The Big Bang Theory. Before the Big Bang There was nothing: space, time, matter, & energy didn’t exist.

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  • The Big Bang Theory

  • Before the Big BangThere was nothing: space, time, matter, & energy didnt exist

  • Then everything changed, and we dont really know why.

  • It is the expansion of a singularity that formed the universe.

    It created everything: Time, Space, and the Matter (atoms) that make up everythingThe Big Bang is the birth of the universe 13.7 billion years ago.

  • So what happened?

  • Everything was compressed into a tiny spec. It suddenly expanded very rapidly and was very hot. So what happened?

  • As it expanded it cooled and matter began to form by sticking together.

  • Eventually the matter clumped together into nebula clouds

  • Then gravity helped pull the matter in to make stars and galaxies.

  • Some of these stars died out & blew up. From the debris new stars and planets formed like our solar system.

  • The universe continues to expand, stretching space and time b/t the galaxies.

  • Edwin Hubble used a very powerful telescope to see:The Milky Way is NOT the only galaxyGalaxies are moving away from each other (if they are moving away now then at some point they must have been closer-George Lemaitre)What proof do we have for the Big Bang?

  • 3. Leftover radiation fills all of space (space is now cold, 3K)4. The amount of Hydrogen & Helium found in the universe matches predictions.