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The Alchemy web site on Levity.com Hermes Trismegists true old unmade road Of Hermes Trismegists true old unmade road. Or, the grosz Universaltinktur without glasses, on people and metals to prepare Geheimnisz like. edited by a genuine Freijmäurer I Leipzig, bey Adam Friedrich Böhme. 1782nd Transcribed by Johann Plattner. The Alchemy web site on Levity.com Of Hermes Trismegists true age N aturwe g. Or:

The Alchemy web site on Levity

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The Alchemy web site on Levity.com

Hermes Trismegists true old unmade road Of Hermes Trismegists true old unmade road. Or, the grosz Universaltinktur without glasses, on people and metals to prepare Geheimnisz like. edited by a genuine Freijmäurer I Leipzig, bey Adam Friedrich Böhme. 1782nd Transcribed by Johann Plattner.

The Alchemy web site on Levity.com


Hermes Trismegists

true age

N aturwe g.


G eheimnisz


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the grosz Universaltinktur

without glasses,

on people and metals

to prepare.




A genuine Freijmäurer



With four engravings.



bey Adam Friedrich Böhme.


The rotation Iste

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Job 28 v. 4 It breaks a stream of such herfür, That the question live

there lose th path, and fället again, and then shrink from the people.

The rotation II

1. Corinth 1, 28th v.

And base things of the world and the despised God has erwählet and this is nothing, he Dazs to do nothing that

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is something.

The Third Rotation

Cantic 5th v. 10 11. My boyfriend is white and red, with thousands

auserkohren much. His head is the finest gold. His hair is black as a raven-Krauss.

Hermes Ascendit a terra in coelum iterumque descendit in

terram et reaptvem superiorum et inferiorum.

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Solem et rubeum luname albam una et una via Conjungite disposition.


In our, the exploration of natural forces so astonishingly far-advanced age seems the alchemy no justification to have. It is the people of the 20th century have become understandably strange, and Kopp describes them in the second volume of his "Alchemy" as a now-lost, and where will their ever thought still standing in evil doings respect. Quite the contrary, because despite the derogatory ruling, which only the fraudulent pseudo-alchemy, but can not meet the true alchemy, which has occupied the gröszten spirits of earlier centuries to the most profound and moving, it has even today, especially in the theosophical and related companies and associations, many friends and disciples, though mostly in

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Now if you white, as are rare now become the old alchemical books and how they are just at their weight in gold when they show up again by chance in the trade, then you begrüszen with joy and satisfaction to the exact reprints, in the collection "SECRET sciences have begun to appear.

So then also found four old Andrew John Val Rosicrucian writings, which opened in the collection, unanimous approval. Equally, however, the content-rich four volumes of the hermetic ABC on Philosopher's Stone (Vol. 5-8). As important and essential now both works, especially the hermetic ABC with its rare 73 old alchemical Rosicrucian, theosofischen etc. writings from the years 1600 - are 1800 for the researchers and lovers of secret scientific fields, so they lack, nevertheless, and not only them alone, but all the Hermetic writings at all a little Groszer the detailed and clear - not just partial, and hidden allegorical representation of the alchemical indicated Processes.

This often deeply and painfully felt lack now controls our ninth volume of "secret science" that the literal reprint of the old alchemical work: does "Des Hermes Trismegists true old unmade road", this single work in areas throughout the vast alchemical literature, this detailed and clear presentation brings.

The faithful friends, our attention This great rarity, be thanked at this point - no less that old hermetic lover, who has given us his old manuscript available. For describing this precious old plant which unfortunately remain unknown author the full development of the stone with an almost touching sincerity and loyalty, as indeed in any other works of their same place, is so rare that it received no more at all in the trade is to be found. And is said to have been given as a reason for this Dazs, it sz immediately after the release as a result of this honesty and fidelity in describing the production of Universaltinktur bought by the Rosicrucians, and so removed from the world.

None believe but now he Dazs now only as easily go the

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work and could be an overnight Croesus. Even for the owner of this work, there remains the old admonition of the wise, that, those who work with secular ideas and material, will not create anything. Rather, steady Dazs Research in the words of God and in the writings of the wise, and religious enlightenment, now as before, could lead to the goal ...

