The art of kissing

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Kissing is an important part of foreplay in a couples relationship. The following are examples of common kissing patterns.

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not the one of you fall upon his wife like a beast (camel) falls. It is more appropriate to set a messenger afore the act. Someone asked What is the Envoy O Prophet? He said, kisses and words of love.

KISSINGA kiss is a pleasant reminder that two heads are better than one! Now, who wouldnt agree with me on this statement? A gentle kiss from your spouse can lift your spirits and make you feel wonderfully happy even when you are depressed. A relationship is all about trying out new things to keep away boredom and monotony from setting in. a fun way to do that is by trying out different types of kisses. It can take your relationship to a whole new level and both will be glad that you tried it, since it will bond you all the more closer.


Other areas for kissing may include the partner's: Breasts Stomach Back Inner thighs. Whatever turns you both on,

Ears Cheek Neck Eyelids Shoulders


Kissing during foreplay may be on the mouth or encompass other areas of the body. Deep kissing, also, involves the physical contact of tongues and can also imply the tongue entering another person's mouth.

KISSINGForeplay is very important before sex and in Islam is encouraged. In the Reference section there are 26 different kinds of kisses that are explained. Again there is no limit to creativity as long as it doesnt venture into the forbidden.


Angel Kiss A very sweet and comforting kiss, the angel kiss is one in which you lightly kiss your partner right on the eye lids or just next to the eyes. Cheek Kiss This is the most preferred kind of kiss for a first time. It gives the friendly signal of I really like you to the other partner. Place your hands on your partners shoulder, lean forward and plant a soft kiss on the cheek.


Butterfly Kiss A very cute gesture, you dont really kiss in this one. Bring your faces close to each other and flutter your eyelids together. Of course, this ignites pleasure and you go ahead to have a wonderful kiss!


Freeze Kiss This is a fun kiss to experiment with. Take a small piece of ice and put it in your mouth. Dont swallow! Gently hold your partner and kiss softly on the lips. While kissing, open your mouth and make your partner open his/her mouth lightly. Pass the ice with your tongue for an exciting sensation.


Eskimo Kiss This is definitely one of the cutest ways to begin a kiss. Bring your faces together and very lightly rub your noses together. It is a wonderfully loving gesture that your partner will adore.


Earlobe Kiss As the name suggests, you need to kiss and very gently suck on the earlobe of your partner. Be careful not to nip or bite since ear lobes are very soft. Make soft groaning noises but dont squeal since you are kissing on the ears!


French Kiss Also known as the Soul Kiss, the French kiss is a passionate form of kissing. Start with a soft kiss on the lips and very slowly start exploring your partners mouth with your tongue.


Hand Kiss This one is ideally done by the dude. Take your wifes hand in your hand and lightly kiss the top of her hand. In the days of yore, the man used to bow or go down on one knee and then perform this kiss


Hot n Cold Kiss A very exciting kiss, in this, you need to put a cold drink in your mouth and tell your partner to have a warm drink. Have the sensation in your mouths and kiss passionately. You will be left with a wonderful sensation after you are done kissing.


Neck Kiss This is a very sensual kiss. You need to come up from behind your partner, embrace gently and kiss the back of the neck. Slowly proceed to the side while kissing and withdraw gently.

KISSINGShoulder Kiss Known to be a sensual and loving kiss, the shoulder kiss involves coming from behind your partner and kissing on top of the shoulder a few times.

Sip Kiss This is a fun kiss to try with your partner. Take a sip of your favorite non-alcholic drink and leave a bit of it on your lips. Now kiss your partner and create an enjoyable and sensual feeling.

KISSINGTiger Kiss Do it like a playful tiger! They sneak upon their prey and attack without any noise. Sneak up behind your partner and grab him/her out of the blue. While he/she still tries to get over the pleasant shock, start nibbling and lightly kissing their neck and dont forget to growl like a cub!


Upside-Down Kiss Seen Spiderman? He lowers himself head-first while dangling from his web and passionately kisses MJ. Since you cannot dangle from anywhere, you kiss your partner when he/she is lying down or seated. Come from behind and have them tilt their head backwards. Gently kiss the lower lip and feel your partner breathing softly on your neck.


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