The Breckenridge News CATARRH KIDNEYS BABYS ECZEMA tlrst class dental work go to Dr J C Bush of Cannelton

The Breckenridge News CATARRH KIDNEYS BABYS ECZEMA tlrst class dental work go to Dr J C Bush of Cannelton

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Text of The Breckenridge News CATARRH KIDNEYS BABYS ECZEMA tlrst class dental work go to Dr J C Bush of...

  • The Breckenridge News un

    WEDNESDAY June 21 lOOo


    Dr Bush June S8 and 24

    Ferd McGehee went to Louis rille Saturday

    Harry Kepuier spent several days tn Louisville last weeK

    Mrs Will Gardner was in Louisvill Wednesday shopping

    John Wimp was in Louisville last Thursday and Friday on business

    Lamar Gardner has gone to Chr nault to spend his summer vacation

    Dr J 0 Bush the dentist ot Can nelton will be here June 23 and 24

    Arthur Suter spent several days 1In Louisville lat weeK among friends

    Miss Ruth Daugherty of Louisville came Saturday to visit Miss Claire

    JollyQuite i large crowd from here went

    on the excursion Saturday to Louis

    villeQuite a number of our citizens at

    tendea the reunion in Louisville last

    weekOwen Biggs left Saturday for Steph

    ensport to visit his sister Mrs IKirb

    BlaineMrs Nannie Wathen left Tuesday

    for Louisville to remain for a several weeks visit

    Miss Willa Drury is in Louisville visiting her sister Miss Ada Drury for several weeks

    Mr and Mrs A B Coleman lef Monday for Woodford county to visit relatives for a week

    For tlrst class dental work go to Dr J C Bush of Cannelton He will be here June 23 and 24

    Mrs Cris Heusel and childrei left last week for Louisville to visit Mr and Mrs Will Finn

    Miss Essie Biggs left Saturday for Grandview Ind to visit friends and relatives for two weeks

    Mrs George Lyddan and mother Mrs Leona Adkissou were in Louis ville Tuesday on business

    Miss Mary Wrather entertained very delightfully last Friday evening to a number of friend

    Miss Mabel McGlothlau is at home after a ten days vi > it to friends at Hawtsville nnd Cloverport

    Mrs McClintick of Louisville came last week to visit hex parents Mr and Mrs W Cornwall

    Mrs L B Moreman and son LuIs Bennett have returned from a weeks visit to relatives at Brandenburg

    Miss Ellen W Herudon of Hen ¬

    derson is expected this weed to visit ilr and Mrs T N McGlothlau

    Mr and Mrs Albert Marshall and baby of Guston spent Sunday the guests of Mr and Mrs Tom Marshall

    Mra W Jh Brown a ud sister Laura left Tuesday fcr Paradise Kyto be with their parents for a few daysMrs

    Dive Henry of Chattanooga Tenn iis the guest of her parents Mr and Mrs J L Henry for some ¬ time

    Clarence Penick in convalescent Mr and Mrs Bate Washington are

    at hume atter attending the reunion for a few days

    Miss Mary Cornwall has returned home after a weeks visit to her brothers in Marshall Texas and other points of interest

    Little Mary Avitt of Gullport Miss arrived Tuesday to make a months visit to her grandparents Mr and Mrs Ferd McGeqee

    I have lost a 20 gold watch and offer a good reward to any one who will wring it to McUlothlan S Pig gotts store Tony King

    Mrs Crash and daughter of Texas are expected to arrive this week to visit her daughter Mrs Tom Parks They will probably locate here

    J A Warfield a horse denier of Macon Ga was In town Monday

    and purchased of H H Kemper his

    Ayers To be sure you are growing old But why let everybody see it in your gray hair Keep your hair dark and rich and postpone age If you will

    Hair Vigor only use Ayers Hair Vigor your grdy hair will soon have all the deep rich color of youth Sold for 60 years

    I am now over 60 years old and I hen a thick Kloiijr head of long hair which U a wonder to overy one who leel It And not a gray hair In It all due to Ayera Hair Vigor

    Jlns II li 1JUWT1S Ueclda MUm 51M a bottle J 0 10 TEn COLowell MautlrulIItfor White Hair



    Top of Head Covered with

    Scales Which Peeled off Taking Hair with Them


    Now Six Years Old with Thick

    Hair and Clean Scalp Cure Permanent-


    I My baby was six weeks oldwhen the top of her head became covered with thick scales which would peel and come off taking the hair with it It would soon form again and be as bad as before My doctor said it was Eczema and prescribed an ointment which did no good I then tried Cuti cura Soap and Ointment I washed her head in warm water and Cuticura Soap and gently combed the scales off They dill not come back and her hair grew out flue and thick She is now a year and a half old and has no trace of Eczema