To better Verständnisz recent disciples, we have stated on a plaque explaining the significance of the old common alchemical symbols.

The four allegorical copper of the original are in perfect execution turn our literal reprints annexed.

So may then - still the world in flames - and this new volume of "secret science" go out as a Grusz and a hope for the many open and secret friends of the old alchemical art and science.



alchemical symbols. Water Mars, iron

Earth Quintessence

Fire Sublimed

Air Distil

Mind-spirit Oil

Tincture Powder

Salt, sea salt (Female) Sal


Salpeter, rock salt (male) nitre


Sun, Gold Vitriol

Moon, Silver Vinegar

Mercury, Mercury Partes, part

Saturn, lead Aqua regia, aqua

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Jupiter, tin Antimony

Venus, copper Aries, March

Sulfur Taurus, April

Leo, July Gemini, May

Sirach XXX. 17. 18.

And God has given me the blessing Darzu, that I have my wine and gemachet well as in full autumn. Behold, I have not worked for me but for all those who wanted to learn.


The ancient philosophy and Magi have found in all over the world Animalibus none, so the people could be brought forward. Sapient. X.2. because it not only begabet God the Almighty Creator, for all other animals with an ingenious reason and high intelligence, he also dahero Animal rational is so named, but mainly because

he in God's image, not from a Slechten Klosze, but

from the very best and purest extract so intoto Centro a have been created, and was yet laid him in a strange Arcanum is medicinale; dahero ANDREAS Tenzel also writes in his Preface Medicinae Diastaticae of him thus: Homo est Quintum esse totius mundi machinae, uno Centrum naturae radios in quod omnes Sphaera Lateltin infundunt Microcosmus et Compendium totius Naturae, Miraculum mundi.

Who now mittheilet God this stone peculiar reasons, has the finest treasures of the health and wealth of this world, after that many gestrebet thousand, but even a few of them had the good fortune to receive the same. It color.Download Procesz a pure nature but also NR. a boring and tedious work; dahero person who has not Darzu the most convenient opportunity and the means can

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not afford, it is advisable not at all Darzu.

However, should no one despair of his fortune, but to ask God for His Holy Spirit Beystand Darzu, beside it read honest true philosophical books, Darzu the true God and man-friend, the enlightened author of the hermetic ABC in its four parts, from several seventy Autoribus, both older and new times, we have delivered beautiful genuine statements, and giveth true guide, then of the great God of all people have canceled their heart, his kind, if not to the detriment of his gereichet souls, allow well.

I wish my part of the heart, the Holy Spirit Dazs all honestly minded Filiorum enlighten doctrinae mind, and she wanted to teach in such a way that they Dazs from my two tracts something useful and want to find more advantageous to their intention; At the end of the God and people loving, loyal and tender my dear friend, Mr. AMB distinguished Doctor Medicinae et Philophiae in N. selbige asked promoted to the prints, but I related to him thereby also carry the most profound thanks.

Take me but about some sophists and Proceszkrämer about it (as if I had not written the truth) hostile to or even with a dispute request; should know as sameness, I Dazs me with them not more, much less going about their hostility me mocquiren in the least.

However, I hope the reader will take up these my work with such a heart, with loyalty which I have written it. In the case but my efforts of the learned world should not be censiret as desired, so I'm still fed than each one as a Christian with true love.

Posted the 15th May, Anno 1781st the

Author I

Separateur of the metal.

Hermes Trismegists

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real old unmade road


The beginning of this Geheimnisz I want to do in the name of Jesus, the Son of the eternal God, and what my enlighten your mind would, by his power and light, to his praise, honor and glory, Amen.

The holy book says Dazs only one input of all people in this life Sey, Sey and this also the same output. For as we are born into this world, we are by the same agent again in first intention reduzirt materiam how the

Weizenkörnlein, which in the thrown by the death of Putrefaction born again new and will multiply in fruit a hundredfold, and that everything always happens through

the mundi universalis, which is up and zuschleuszt, and the movement of life and death. Death is the Putrefaction, the separation of evil from the good, the

pure from the impure, because the new body and the is born to life again. For as a blade from a seed to grow: thus comes from the old body out through the Fäulnisz a new body, every property and Art

Man, Mundus minor, the Summa and Extract majoris Mundi. In minore Mundo is of the great Arcanum Macro Cosmi, the grosz Universalgeheimnisz; recognizes only the bad from the good, you have the cleaner looking with thee, only thee also.

