The Art of Photography

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The Art of Photography. By: AbdulAziz Al-Mousharji Sponcored by: Types of photography. Telephoto Infrared Light painting Silhouette Astrophotography Panoplanet Panorama Macro Landscape Cityscape Portrait Time lapse. What is The Triangle of exposure?. ISO - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of The Art of Photography

The Art of Photography

The Art of PhotographyBy: AbdulAziz Al-Mousharji

Sponcored by:www.i3lami.net1Types of photographyTelephotoInfraredLight paintingSilhouetteAstrophotographyPanoplanetPanoramaMacroLandscapeCityscape Portrait Time lapseWhat is The Triangle of exposure?ISOAperture (F#)Shutter speed3

How to apply them in most types?Lower the F #Raise the shutterLower the ISO 14Seeda il ma3na bedon e3adaBullete points as,hal so 5alhum short PortraitWhat youll need:Low ISOAperture between 1.4-4.5 depending on the lighting.High shutter speed for moving objects (1/40000) or medium if you want a glowish effect.15

CompositionIn the art of portrait photography:Center the subjectSet the focus Set the triangle of exposureAdjust the lighting

19Good ExposureSoundTiming

Macro What youll need:Low ISO if possible. (You might need to raise it so you can raise the shutter)High Aperture (between 15-22)High shutter speed (Highest shutter possible)

In the art of portrait photography:No shallow spots SharpStrong light Choose a focusing point

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