The Breadwinner / Vocabulary. cease - to stop

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Text of The Breadwinner / Vocabulary. cease - to stop

  • The Breadwinner / Vocabulary

  • cease - to

  • blunt speaking very

  • burqa- a long dress that the Taliban said women would wear whenever they went outside

  • chador- a piece of cloth worn by females to cover their hair

  • pakul- gray or brown hat worn by men and boys

  • Soxteaching.comcollide - To come together, to crash


    derision to make fun of


    embedded - enclosed in something


    embroidered pretty sewing on fabric done with needle and thread


    hover floating in the air

  • sacredsites.comintricate very fancy or complicated

  • kidsprintablescoloringpages.comlabyrinth - system of paths where it is easy to get

  • landmine - explosive device meant to hurt people and

  • militia - an army composed of ordinary citizens rather than professional

  • nan- bread

  • resolve - end

  • shalwar kameez- pajama like clothing worn by men and women

  • snippet - a small piece

  • Dari one of the two main languages spoken in Afghanistan

  • EID - A Muslim

  • Prayer during EIDhttp://www/

  • Ramadan, the month of fasting

  • karachi- a cart on wheels, pushed by hand, used to sell things in the

  • kabob - pieces of meat on a skewer cooked over a fire.

  • Taliban until recently, army in control of

  • toshak - a narrow mattress used in many Afghan homes instead of chairs or