May Almighty God, Creator of heaven and Has resided and labored

in the light (Psalm 104) the light in spirit,

the spirit in

the in the

the in

the in the

and all others, as it is Gebährmutter or workshop,

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from which and from thy they work.

All good gifts and all perfect gifts come from the top down from the Father of lights. This light (writes Mr. IB from Indagina in the chemical - phijsikalischen spare

hours p. 213) which of the en abströmet dwells in the ether, the natural light is Vehiculum, making us light and life eingeflöszet, and serve the spirits to the preservation of life must be. is erhalten.Ingleichen Now as long as the physical home of the soul and spirit to accept the light and let Würker in itself capable, as long as the animal life Julius Sperber writes in his brief statement to the true Erkenntnisz of dreyeinigen God and the whole Nature pm 19 words:

This light is the Life of all creatures of the world, making it much beseelet, and bewürket or moveth to grow and multiply are. So will this light, the universal soul of the world or the general nature, as that is the very same Strohm, already steer like this Eden, that is, in the whole world.

From this light we also Moses declares in his book cop

first like God and heaven , Light and Finsternisz

from the chaos or Groszer divorced and, all of

and the spirit born will. The Now a good thing, the most glorious of all visible beings, the seed and the

grain around the world. Our but in the Is not

But only one spirit, and will only a . Born The

gröszte is the treasure and wealth of the world, the central character and the beginning and end of all things.

It is this spirit that by the dwells on all seed , Not excluding the Insecta, giver of life, it is all in all. In the

groweth, blooms and sprosset he animates in animals, altered, and he cooks, rauchet in the mines, and figirt pierce it. If he is gebrauchet through art, he will receive life and heals all diseases and changes the metals. In the fugitives, he is volatile, in the fixed it is fixed, brutish in animals, vegetable-in vegetables, in minerals, mineral, and in all things is this spirit of a penetrating and perfect property and an even delicate and spiritual being.

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From this heavenly Spirit and life of all things speaks, even our Saviour Jesus Christ Matth.6. So that man lives not by bread alone but by every word, the breadth and by the mouth of God. Now if this spirit of

man through the genüszet together with the temporal food, then become conseqvens T. Must also by some of the people to be, from which the master of nature which form good and can make, and therefore this very Schlusz followeth, namely draw as long as our people live, as

long as we which, as long as we the draw, as long

as we draw the in us, and as long as we draw us in, as long as we live according to God's will.

O man. here stand still and look up what you are, because what you sow, you reap the will, you also sow meat, and you will reap the corruption of the flesh, and vice versa, Matt. 111 So give birth to heaven and man is a noble thing, and deliver it to the true artists in a lush life that he auferziehen according to his wisdom, to set time

can bring to the crown and full regiment of the metallic kingdom. This is the powerful, which boast of Hermes in the emerald table. In it is the living seed, and

as great strength, he Dazs the fine can also make alive and tincturalisch Plusquamperfect by the artist's hand.

saith Basil Valentine in the book of the natural and supernatural things, that the great and little world made out a prima materia and created by an omnipotent being, at the time in the beginning, as the Spirit of God on the

silently pray. This great world, however, as Heaven

and Was first formed, then the small world as the

man taken from of the great, as the was separated

from the That was the matter, silently praying to

the Spirit of God. From the noblest When the

formirt was the little world, through the ITY, so still

with the was, and was all natural. But after blowing

of the divine peace, once the supernatural came Darzu were Dazs thus connected natural and supernatural. This great world is transitory, however, the small but forever, which is clarificirt by the Spirit of God, because

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they may possess such.

ARND saith the sixth day's work: To Beschlusz we must also necessarily the last of the creatures, man, think of something, namely, that man is the most beautiful creature Sey, would have to what God's gröszte liked, because he all things for man created ProOne VIII 31st Yes, man is the end of all created things, it is so easy to accept, he That the small world and all things Beschlusz Sey, even perfection may understand all things in himself. Item, on the first day's work he writes: For Beschlusz is also know Dazs the benevolent creator is a pure, beautiful and graceful light all things have included how the knowledge, so understanding the natural divorce, and the purity of all things quite philosophically of the impurity able to separate. And so all things can be put in its clarity, because that is their natural glory, and a wonderfully evident Zeugnisz the transfiguration of our bodies at the last day, when all the impurity of body and soul Being separated.

