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the caucasian chalk circleTypes of Alienation Effects

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HISTORICAL ALIENATION Prologue sets in 1945 Story goes back to 1000 years ago Prologue takes place in Azerbaijan Story comes from ChinaDelegate: Will it be one of the old legend? Singer: A very old one. It s called The Chalk Circle and comes from China. But we ll do it, of course, in changed version. (CCC, 25)

CAPTIONS A narrator , an actor or somebody else

Singer Tells the story of the scene beforehand Links, comments on, interpret the events

Singer: Hear the story of judge How he turned judge, how he passed judgement, what kind of judge he was. On that Easter Sunday of the great revolt, when the Grand Duke was overthrown And his Governor Abashwili, father of our child, lost his head The Village Scrievener Azdak found a fugitive in the woods and hid him in his hut. (CCC, 85)

LANGUAGE Different from daily language Allusion, quotation, third-person statement

in first-person form Witty style oxymoronic formulations, clichs, proverbs, paradox, metaphorsSimon: A good morning to the young lady. I hope she is well. Grusha: A good morning to the soldier. God be thanked he has returned in good health. (CCC, 80)

MUSIC & SONG Hegel & Marx philosophy

Shakespeare in his plays chorusChorus: How will this human child escape The bloodhounds, the trap-setters? Into the deserted mountains she journeyed She sang a song, she bought some milk. (CCC, 47)

Music from background Song of a character

THE SONG OF ROTTEN BRIDGE Deep is the abyss, son, I see the weak bridge sway But it s not for us, son, To choose the way. The way I know Is the one you must tread, And all you will eat Is my bid of bread. Of every four pieces You shall have three Would that I knew How big they will be! (CCC, 60)


Bare stage Selected properties Door frame or window house Masken make up & masks High class full-face, hard material Low class partly covered, flexible material