The Crime Scene Approaching a Crime Scene

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Text of The Crime Scene Approaching a Crime Scene

  • The Crime

  • Approaching a Crime Scene

  • Approaching a Crime ScenePersonal Safety and the well being of victims Preserve and Isolate the crime scene Record the crime scene

  • Recording the Crime

  • Rough Sketch to

  • NotesMatch to sketchUse a keyQuick, short, bulletedWhat can you not see from the photo?

  • PhotographySceneMultiple viewsEntrancesExitsWindowsEvidenceClose upsPerspectivesMultiple angles

  • Collecting Evidence Victim's clothingFingernail scrapingsHead and pubic hairsBlood (for typing purposes)

  • Vaginal, anal, and oral swabs Recovered bullets from the body and/or surrounding areaHand swabs or washings from shooting

  • Collecting EvidenceBag &

  • Collecting ControlsPrintsDNA SamplesHairOther evidence from possible suspects or victims for comparison to

  • Collecting ControlsDo You Need a Warrant?