Basil in Curru Triumphati: There is but one each know our Dazs Stein and T. Must ausgekochet gezeitiget, by the

in the small world, so, as the the great world Würker aufhöret because of Microcosmus begins to

Würker a new birth. The item generally have no power marketing Ireland, but only key to the preparation

of the stone, but what the metallic miner and allelic anbelanget, (I speak jetzo what if you will understand me,

what I under the mineral Meyne a difference) they

have no means to dispense with the , Seeing you can dispense with their in composition by no means, for in them is found the magnificent treasure by the fixation,

including the stock of his has rigin and right true foundation.

MAJOR ELUCIDARIUS about the reformation of the whole world talking and if not well without much philosophy Dazs so very clear in their writings on the subject, an inexperienced Dazs can not but conclude from this, as the materiality müszte Lapidis in the metals, and

in sondlich and or will gesuchet, at least, in their Mineris they shall be but for that very reason, they Dazs

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so expresse call such materiam here who follow the less, as they say for themselves: if they speak deitlich of a thing, one should not believe them; where they lead but Gleichniszweise their speeches, as you may well watch it. Through which they also maintain well unlike the little

word we use, and say our and Our On Dazs

it's not of general , and understand. Or since

they and by Lapide not want to have excluded, as it goeth not more so, because only the fermentation, which can not be built without this means.

Lithium in Turba: If the mob wüszte what he would have a treasure in their hands, they would keep this small and delicious thing not so little: But God has such a secret to the people in the world would not Dazs devastated about it.

Aristotle in Turba: Lapis noster vocoitur terminus Ani.

CANTIC. 1. 3. Your name is as ointment poured forth, therefore the virgins love thee.

HERMES: The stone that you need to advance is to have things of which only the soul, and is found in all things,

in and between two mountains, and it also have both the poor than the rich, it is the basest thing, and yet is the

best in the world, about and .

Faustus un Turba: Let every man knows these things and there have not known who knows nothing else. Although I would probably know a man if he would have only three years old, who knoweth not such thing. Item: I am a stone which the rich and the poor, which is thrown on the streets and on the road often and it is often replaced by some in the dirt. I am a king of metals, I am a women and children's work.

Basil Valentine: O eternal wisdom, as you should be gedancket grosz for such secrets, but what people take kids do not care, and by the Groszer heap scorn to recognize that which you have yet laid hidden in nature. They have got in hand and shall not, They have got to remember, and do not realize they deal with it and do not know what they have because they always abide hidden.

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But I will tell you, That the root of the philosophical That is a heavenly spirit there, with the root of the

spiritual supernatural So probably the beginning of the

Alisher in one, and is found in a matter, and

not in many things, although the for themselves, and

find themselves, the is attracted insonderheit, of Dazs

in one, the in one, and the is found in one.

Promptuarium Alchymia: See Dazs you do not work without this some thing that is so common because, as the light of day. This can not understand a common Chemist, what the thing sey. Wüszte but one of how the common people with his farm's acquisitions it heiszet and calleth, and by anyone, it is called thus, it would come sooner to the art, otherwise it will happen slowly, and the philosophy have hidden this thing even with secret words , so it's hard to know through their writings.

Theophrastus Paracelsus: Natura Imprimis requirit from

artifice, ut Philosophicus Adam alem Substantium

adducatur, de demum in rientalem Arem ad Arem Lapide enascatur. Proinde compositio of this month sacratissimi Lapidis Adamici, fit ex sapientum

Adamico is, cum evena muliere, by matrimonium et

unius et alterius unione in tertium.

