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Text of The Cauldron - issue 1 - fall 09

  • MONDAY, August 24, 2009 // Issue 1 //


    BEingRonaldBERkmana Report on the universitys new President

    August 24, 2009 ISSuE 1 FREEWWW.cSucAuldRON.cOm

  • contents the cauldronThe StaffEditor-in-chiefChris enochmanaging Editoremily Ouztsadvertising managerJayson gerbeccopy EditorReid maynews Editorsamantha shunk arts & Entertainment Edi-torJonathan D. Herzbergersports EditorRob Ivorylayout EditorSteve ThomasFeatures/copy EditorLaura KrawczykBusiness managerAnne Werner

    Mission StatementAs cleveland State universitys

    student run, managed, and operated alternative weekly paper, The cauldron is dedicated to delivering information to the student and professional body of cSu; doing so without bias, without constraints, and without fear.

    Presenting news, entertainment, opinion and other media that originates organically from within the student body, our distinctive media will organically flow and adapt to suit that bodys needs.

    The cauldron prints according to sound journalistic principles of accura-cy, accountability, integrity, transparency and with a recognition of press freedom and student expression.

    The cauldron shall remain a forum; maintaining a strong connection to the diverse campus community, regarding but not limited to cleveland State uni-versity, the city of cleveland, the united States, and the Global community.

    Advertising Policy:For advertising inquiries e-mail us or call (216) 687-2270

    Contact Us:cleveland State university4th Floor Cole Centercleveland, Ohio 44115phone (216) 687-2270fax (216)

    The melting PotOpening Statements Page 3Real jobs are overrated Page 3IllumiNation: A bi-weekly insight into national politics Page 4Summer changes on campus Page 5

    newsWeeks of Welcome Page 6Rocking Out on the roof Page 6 STudENT ORGANIzATION SPOTlIGhT:Csu swing Dance Club Page 7

    arts & EntertainmentNOW hEAR ThIS! Page 10Keith Urban shows off his special Cleveland connection Page 11Noise Inspector Page 12Tarantino does it again with Bastards Page 13

    sportsFurther than Basketball, More Than A Game: leBron James and company enter the theater Page 14Four Weeks of Uneasiness Page 15 Top Moments of Summer 2009 Page 3

    Volume 109 No.1 AUgUST 24, 2009

    Feature Page 8

  • the cauldron august 24, 2009 the cauldron 3opening statementsBy emily Ouzts, The Cauldron managing Editor

    w ell hello! Welcome to your fall semester. While you were re-laxing and enjoying your last week of summer, we here at The cauldron were busy preparing the years first issue. And although we try not to give our issues themes, per se, Id have to say that this issue has a distinct flavor of change.

    Indeed, theres a lot changing about cleveland State this year, and also with The cauldron. We have a new editor-in-chief, Chris enoch, who is currently balancing his duties at The cauldron with an avalanche of law school applications (last I heard, it was twelve or so.) Samantha Shunk, an English major and one of the nicest people youll ever meet, is taking over as our news editor this year, and the lovely and talented Jonathan d. herzberger will preside over our A&E section. The hard-working Rob Ivory is back as our sports editor, and laura Krawczyk and Reid may will work their be-hind-the-scenes magic as our copy editors. As our new managing editor, I consider my-self very fortunate to work with such sharp and genuinely cool people.

    But enough about us! Though weve gone

    through some changes inside The caul-dron, this weeks issue is all about change outside of it. The biggest change at cSu this year is, of course, our new president, dr. Ronald Berkman. Though we might have given him a rough welcome in last se-mesters final issue (sorry about that cover, Ron - -really), he was gracious enough to sit down for an exclusive interview with our editor-in-chief. Turn to Page 8 to find out how Berkman went from the gypsum fac-tory to the presidents office, and what he thinks about students beer-drinking habits. We also scored an interview with the one and only leBron James (Page 13) who told us about his new documentary, more Than a Game, and talked about how superstar-dom hasnt washed away his Akron roots. (I would make some lame comment about writers chris Enoch and Rob Ivory witness-ing leBron, butwell, looks like I already did.) Among our other highlights, Reid may takes a look at cSus Welcome Week activ-ities on Page 6 and laura Krawczyk offers an exclusive glimpse into the most swingin club on campus on Page 7.

