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The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement has a mission to build the capacity of ... The Australian Centre for Grief and ... Irina

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    !"##"$%&'()(*+*%(The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement has a mission to build the capacity of individuals, organisations and communities in order to enhance well-being following adverse life events.

    The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement

    The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement (ACGB) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation which was established in 1996 to provide a range of education, training, research and professional service options for those working in the area of grief and bereavement. Opportunities are available for those working with grieving people and for members of the community to attend seminars, workshops and courses, to undertake clinical work placements and receive supervision. Customised training, consultation and advice are also available to organisations on issues of grief and bereavement. The ACGB is funded by the Department of Human Services to provide a statewide specialist bereavement service for individuals, children and families who need assistance following the death of someone close to them. A range of specialist services and programs are provided including office based bereavement counselling, outreach counselling, regional specialist bereavement counsellors, a range of support groups, written resource material and newsletters, an annual ceremony of remembrance, a bereavement information and referral service for the general public and an advice and consultation service for workers in other settings. Volunteers are integral to the delivery of the wide range of services provided by the ACGB.

    Statement of Purpose | The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement will:a| Develop and provide a range of specialist interventions and

    innovative education services, informed by evidence based practice, for grieving people who are at risk of adverse outcomes.

    b| Provide grief education and a range of consultancy services to develop and enhance the capacity of individuals, organisations and communities to deal effectively with loss.

    c| Provide grief and bereavement counselling training and supervision through the placement of practitioners at the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement Counselling and Support Service and other settings as deemed appropriate.

    d| Build the capacity of the universal health services to provide bereavement supports and responses.

    e| Provide advocacy and representation on grief and bereavement issues in order to inform policy development, raise community awareness and support universal access to mainstream grief and bereavement services.

    f| Undertake research, program evaluation, public policy development and the production of evidence based publications and resources to enhance grief and bereavement knowledge and practice.

    g| Maintain cooperative links with relevant state, national and international groups and organisations in relation to grief and bereavement.

    h| Provide a national clearinghouse of grief and bereavement resources and literature to inform policy, practice and research into grief and bereavement and to enhance the activities of the Association, other practitioners, support agencies and self-help groups.

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    Committee of ManagementPresidentAdele Hulse, BA, DipEd

    Deputy PresidentDr June Allan, PhD, BA, DipSocSt, SpecCertBerCounsPrac

    SecretaryGlynnis Hearn, AssocDipArts(SocWelf), AdvDipFamTherapy, SpecCertBerCouns, CertIVWrkplcAssess&Trng, CertClinSuperv, AdvCertCriticalIncidentStressMgmt

    TreasurerJohn Patton, BEc, ACA

    General MembersDr Geoff White, PhD, MEdSt, BAppSc, DipEdTwanny Farrugia,(to February 2010)AssocDipWelfSt, CertSmallBus, CertApplAspLoss&Grief, CertGrief&BerSt, CertIVAssess&WrkplcTrngAndrea Murphy, BA, GradDipHealthCounsRussell Edwards (to February 2010)Deirdra De George, BA, DipEd, AdvCertBusAdmin, CertIVTAA

    PatronsWalter Mikac, BPharmProfessor David Pennington, AC, MA, DM(Oxon), LLD(Hons), BCh, FRCP, FRCAP, FRCAAWendy Wilmoth, BA, LLM

    Staff DirectorChristopher Hall, MA, GradDipAdol&ChildPsych, BEd, MAPS, MACE, FAIM

    Manager Business OperationsJulie Frowe, BA(Hons) (BusSt) (on maternity leave)Jim Luscombe, GradCertBusAdmin, BBusHRM

    Manager Bereavement Counselling and Support ServicesAnne Giljohann, BA, DipSocSt, MSW, MAASW

    Manager Health Promotion and EducationDanielle Ricato

    Education Program AdministratorBronwyn Thurling

    Office AdministratorJanelle Brennan, BPsych, PostGradDipPsych LibrarianDebbie Hedger, BSc, GradDipInfoServCourses CoordinatorJulie-Anne Sheppard, BScDip(Teach), Cert IVTAA (to March 2010)Maria Szucs, BA, GradCertIVTAA, NAATI, (from April 2010)

    Journal Production EditorNatalie Coish, BA(Double Hons)(English&CinSt), Dip(ProfWrtg&Edit)

    Senior Bereavement Counsellor SupervisionWendy Thurling, BEd(Arts), GradDipCouns&HumServ, ASIST, SpecCertBerCouns, AdvCertGestaltTherapyMaria Smart, DipCommServ(WelfSt), SpecCertBerCounsMethods, SpecCertBerCounsPrac

    Community Outreach Service CoordinatorAnnie Norrish, RN, BEd, GradDipCouns&HumServ, MCouples&FamTherapy, SpecCertBerCounsPrac, CMVAFT

    Administrative CoordinatorClaire Ewart, BA(Hons)Rae Silverstein, TPTC, GradDipSpecEd, GradDipMentalHealthforTeach Profs, SpecCertBerCounsMethods, SpecCertBerCounsPrac

    Senior Bereavement Counsellor & Support Groups CoordinatorColin Charles, BSW, DipFamTherapy, SpecPostGradProgramBerCouns, BerCounsPracCourse

    Assistant Support Groups Coordinator Simon Djurdevic, BPharm, Dip(TranspersonalCouns)