ALEXANDER Sidonius Lib IV are the metals in the

corridors of the testified after the four elements of its

power in the center ae thrown, so rt archaeus the same by ddrn, by the heat of the everlasting Motus to

the top of the . For the is with porosa Holes,

and resolviret the wind when he Poros by the Go to

From which things are born. According to the artists know the sperm of the metals that none Sey different than the sperm of all things, namely a moist vapor or steam. Search still all in vain, the metal reducible to their first matter, the philosophies have gemeynet no such primam materiam but secundam alone materiam as Graf Bernhardt talks about dahero so many solutions, circulatory and calcination are not necessary, because you looks in vain in such a thing, which is hard because it is

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everywhere, even for the gentle and soft yet. It Meynell

several have some other seeds, as As a special every metal one, but all these things is vain. He is only a

few seed, it is found in the same What in , and

is, but the place of has been different and unequal, when did I understand correctly.

From these few Allegatis can see, That the old ways have only had a certain matter, and that these few is also that of which I have already written allbereit. I begin, therefore again, where I vorhero left, and say, such an artist in alchemy which will prästiren useful, he T. Must the advance notice, what the purpose of true hermetic sheath art Sey, and that is: the unclean the eye items, display, or

any body in an exalted or light and Present form, which is now the purpose of a Chemici when he may seek it, he is master.

If, therefore, in this hermetic art vagina, the pure from the impure, is to be divorced, you vorhero T. Must have a good reason, you know what Dazs good or evil, pure or impure. E'en then it is the foundation of anything other

than the been like this bright and clear bey its preparation taught. He is also in no other prestiren subjecto so comfortable. Who would now think of right

living Dazs magnet, this noble and universal bead ü from a living person would, indeed This great wisdom would be held by the gates for a folly. All true and righteous Philosophical say confess, our animal-like matter is because it comes from the people, and bring

forth from the Insecta, mineral, because of it and the are born without any further Zuthuung of a thing, metals, and vegetable, because not only grow Vegetabilia it, but

because also of their magnetic is prepared which,

when it comes to the root vegetables, or only in the

done at the root is always the majoris mundi, the

upper spirit , Herbey draws, and not just the fresh seeds, herbs and trees Grosz, strong and growing power, but also the half-dead again refreshes and animates.

Our matter if they remain läszt animal, and again her

gebähret animalistic it is the gröszte medicine, and do

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grosz Würkung in all diseases, it is a treasure that may be should pay with no money and you come from the people

and the , Of the arms it has more and better than the rich.

expected to know also Dazs in it every thing in his mother, it take life to come, even die T. Must; and that, all things bey is träget, life and death, improve on it afterwards a new body in itself and produce. Also, this is what had to be related to Adam from Paradise and in the

have taken as many afterward gesuchet 1000 and not found.

The incomprehensible grosz God gave us people mitgetheilet grosz gifts, so we just may know, day and night of heart thanked him for it, namely, that all things, so in terms of the great world, are also found in the small of the people. Man is the book of the three principles, as 3 sheets, written and pierced with: the finger of God through and through, as the learned Mr. D. BIRKHOLTZ 3rd in his dissertation p. 11. So from this writeth: Omnium Animalium, omniumque omnino rerum natura cernitur his tribus: in T ó eat vivere atque moveri. Tria enim omnium rerum Macro Cosmi growth, growth

Microcosmi, principia sunt chernicophisica: , et

sive corpus, anima et spiritus, s. a, Sangois et

tus, quae non nisi unum semper unita quoddam totum constituunt sublimiorum, ex Mente quidem Philosophorum.

Man is composed by body, soul and spirit, each one has its Principium property, and the exterior body or person is a living death, a dark blanket, a dead grave, he is the curse, the dividing wall between God and souls. So now the man with all my heart that loves living death, and vollbringet his will, and, after the doctrine of Christ does not hate it is a child of hell, and in it Satan has his seat, and impels the divine light in the souls and So she darkened forever. As it was, man this living death dies Bey alive, kill him with the cruise, so this old body a field, therein lieth a precious pearl, a good thing, a noble

pure Body, which is when the dust of the perishable items in the curse lying be-ing deposited, (for the elementary flesh and blood can not inherit the kingdom of

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God, for it is born by the curse) on the Day of Resurrection, when it will raise up Christ; be a house of the purified souls through Christ's blood, both of which, namely the body and the soul, illuminating the light of God again, and the angels of God are equal be, as Christ

teaches such. His body is then a pure A good one

thing, his soul , His mind a divine light and power,

which is light, and , Or body, soul and spirit, a spirit of God through the new gebohrnes image, the Dreyeinigen God to eternal praise and price.

