderly

    population. Her desire to better address these issues has

    brought her to where she is today. After being a preceptor to

    pharmacy students and taking medication therapy manage-

    ment courses, she realized the importance for pharmacists to

    have access to patients’ electronic health records and their medi-

    cation history in order to best impact patient outcomes. Her

    focus on pharmacists playing an active role as healthcare providers

    alongside other medical professionals inspires all of us to continue

    growing in this profession. Thank you Dr. Sadiq for being a part of

    another Medicare season!

    Spo t l i g h t : We l c ome Dr. Sad iq

    By Trisha Macaraeg

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  • Welc ome Dr. Sad iq




    “One of the reasons I became

    involved with the Medicare class

    was because I started actively

    participating in the events tar-

    geted to the elderly during which

    health screenings were provided.

    I really enjoyed my time at these

    events. I was quite impressed

    with how positively patients

    reacted to the student pharma-

    cist/pharmacist intervention rec-

    ommendations. I am very close

    to both of my parents and seeing

    their health requirements evolve

    with age has made me more

    interested in preventive care.”




    “I came back to UOP to make

    students more aware of opportu-

    nities in outpatient pharmacy; an

    area that is quite commonplace,

    but perhaps under-discussed

    during school. We have a great

    opportunity to enhance OTC and

    self-care for elderly patients;

    instead of having technicians

    direct patients to aisles in the

    pharmacy, we could develop

    more tailored or possibly

    'pharmacist-initiated' OTC rec-





    “What stood out to me during

    the Medicare interventions is

    how attentive and appreciative

    the participants were. Some of

    them were not even aware that

    pharmacists could offer health

    screenings, Medicare plan alter-

    natives, MTM services, or initiate

    prescriber communication forms

    on their behalf.”



    “My goals for the upcoming

    season include showing our value

    as pharmacotherapy providers,

    improving self-care/OTC medica-

    tion use, and helping patients

    understand the importance of

    preventive therapy. I have been

    out of school since 2006 and

    truly appreciate the opportunity

    to see how pharmacy education

    has evolved and how we, as prac-

    ticing pharmacists, can give back

    to current pharmacy students

    and further our own knowledge

    in the process.”

    Hometown: Tehran, Iran

    Undergraduate: UCLA

    Pharmacy Education: USC/

    University of Florida


    Hobbies: Playing tennis,

    walking on the beach and


    By Trisha Macaraeg

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  • Last year’s Medicare class (Medicare

    Class of 2016) collaborated to create an easy-to-

    read, easy-to-use set of over-the-counter (OTC)

    medication handouts so that our older Medicare

    patients would be able to make more informed

    and safer decisions when self-treating common

    conditions. Handouts were created for each of

    the following 10 areas: eye care, headache/pain,

    heartburn/GERD, allergy, cough and cold, sleep

    aids, anti-diarrheals, laxatives, vitamins, and


    Each handout was created to be patient

    friendly and included “safer choices” among dif-

    ferent OTC drug products used to treat various

    conditions, names of generic ingredients (and

    brand name examples) of different OTC prod-

    ucts, warnings and counseling points, and medi-

    cations that should be used with “caution”. In

    addition, each handout provided references in

    case the patient and/or their health care

    provider wanted to look up additional infor-


    OTC Patient Handouts

    By Joanne Kim

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    We also know the importance of front line pharma-

    cists and prescribers and encouraged patients to

    consult with these knowledgeable health care pro-

    fessionals whenever making OTC product choices.

  • We understood that information about making safer

    choices among different OTC products is not readily

    available for many patients. Based on the feedback

    received by beneficiaries who received these handouts

    last year, we think we took a step in the right direction

    of helping alleviate that problem. This year’s Medicare

    class is going to continue to expand on the development

    of these handouts. If you are interested in receiving a

    copy, let us know and we will send one your way!

     Eye care handout– is divided into common

    eye problems

     Sleep aid handout- contains a section on

    principles of good sleep hygiene

     Vitamins and minerals handouts- contains

    the recommended daily dietary allowance

    for adults/older adults

    Some quick notes about a

    few of our OTC handouts:

    OTC Patient Handouts By Joanne Kim

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  • Medicare Part B covers Medicare Part D covers

    • Influenza vaccine • Pneumococcal vaccines

    • Prevnar 13 • Pneumovax 23

    • Hepatitis B vaccine • For medium- to high-risk

    patients only (see flow chart on next page)

    **These vaccines are fully covered with no out-of-pocket cost to beneficiaries

    All commercially available vaccines with the following exceptions : • Influenza vaccine • Both pneumococcal vaccines **Vaccines typically require a co-payment

    All available preventative vaccines are covered by Medicare. However, depending on

    the vaccine, the Part of Medicare that covers such can vary. Certain vaccines are covered

    under Medicare Part B. Other vacc