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UK PDF t'lU Brno THE AN GRAMMAR BOOK -_... _-A Teacher's Resource Book of discovery activities for grammar teaching Nick Hall and John Shepheard .-. Longman::.; , ",(J:< PdF MU Srno Longman Group UK Limited, Longman House, Bumt Mill, Harlow, Essex CM20 2.JE, England and Associated Companies throughout the world. Longman Group UK Limited 1991 .411 rights reserved; Ito part of this publication may be rl!'produced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in anyJonn or by any means, electronic, mechanical. photocopying, recording or otherwise, tVitlwul the prior lorillen pennission of the Publishers. First published 1991 Second impression 1991 Set in 10/11 Century Light Produced by Longman Singapore Publishers Pte Ltd Printed in Singapore [SBN 0 O:33DO X Copyright This work is copyright, but copies of pages.indicated by a copyright line may be made \\",' 1 a) toahabit, b) to 2 Ii) perminient b) temporary , , 3 a) one o'clock b) before one ",', " > .. 5 b) 6 b) 1.8 Time box bingo VERB FORM Present continuous AIM Sorting time adverbials to' correspond to five uses of the present continuous LEVEL Upper intermediate to advanced TIME 30 minutes MATERIALS One copy of 'Time box bingo' for each student (page 93) One copy only of 'Time box bingo' sentences (page 94) IN CLASS [6J Establishing the time references 1 Give each student a copy of 'Time box bingo', 2 Working individually, students read the five example sentences and match them to the time boxes (A - E), They compare in pairs and the teacher goes over them, W Writing in example time adverbials Students underline the time adverbials in each of the five example sentences and then write them against number 1 in each of the five boxes, [IJ Playing Bingo lOne student is given the list of 'Time box bingo sentences', They read out till' [lfSt sentence, while the class listens and \\Tites the time adverbial in the con'pcl time box (A - E), If a student is uncertain they can \\Tite the adverbial in the 'Not sure' box, 2 The student then hands the list of sentences to the next student who reads out the second sentence, and so on, 3 If a student completes a box \vith five ac!\'erbials, they shout, 'Bingor' 21 !.9 THE CHM'ICif 1(: I 'I't Sr f J-1.9 VERB FORM AIM LEVEL TIME MATERIALS 22 -I Th" studt'lit reads out the tive adverbials ami the class clwck they art' currelt. TIlt' I eacher illt.ervenes only if necessary. G Till' game t.hell clJntinues. fj If all twenty sent.ences have been read and no one has a full box, the class collaborate to sort (JUt. the live boxes. KEY o Establishing the time references ID2E3C4B5A I]] Writing in example time adverbials 1 at the moment (Box D) 2 soon (Box E) 3 for the time being (Box C) [g Playing Bingo 4 usually, at 8.30 (Box B) 5 always (Box A) A 1 (always) 2 almost always 3 continually B 1 (usually, at 8.30.) 2 often, at lunchtime 4 forever 5 constantly C 1 (for the time being) D 2 nowadays 3 currently 4 at present 5 these days 3 sometimes, at this time of the day 4 normally, about now 5 generally, at this time of year 1 (at the moment) E 1 (soon) 2 as I stand here 2 tomorrow 3 right now 3 at the end of the month 4 at this very second 4 next year 5 at this very mom'Ont 5 fairly shortly The changing present Present continuous Communicative practice of the present continuous Middle intermediate to advanced 50 minutes One copy of 'The changing present' for each student (page 95) IN CLASS [6J Introducing the topic Ask students to give examples of things which are changing in t.he world at the nHlment. This may result in some in1tial disagreement and ciiscussion. 1.10 VERB FORM AIM LEVEL TIME MATERIALS I 10 PPDGR!::SS I-{:I'I , ..~ Reading and discussing the topics I Give each st.ucient a COllY of The changing present' and ask t.hem to l'!'ati 1111'fourt.een st.atements ami to t.hink whet.her they agree or disagree \\ith tlll'lll. :2 Arrange the class in groups of twu to six and ask them to discuss their views 1>11each of the statements together. :3 During the discussion the teacher can note errors and correct them at. the 1'11 E'-= o c 0'- :>._ co0.'0 OJ en-'" OJ=>g'1-'w :;:; .D C=>OJ OJ'0-, 01 OJ co.c. u I- en(")5 Longman Group UK Ltd 1991o .c. ;;:OJD c 0 0,2 OJ en:5 = en OJ'OJ > Ci5 '51.c. enl-iU :;; ;;:800-' '" ::io 0-, -g:5 8 ' OJ OJen E co 0 _ u 'co-s: co< , '\ ./ ",' (1-) I 2 1.2 - Mini-contexts Look at the following examples of the present simple tense anc! answer the questions.