O thou eternal, omnipotent, benevolent and merciful

God, Father Light and sun of justice, enlighten, and warm all sleeping, dark and cold human hearts to see you, know, love, fear and all received Gutthaten to tell you heartfelt praise and thanks, once awake, alert and may be seeing.

O thou eternal Word of God, you heavenly healing Jesus Christ, refresh and revive our sick souls, by your divine sustaining power, so that we become strong, and we could neither death nor devil harm violence.

O thou holy spirit, some leaders called for the truth, you

divine the eternal He and heavenly are assumed comfort all sad in this vale of tears in rice collapsing wolves, and in the astray and abandoned sheep, strengthen them, that they wear their vinegar Here would be patient, she distinguishes Einmahl from the evil, and bring them finally to elect a heavenly green meadow,

allwo see the eternal light unabläszig, the cost to the heavens and the full divine grace and mercy to genüszen peace forever. Amen.



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vera Peterum

So we in the art that useful produce do, we must first understand the basic nature, and how born all things, and divine order to preserve and multiply even after, for, as all things natural birth always happens, so T. Must also equally Artificial regeneration by the alchemy Naturgemäsz be angestellet. After all, who performs excerpts of nature that works in vain, which bekräftiget SENDIVOGIUS when he says, in vain the works, who angreifet without Erkenntnisz nature work in the true art, for without light and Erkenntnisz them is to learn this art impossible, for what is not in the same is not also may seek through art.

So it is the alchemy an art which teaches the new birth, or to say, is far term, it is an art, creating a body of any Naturgemäsz radicaliter open and, thereby, for his

indwelling central opened its turn, and in a transplanted Freye fermentalisches life with which the reason for killing yet laid, from which post-exposure

flieszet the new birth, the body can be of any by which such regeneration is hervorgekehret from the body, now reaches.

Such Now, nothing is different than a real light power, which the Creator of all things beginning of creation, in highly pure property in the center of all things, yet laid, but which bemackelt after the fall, with much impurity found befreyet by regeneration but by the Impurität , and in a heavenly or in a whole new

würkendes Alesch being can be added.

It, the body recovery, maintain the philosophers call it a Conservation of the elements, so they say, return to the elements, and you will find what you seek. For if a body can be regenerated sincere, T. Must done such a necessity, the four elements, and consequently the body (want to encourage Irishman whom we) transplanted into those wobey but necessary order of nature are observiret T. Must, namely, how such an item to another to cultivates run, for we see, That the nature of those either

in its Contrarietät as and Nor in the extremities as

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and knüpfet together, than we must also follow

here within the natural order, and therefore by ,

by , by And by make, we can also through art, like nature unite and bring together all bodily into one.

If we want to lead, therefore a body in the new birth and attain its essence from him, we have this observiren 7 Gradus, of which one will be any flieszet from previous and T. Must receive from such as:

1. Solutio second Fermentations 3. Putrefactio 4th Coagulatio 5th 6th Fixatio Lapidificatio and finally 7th Separatio

I. SOLUTIO. The first level of solution is necessary, because no hard and dry bodies, so long as he verbleibet in such a state, within an alteration and improvement in itself, that it was then, before he Dazs radical open-minded, and material-

sized by the prime , Into a veritable Been brought in as his first intention materiam since also taken the beginning of the creation, in and through all such existed, even from such one each being his original birth.

Because now, draw moisture from the body, and he by

those in a real is brought, it is hereby returned to his former life, when his deceased half-sealed, and, as life of

hard Befreyet gang, who is also awakened, spiritual and würkend is made, he Dazs afterwards by driving the exterior heat occurs in its own self-heat, and secondly the degree of the new birth, the fermentation is to be transported.