    MRS C W BURGES Iranistan Ave Bridgeport Conn Feb ax 1898


    ICURE PERMANENT Mrs Barges writes Feb 28 1903verybadlyafter using the Cuticura Remedies was

    cured She is now six years old and has thick hair and a clean scalp

    isleepfortired worried mothers in warm baths with Cuticura Soap and gentle anoint¬ ings with Cuticura Ointment purest of emollients and greatest of skin cures This is the purest sweetest most speedy permanent and economical

    disfiguringitching crusted and pimply skin and scalp humours with loss of hair of infants and children as well as adults and is sure to succeed when all other reme ¬ dies and the best physicians fail

    Sold throughout the world Cutlcun Rtmtrtnt We la form of Chocolate Coiled IUIl 2c per vUl of 1io1 Old meet JOc Soap We Potter Drug i Chem Corp Dellolio sole lrop Or Send lotM Thcgrcl Umaour Cure

    driving mare Known as Ida Stout The price is not given but it must have been a fancy one as she had made better thin two thirty time on the track

    Trying to Sell Brick Plant After standing idle for

    years the Patton brick Jl1lluyII

    Cloverport will resume operation as soon as the building can be overhauled and new machinery cnn be installed Mr W F Keates of this city closed a deal between the Columbia Finance old Trust Company of Louisville receiver of the plant and Mr E A Glocksen of Chicago whereby the concern has been turned over to Mr Glocksen an experienced brick manufacturer The plant will begin operation about the first of July and will have a ca- pacity


    of 60000 brick a day em- ploying


    a large force of workmen Owensboro Inquirer

    R N Hudson of this city who has been interested in the Patton brick plant was questioned in re- gard


    to the truth of the above item by a representative of the Xews He said that Mr Keates who is a promoter is trying to sell the plaut but that ifsuch a deal had been made he is not a ware of it

    By Land to Mammoth Cave In covered wagons drawn by

    four horses and with the sturdy voice of the driver yelling thaw in a manner that would do credit to an overland teamster a jolly bunch of Whitesville folks came- o a halt at Falls of Rough Mon ¬

    lay for a short rest At first sight you would think this com- pany


    to be a party of immigrants headed for the west but as you bring your focus a little closer and ask a question or so you find them to be a party of really civil ¬ ized people making an over- land


    trip to the Mammoth Cave There are thirty in the party air tad airs John Kittinger of Whitesville are the chaperons Kittinger is the cashier of the bank atWhitesville and tho party isof coursofinancially allright as well as every other way Tho company is building its own camp tires and providing their rations on the journey


    Jno Warren is quite sick Dr Spiel was in town Monday

    Miss Gussio OBryan of aiooloy villo is visiting Miss Stella Bea vin

    Lucien Manning who has beer sick for some time is con vales

    centChester Fiymire ir visiting his

    parents Mr and Mrs J W Fry mire

    Paris Dutschke of Holt way tho guest of Miss Katie Frymi re


    Noll Lee Gilliland went to Wolf Creek Saturday to attend an ice cream supper

    Mr and Mrs J C Brodie spent Sunday with her parents Mr and Mrs Chas Slogan at Derby

    Lamar Gardner of Irvington is visiting his grandparents Mr and Mrs G B Cunningham-

    G B Cunningham went to Irvington last week to visit his daughter Mrs Will Gardner

    Prentiss Frymiro of Louisiana who has been visiting friends and relatives returned homo Monday

    Mr and Mrs George Gilliland and son Paul Ed Stallman and sister Margaret Jno Frymiro and daughter Mrs Guy Burch andchildren took dinner with air and aiis L1I Bosley Sunda-


    Mrs Thos J Jolly is on the sick list-

    Dr J M Walker was in Louis ¬ ville last Friday

    WH Cain Sr has been ill for several days

    Miss Annie Compton it visiting friends and relatives at Pierce

    Miss Corn McCoy has returned to her homo at Union Star

    Mrs Margaret Hardaway is spending the summer at Frank ¬

    fortMrs Thomas CunditT at Gus ¬

    ton is not improved of her recent

    illnessThe A Sof E held an inter ¬

    esting meeting last Saturday af¬

    ternoonHorace Snyder and sons Glen

    and Homer were in Louisville last week

    Mrs Hcttie McCans is with her sister Mrs Alonzo Bennetts for the summer

    Little Irene Cain is spending the week with her grandparents at Fair Lawn

    Miss Evelyn Gross was the guest of Mrs James Witt one day last week

    Miss Katie Hardaway was visit ¬ ing the family of Nels Claycotub

    SundayMoorman Hardaway was tho

    guest of Mr and Mrs Thos Hardaway a few days recently



    B F Frank went to Owensboro last Friday

    Miss Nannie Ryan of Pisgah was here shopping last Tuesday



    Backache the First Symptom of Kidney Trouble

    Peruna Is Invaluable in Such Cases

    Prominent Persons Who Have Been Cured

    Daniel D Bldwoll Supervisor Notary Public and a member of I O O F 160 Pearl street Buffalo j N Y writes

    Having used Po