    We hope youll enjoy our first issue of the fall semester, or at least find it more enter-

    taining than all the syllabi youll be receiv-ing in class this week. And remember, were always looking for new writers, so drop us a note at our new email address,, if you think youve got what it takes to write for The cauldron. Welcome back, work hard this year, and have fun!

    Real jobs are overratedWhy you should take a break while you canBy emily Ouzts, The Cauldron managing Editor

    up until last year, I had a summer job as a lifeguard. It was perfect, and I remember the exact moment I realized it was perfect: I was sit-ting in chair, five feet above the pool. It was just before noon, and I could feel the first tin-glings of a hot summer days sun on my skin. my legs were tan from weeks on the chair, and I had painted my toenails a coral pink. When I looked down, it was like a postcard: tan legs and pink toenails in the foreground, and still, clear, cool blue water in the back-ground. Aaah, I said. This is perfect.

    how I traded that $9/hour view for a $0/hour view from an office cubicle, Ill never understand, but apparently it has something to do with work experience. last summer, I left the pool behind in order to take the first of three internships I would complete while at cleveland State. I am fairly used to it now the office lingo, the business casual dress code, the soul-sucking florescent lighting but that first summer was a little unnerv-

    ing. Its a strange range of emotions, moving from the pool to the office: first, youre SO EXIcTEd because youre doing a GREAT INTERNShIP that will TOTAllY GET YOu A JOB, and oh look, theres a REAl WATER cOOlER OVER ThERE! Things like cubi-cles, copy machines, and lunch hour are fun little novelties of the grown-up work world, and you get to play amongst them.

    But then, it starts to dawn on you: this is it. And once youre here, you cant go back. Suddenly those little office novelties become instruments of oppression, like the creepy IT guy whos always watching, Emily, or evidence that youre going to die bored and alone, like the first time you find yourself ac-tually interested in your co-workers conver-sations about dancing With the Stars. And then you start quoting Fight club (Youre not your job, Youre not your [expletive] kha-kis) and scaring people, and its all over.

    Granted, yes, internships are valuable. my second internship hired me this year, so

    I should know. Ive also seen plenty of peo-ple fall into the trap of the service industry, bouncing from one dead-end restaurant job to the next (full disclosure: I am a part-time bartender myself, but I swear its only tem-porary.) And even if you decide to take the road less traveled, like freelancing or con-tract work, there are those pesky things like health insurance or retirement funds or gaps in your resume to worry about. Wed all like a happy medium, but there really isnt one.

    So my advice? Keep a safe distance while you can. Yes, you should take an in-ternship or two while youre in school. But take a break too. dont do internships for four straight semesters (like I did.) The work world will always be there, and (hopefully) there will always be a place for you in it. Work at the pool for one more year. Know what its like to have a summer tan for one more year. Give yourself one more chance to look down and say, Aaah. This is perfect.

  • the cauldron august 24, 2009 4

    illumination:A bi-weekly insight into national politicsBy Reid may, The Cauldron Staff Writer

    a ccountability is important. We know this at The cauldron. But we also know that government officials may not take account-ability as seriously as we do. So wed like to introduce this bi-weekly column, which aims to keep an eye on the national po-litical stage. Every two weeks, I will inform readers about what our government is doingor not doing. While we do not ex-pect congress to yield to our expressed wishes, we hope the information is useful to our readers.

    To begin, here is a synopsis of some summer session activity in Washington:

    during the last three months, a lot of noise was made about the healthcare de-bate in Congress, with the battle between Pres. Obama and his congressional coun-terparts played out on a national stage. meanwhile, debates about the public op-tion of healthcare became less an infre-quent town-hall-type seminar, and more a corner-store conversation.

    Bottom line, united States citizens are concerned about their healthcare. And ac-cordingly, congress has made the issue a top priority maybe even its only priority.

    certainly, healthcare is an important is-sue that needs to dealt with, but it should not be the sole focus of our government. Regardless how you feel about health-care, it is not the only problem facing our country, and it is time we begin to consider the possibility that we put it aside for the moment, and consider some of the others.

    Also making waves this summer was the passage of the cap and Trade bill, which limits the amount of carbon emis-sions companies can p