The art of delivering quality - Colussi The art of delivering quality Every company starts with an idea:

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  • The art of delivering quality

    Every company starts with an idea: a creative spark which is progressively transformed into a true

    and enduring passion, and into the love of a job well done.

    At the beginning of the 20th century, my grandfather Angelo had just such an idea and the passion

    which enabled him to lay the base for the foundation of the Colussi Group. In hindsight, I can now say that

    my grandfather’s selection of the finest grains to produce fragrant bread and to bake Baicoli (traditional

    Venetian biscuits) and our famous Gran Turchese pastry biscuits, have inspired the Colussi Group to create a

    complete range of products that all feature high quality raw materials, special care in their preparation and

    a never ending attention to rapidly evolving consumer nutritional needs.

    My grandfather proudly handed down his craftsmanship to my father Giacomo, who in turn has

    passed it down to me so that I can continue our family’s vocation: the creation and production of fine,

    authentic foods which are fully capable of satisfying the tastes and expectations of the many consumers who

    choose our products every day.

    Today, the Colussi Group owns some of the most famous brands in the Italian food industry. These

    trademarks were chosen not only because of their history, but especially because they highlight our method

    of doing business. The cornerstones of our shared modus operandi include a commitment to excellence, a

    passion for Mediterranean food culture and the ability to perceive consumer needs in order to translate them

    into innovative products. In today’s globalised world and with a noticeable presence in many foreign markets,

    our brands have become showpieces of what Made in Italy quality is all about.

    The Colussi Group – with its brands (Colussi, Agnesi, Misura, Flora and Sapori 1832), its

    people and its products – is growing day after day with the same passion as 100 years ago. Our aim is

    to reconcile an approach to successful business with ethics, tradition with innovation, and technical

    leadership with creativity.

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    A 100-year-old passion


    Angelo Colussi, the progenitor of our

    family, opens his first small shop in Venice.

    At first, the Colussi oven produces only

    bread, but later specializes in baking Baicoli,

    the famous Venetian biscuits based on an

    ancient recipe.


    Angelo’s sons Alessandro, Giacomo and

    Alberto inherit the family business and open

    the company’s first factory with cutting-edge

    technology, which marks the transition from

    handcrafted production to industrial



    While Italy faces a period of

    reconstruction and economic recovery,

    Giacomo – a man with a strong

    entrepreneurial spirit – transforms the

    company together with its tradition,

    commitment, enthusiasm and love for a job

    being well done into a modern factory which

    will remain one of Italy’s most important

    manufacturing facilities to this day.

    1955 sees the launch of Gran Turchese, a

    delicious pastry biscuit which will soon win

    over generations of Italians and turn Colussi

    into one of the best-loved brands in the baked

    goods market.


    This decade is characterized by the first

    diversification of the company’s products:

    new bakery products lines such us toasts

    and crackers are added to the traditional

    biscuits ranges.


    The company continues to expand its

    range of bakery products with the

    introduction of oven-baked snacks. Colussi

    also enters the pasta, rice and condiments

    markets. During this decade, the company

    establishes itself as a major Ital ian food

    company specializing in the production and

    marketing of a full range of high-quality

    products that are designed to cater to the

    diverse, ever changing needs of consumers.

    Since 2000

    At the start of the new millennium, the

    company is ready to take up new challenges

    and conquer new markets. It adds fine pastry

    specialties and industrially produced bread

    substitute products to its existing range of

    items, and increases its presence in foreign

    markets. As a promoter of the Italian

    culinary tradition and a steadfast supporter of

    high quality in all of its operations, the Colussi

    Group is committed to fulfilling a mission of

    internationalizing and diffusing Italian savoir

    faire throughout the world.


  • The creation of a leading food group


    Colussi buys the Misura brand from the

    US multinational Heinz and enters the well-

    ness food segment with a brand which is

    already well-established and very popular

    among consumers.


    This year marks the beginning of Colussi’s

    important industrial partnership with FoodCo,

    which is aimed at entering the merendine (soft

    sweet oven-baked snacks) market.


    Colussi increases its production capacity

    for toasts and begins to export pasta, thanks

    to its acquisition of the Audisio brand from a

    leading Dutch multinational company (CSM).


    Colussi acquires the entire Agnesi Group

    (with its Agnesi, Flora and Ponte brands)

    from Danone which enables it to increase

    its share of the pasta market and enter the

    rice market. The transaction also involves the

    purchase of a licence for the Liebig brand

    for the Italian market, a move which gives

    Colussi the opportunity to enter into

    condiments business.


    To reinforce the Colussi brand, the

    Company acquires the control of Colussi

    Milano, a company founded by a branch of

    the family which is active in the biscuit market.


    The Colussi Group acquires Eurico from

    Cereol-Eridania Beghin-Say, thus expanding its

    presence in the rice market from only

    “parboiled” into “white” rice.

    That same year, it acquires the famous

    Maltagliati pasta brand, the leading imported

    pasta in Russia.


    The Colussi Group buys Sapori di Siena

    with its brands Sapori 1832, Pepi, Tinti, Parenti

    and Vialetto.

    With this acquisition, the range of products

    offered by the Colussi Group now includes

    traditional Tuscan confectionary products and

    fine pastries.


    Colussi buys Albea 90, a company

    specialized in the industrial production of



    Colussi takes over Pangram to boost its

    presence in Eastern European pasta markets.

    That same year, it signs an important

    agreement with Del Monte Europe Ltd for the

    exclusive marketing of canned fruits and fruit

    drinks through modern sales channels in Italy.


    Colussi launches the CI Group, a joint

    venture with the Russian company Infolink,

    with the ambition of consolidating and

    increasing its position on the Russian and

    neighbouring markets.

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    Always doing things well, always doing things better

    We nourish our brands and products

    with values, technology, research

    and innovation to build them strong

    and keep them always up-to-date.

    What we do is inspired by four

    values that are the cornerstones of

    our business:


    Our commitment to those who

    choose our products. Our guiding



    Research, development and

    dynamism in defence of tradition.


    We listen, respond, take action, and

    honour our commitments.


    We employ environmentally friendly

    behaviours and procedures that will

    also benefit future generations.

    Throughout our company’s over one hundred

    years of activity, our entrepreneurial heritage

    has consistently inspired us to do better.

    This passion has been handed down from

    father to son, along with a capacity to observe

    and understand the market, and then provide

    consumers with prompt, effective solutions.

    The products we offer not only reflect Italy’s

    tradition of fine food, but are also tastier and

    healthier than ever before, thanks to the use

    of long accumulated know-how combined

    with advanced technology.

    Our strength lies in our enthusiasm. We’re

    committed to offering a range of products

    that can effectively meet the ever-changing

    needs of an increasingly diversified clientele.

    With this goal in mind we create new

    categories of products and improve upon

    existing ones. During the pr ocess, we

    operate according to strict standards of

    ethics and sustainability so that our

    consumers, our staff and our partner

    companies always know where they stand.

    Our know-how is a heritage which we strive