The Avoca Report Executive Summary: 2011 State of Clinical Outsourcing

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Text of The Avoca Report Executive Summary: 2011 State of Clinical Outsourcing

  • 1. 2011 Avoca Clinical Outsourcingand Relationship Management Survey:Sponsor Needs and Challenges in ClinicalDevelopment OutsourcingExecutive Summary April 2011

2. IntroductionIntroduction Each year, The Avoca Group surveys industry executives and managers tounderstand trends in the outsourcing of clinical research by pharmaceuticalcompanies and other sponsors. In 2011, The Avoca Group was particularly interested in performing a detailedanalysis of how outsourcing strategies, practices, challenges, and outcomesdiffered by size of sponsor and size of provider. This executive summary is presented to the participants, who graciously gavetheir time to provide their insights and input into these data. The executivesummary contains highlights of some of the data collected.2 3. IntroductionIntroduction In particular, the survey explored the views and experiences of sponsors andproviders of a wide range of sizes, regarding: Provider selection Provider performance (overall and by task) by both size of provider andsize of sponsor Sponsor strengths and weaknesses in provider engagement andmanagement, by size of sponsor Current and future (planned) approaches to the outsourcing of clinicalstudies Cost-effectiveness of different outsourcing models Costs and quality of outsourced trials vs. those performed in-house Specific CROs that perform particularly well for sponsors of different sizes Strategies for marketing to sponsors of different sizes This summary presents selected highlights of the results for a subset of thesetopics. 3 4. MethodsMethods Invitations to participate were emailed to executives and managers of sponsorand service provider companies, and were also available via selected industrywebsites. Links directed respondents to the appropriate web-based survey instruments: Sponsor perspective Provider perspective Respondents who completed the survey were offered a summary of the surveyresults.4 5. RespondentsRespondents 193 surveys 109 Sponsor Respondents 84 Provider Respondents 36% Large pharmaceutical 34% Top 20companies (>1.5 Bill) 23% Smaller, Full Service 33% Mid/Small Pharma 30% Niche Providers(