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THE BIJOUX ... THE BIJOUX BATH Length 1750mm / Width 1030mm / Height 590mm A celebration of strength and beauty, this faceted bath offers sublime relaxation, capturing the light and

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Text of THE BIJOUX ... THE BIJOUX BATH Length 1750mm / Width 1030mm / Height 590mm A celebration of strength...

  • in col laborat ion wi th

    K E L L Y H O P P E N




  • Stunning and strikingly innovative, drawing inspiration from

    faceted diamonds, the new Bijoux collection, designed in

    collaboration with world acclaimed interior designer – Kelly

    Hoppen MBE, transports you into the dazzling world of luxury

    bathing by apaiser. Architectural in design, the Bijoux range is

    a unique juxtaposition of external angles and smooth interiors –

    reflecting a feeling of structural solidity while the faceted exterior

    plays with light and shadow to create a dynamic surface – the

    effect is a visual masterpiece, a celebration of the art of bathing.




    KELLY HOPPEN MBE Interior Designer

    I wanted to create a collection that was a balance between hard

    angles and sensual curves, but one that conveyed the sense of luxury

    that a diamond projects. This range was designed with a clear eye to the creation and manufacturing

    challenges posed and the outcome is truly an exquisite visual feast!


    Length 1750mm / Width 1030mm / Height 590mm

    A celebrat ion of s t rength and beauty, th is faceted bath of fers subl ime re laxat ion, captur ing the l igh t and del ight ing the bather.


    Length 550mm / Width 400mm / Height 170mm

    L ike a bejeweled crown, the basin se ts a re f lec t ive and mesmer is ing scene of luxur y amid the c leans ing ar t o f bath ing.


    Length 1200mm / Width 550mm / Height 150mm

    The dynamic l ines and subt le facets of th is jewel combine to create an al lu r ing piece, a moment of joy to s tar t and end your day.

    Colour Palette

    Charcoal Taupe L inen Polar Whi te

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