The Best Trip Ever

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The Best Trip Ever. By Kyle Korb. Germany. Germany is outstanding because of the location . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Best Trip Ever

The Best Trip EverBy Kyle Korb


GermanyGermany is outstanding because of the location.There are so many things you can do in Germany like visit castles, stay in five star hotels, and drink beer from a vending machine. Can you believe beer can come from a vending machine? (exact)Plus you can visit all the awesome countries surrounding it like Denmark, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, and France. (relative)

2HawaiiHawaii is amazing because of the place.The human characteristics Native Hawaiians, Polynesians, grow and harvest tropical fruits, enjoy the ocean, and fish.The physical characteristics - volcanoes, palm trees, beaches, and warm climate: 85 degree average is balmy.

3New ZealandThe region in New Zealand is great.It is formal and divided by sections such as Bay of Plenty or Fiordland.These islands are functional by the two islands. There is the North And The SouthThe vernacular of New Zealand is both English and Maori.

4 EgyptHave you ever wondered how Egyptians survived in that huge desert? Thats the human-environmental interaction. The Egyptians adapted to the hot air, scarce food, and one water source.They modified the environment by making a irrigation system and cooling certain places.People today in Egypt depend on the Nile River.

5NevadaThe speed of Nevadas movement is jaw dropping.The idea of legalized gambling to me is crazy.The ways goods are coming out of Nevada are trains and airplanes The way people move in Nevada are Highways, airplanes, and trains.