    Regional Specialist Bereavement Counsellor GippslandSally Cody, AdvDipGestaltPsychotherapy, SpecPostGradProgramBerCouns

    Regional Specialist Bereavement Counsellor Barwon South WestTina Rowley, BSocWelf, CMVAFT (temp. appointment until August 2009)Greg Roberts, BSW(Hons), MAASW (from October 2009)

    Regional Specialist Bereavement Counsellor GrampiansJennifer Wilson, BSW, MSW

    Regional Specialist Bereavement Counsellor HumeRosie Petschack, MCouns&HumServ, SpecCertBerCounsMethod, TPTC, TSpTC

    Regional Specialist Bereavement Counsellor Loddon MalleeEvelyn Chittleborough, BA(HumServ), DipWelfSt, DipCounsPsych, DipSolutionOrientedHypn, SpecCertBerCounsMethods, ASOCHA

    Bushfire Discussion and Support Groups Coordinator (Adults) Colin Charles, BSW, DipFamTherapy, SpecPostGradProgramBerCouns, BerCounsPracCourse

    The Centre would like to acknowledge the exceptional efforts and dedication of our committee of management, staff, practitioner associates, professional educators and many volunteers.

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    KG2 Bushfire Bereavement Support Groups Coordinator (Children) Simon Djurdjevic, BPharm, Dip(TranspersonalCouns)

    Bushfire Specialist Bereavement Counsellor GippslandMarg Bailey, GradDipAdvNursing(CommHlth), SpecCertBerCouns, GradDipChild&AdolGriefCouns, CertIVTrg&Assess

    Bushfire Specialist Bereavement Counsellor ElthamGill Moseley, RN, GradDipBerCouns, AdvTrain&SysTheory, VAFT

    Bushfire Specialist Bereavement Counsellor KynetonNerida Melsmith, BA(SocWork), DipTech(SocWork), IntCertBerCouns&Intervention

    Bushfire Specialist Bereavement Counsellor BroadfordAngela Wallis, RN, RM, MCHN, CertFamTherapy, VocGradCertBerCouns&Intervention

    Practitioner Associates and VolunteersPractitioner associates are bereavement counsellors who have completed their placement and wish to continue to work voluntarily in different locations and roles. Volunteers are both professionals and non-professionals who have received training to work with bereaved people in a range of roles and capacities.They play a vital role in the delivery of services. Without them we would not be able to provide the range of programs that are offered to bereaved children, adults and families. The following is a list of practitioner associates and volunteers for the 2009/2010 year.

    Nancy Allet, BSocSc, MedSue Aspinall Marg Bailey, GradDipAdvNursing(CommHlth), SpecCertBerCouns, GradDipChild &AdolGriefCounsJulie BairdJulia BayTricia BertramElizabeth Beyer, DipTranspCounsShane Brabazon, DipHlthClinHypn, CertIVAssess&WrkplcTrng, SpecCertBerCounsMethods, SpecCertBerCounsPrac, MCCHNicole BrogdenMaree Burns, BSW, DipClinHypnTherapy, BA(Soc), DipYouthWork

    Anne Burr, MEdYvette CabralAnne CarrYvette CarrAdrienne Cavini, BA, BSW, GradDipBerCounsMethods, SpecCertBerCounsPracticeSally Church, RN, RM, BA, BSWJenni ColdwellWendy CookMarie CrawMireille Davidson, BA, MSWTina Diciccio, Med, BECS, PostGradDipEarlyInterventionTess DinaleSue Earley, BA, DipEd, CertTactileTherapies, SpecCertBerCounsRussell EdwardsMimma FedeleKas FergusRaizel FogelJana Fugaro, BSWDeb GalavodasGeraldine Gartland Vicky GekasVal GibbsElwyn GonsalvezKaye Griffin, GradDipAdvCouns, MPsych&Couns, CertIVHypn, SpecCourseBerCouns, DipClinicalHypnSharron HandleyLoni HollandLynne Irving, BSc, GradDipHumSc, SpecCertBerCounsMethods, SpecCertBerCounsPrac

    Sandra Hatton, AssocDipCreativeArts, DipTranspArtTherapy, DipTranspCouns, PostGradCertAdolCouns, SpecCertBerCounsGlynnis Hearn, AssocDipArts(SocWelf), AdvDipFamTherapy, GradDipBerCouns, CertIVAssess&WrkplcTrng, CertClinSuperv, AdvCertCriticalIncidentStressMgtWendy Holden, MACA, MAIPC, DipProfCounsAssocIrina Ishaq, BAppSoc(Couns), DipHealthSc(Couns), ACAJuli JoseIvanka JuricDespina Kavnoudias, BA(Hons)(Psych), GradDipChildDev, BSW, GradCertBerCounsSheryl KimShirley Klebaner, DipKTC, TESL, GradDipSpecEd, BEd, MEd, GradDipBerCounsMichelle Kornberg, BEd, GradDipSocSc(HumServCouns), SpecCertBerCounsMustafa Kouklan, BSW, DipWelfStudDi Krygger, DipCounsHlth, DipCouns&CommEvanna Lake, SRN, DistrictNursingCert, CertPersCouns, SpecCertBerCounsMaria Lake

    Lyn Lowe

    Helen Lucas

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    Wayne Lynch, MHumServ, GradDipCouns, BAppSc, BEd

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