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The Cloak and Dagger Project

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Tyler Hellard , Taylor Kraft and Zachary Preece. The Cloak and Dagger Project. Agenda. Project Background Project Accomplishments Budget Conclusion Acknowledgements Question and Answer. Project Background. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of The Cloak and Dagger Project

The Cloak and Dagger Project

The Cloak and Dagger ProjectTyler Hellard, Taylor Kraft and Zachary Preece

AgendaProject BackgroundProject AccomplishmentsBudgetConclusionAcknowledgementsQuestion and AnswerProject BackgroundThere is currently little security testing technology available to the small and medium business market.Small and medium businesses are particular vulnerable to security threats.Ted Hellard came to us with a healthy desire and respect for securityThere was no reasonably priced all in one security testing solutionProject AccomplishmentsWe installed a Linux operating system onto a macbook air as the lone operating systemHardened Windows Server 2012Successfully installed and ran SnortRemoved the display for the macbook air, and placed it into the laptop messager bagRemotely controlled the macbook though a tablet

Initial PropositionSpecificationsCostEquipment$5801.39Software$924.10Operations$90 554.00Total$97,279.49Actual CostSpecificationsCostEquipment$5554.26Software$924.10Operations$14 750.77Total$21 229.13VarianceInitial Proposition$97,279.49Actual Cost$21 229.13Variance$76 050.36ConclusionSuccessful in building a fully functional lightweight security testing toolUsed off the shelf hardware and software. Proto type itemSuccessful in hiding the attack machine within a laptop carry case .

AcknowledgementsTed HellardSponsor of the project. If it were not for Ted, we would have not been able to complete this project the way we had planned to.

Jason FisherWas our project advisor, and was also in charge for distributing some of the equipment that we used to complete this project. Jason also provided us with guidance throughout the completion of this project

Question and Answer

ReferencesPictures taken courtesy of Taylor Kraft