la) Complete the dialogue. .' -" !/l. jf, John: usually __ at Christmas? Dave: I normally go to my parents' house. Is Dave talking about i) one specific Christmas? Ii) Christmas holidays in general! 2 a) Which mach ine are they talking about below? Tick one. b) Complete the dialogue. Alan: ____________________________ _ Jill: Well, you press the eject buteon and then you put the tape in. Then you press the stare and record buttons at the same time. 3 What is the missing word! A: Excuse me, I wonder if you can help me. I want to go to Brighton on Saturday and I want to arrive about midday. B: About midday? There's a slow train that __ at 10.00. It gets in at 11.45. 4 Put the words in the correct order. London Brighton travels abOut 107,000 hour km The at Eareh an 5 Does this suggest a temporary or a permanent address? Y THE AUTHOR: 84 Josceline llivesl in London with her husband, I journalist and broadcaster David Dimbleby, and their three children. @ 6 a) Who is speaking? b) Who is he/she speaking to! c) Why is he/she speaking? . .. Manchester City once more. Baker plays it up the line for Tolmey. Tolmey fires a shot but it's deflected. Keagan tries to pass it out to Beardsley but doesn't succeed ... TheGuardian AUSTRALIA lis hold- a weekend of natIOnal mourning for the 70 victims of the bush fires. An appeal has been launched for 8,000 others left home-less. Page 6. By a Staff Reporter Two boys believed to be from London and seven others were injured in the Snow-donia mountain range yesterday. The boys were roped together when one fell while on Craig-Yr-Ysfa. Wales police said that night the boys were too confused togive full details of the accident or from where they came. One boy walked five miles What is The Guardian? What tenses are these! They refer to the same event; why are two tenses used? What tenses are these! e) They refer to the same event; why are two tenses used? 8 a) Dave: Peter tells me you stare your holidays on Saturday. John: That's right. We're going to Venice for a week. Does the verb cells refer to i) the time Dave is speaking? ii) the recenc past? iii) the distant past? b) [s the trip already booked? __ _ Longman Group UK Ltd 19919 Rosemary: Don't forget to send me a postcard ehen you get therO>Andrew: No, of course not. I'll send you a *6the Eiffel arrive. a) Does this refer to the present or the future? I'll send you a postcard .. c) What tenses can we use here? b) Complete the missing letters of other conjunctions which we can use here. as soon as I arrive. the mom ____ __ ___ minute the sec ____ __ .. d) What tenses can we use here? , .: 10 Penny: John, have you heard the one about the swimming pool! John: No. , Penny: Well, there's this man in a swimming pool and he goes to the top of ___ ) the diving board and he's just dive off when an , :- - i comes rushing along and says, There s no water In the pool. That s / alright: says the man. 'I can't swim anyway!' c _:> a) What does 'the one' refer to! b) Are there any past tenses in the story? If so, what are they! If not, why not? ---4;1'---..-: '.--xa asn:>xa le41 le41 pJea4 aA,1 MoU I!lun pJea4 JaAaU I I've missed a lot yesterday It was really of trains hot SU!eJl )0 104 101 8 pass!w aA,1 AepJalSaA AlleaJ S8M II It's been really on Friday Has she hot worked here? j 04 iaJa4 AlleaJ uaaq S,ll AepP::I uo a4s seH Did he come before now I worked here to see you? inoA aas OJawo:> a4 P!G MoU aJO)aq aJa4 I We've only been the other day I was a late once vegetarian a:>uo al81 uepejaBaA uaaq AIUo aA,aM A8P Ja410 a41 e seM I I've seen that many years ago He lost his job film three times SaW!1 aaJ41 WI!) je41 uaas aA, I oBe SJeaA Auew qo[ S!4 jSol aH Have you finished up to now I haven't broken reading the paper? any bones iJaded a4j Bu!peaJ sauoq Aue pa4s!U!) nOA aAeH MOU 01 dn l,uaAe4 I She stayed in bed just He's left paq U! paAejS a4S jsn[ ljal s,aH She's stayed in yet We haven't run bed out of petrol paq 10Jjad JO jno U! paA8jS s,a4S jaA unJ \,uaAe4 aM 106 A perfect match since Friday I've seen that film three times. AepU::I a:>uls lately 2 He lost his job. "Ialel until last week 3 It was really hot. lsel lilun so far Je) os 4 He's left. yet ja" already 5 We