Accordingly, the radical Aufschlusz! Wear a body in the foundation of the second degree of fermentation. However, it is the same all be crushed and transformation causes which gemachet all fixed body volatile, and are transplanted by such acquired volatility in another state, it has, and bring the property to a Säurung or fermenting INTELLECTUAL with it, without which no change or be

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crushed the body can occur. But though all bodies such INTELLECTUAL have in him, but closed, but if the same aufgelöset by the astral spirit, and her INTELLECTUAL is awakened in them, so it always happens, every Dazs is a body for transformation and proliferation is driven away. Dahero writeth Theophilus PHILALETHA in theosophical wonder hall of the astral spirit so he is the light of life, Mumia Vitalis, Galidum

nabivum, Lumidum radical, ius vitae, which is a pure spiritual and celestial being who called the common man, ansiehet Sun first heaven, the face appears blue, and light

and and a magnetic bestehet, dahero this is fermentirende, seasoning, balsamirende, aufschlieszende and alterirende because it, as in his own comfortable

level, the magnetic light , The life breath,

Concentrated, the taste and smell giver, the from

heaven, the heavenly agent who GE nature, the essence of our diplasiastischen Elements and celestial matter, which see the invisible, maketh the spiritual physical and the unseen manifest, so also the all-wise God, because the created things to last long and reproduce more, should the ferment after the coagulation

in the left, that he by his almighty power all sorts of seeds and creatures that are jetzo under heaven, by means of this universal mind or Lebensodems würket in it incessantly.

Dazs is to receive non-fermentation or Säurung not include eggs and bread, even the peasants know that too.

The fermentation is characteristic of the element Under which they are making melody all changes in the

world. Because of originally created all things, and get further by the fermentation or the INTELLECTUAL a

seed, and it is just the same, which more than würket. Because by while the lime stones and the wood to ashes,

but the wobey still stands, and nothing more würket;

by the fermentation but they are still in a Juice, and a

simple be changed, because all things are ruled by those made hastily and gesetzet in the transformation.

Accordingly, the Säurung the principal piece of the fermentation, because by means such it is aimed precisely

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at every one body, he Dazs, a change takes and go to transformation, and is this a budding of special sets of heat, not as a to and from themselves würkende thing but as a cause of warming and transportation needs, such as all acids and Fäulungen beschleuniget; the shew us the common examples of butter making, which goeth in the winter because of the want of heat more difficult than in the summer ahead.

This is called fermentation SENDIVOGIUS in men and women do, but in Basil Valentine's metals recovery also: Man such a metal itself in heat and cold to bring in, not

with , We have a reason to Nachearbeit. For the

common no body can change, because there is no INTELLECTUAL fermentirende or force (which is but the saamliche origin) may possess, for it Jaget the moisture in and by what happened but all the fermentation, together with the volatile and combustible part, away, and make the same to an invisible spirit. The fixed or remaining, however, it bringeth stoning in one or carbonate-like being, however, by our fermentation beydes that get fixed and volatile verdünnet, and in a highly volatile nature, serve to further regeneration

brought. What to ersegen So, the common Dazs not serve to maturation, but it is a be crushed the seed, or is it the death of all things because it devours the Saamenskraft all bodies and thereby to the generation of such further maketh unfit.

By now a body is found in the fermentation, it is hereby

placed in its own self-heat and cold, for its 2's central

, Namely its and are here in the true battle against each other as Contraria in nature, as it will then always happens, he Dazs riseth and aufschwüllet until finally beyde Centraria unite again, and gerahten the spirits in Decline, with which the fermentation ends, and with such a body in a Geschlier and Gur, or brought in spermaticam materiam first intention with which the einfindet Fäulung. Here one has not to mention now that, to complete Fäulung Dazs same thing be accomplished with any body, but according to the degree obtained before the Fixität nature, a body now reaches more slowly over the other to the same. And as the offspring of the mineral kingdom, the most fixed of all properties, so get them to the slowest

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of them, dahero T. Must be patient.

Putrefactio III. The putrefaction is indicative of when the body appeareth by a shiny and black as pitch, so this is the perfect killing and Fäulung available. In this blackness of a body all the power lieth in highly volatile property (because the homogeneous nature of the killing Progris, and with preservation of the Humidi radicalis of the body is done) hidden, and T. Must be here particularly of the

exterior Science have to be the growth of the delicate matter, which the philosophers call the flower, not burn, and they're not telling: cook until black. This ink is now the philosophers Roszmist when they write; Dazs one should put a body in Roszmist, they want to see it, you want a Dazs every body what they regenerate to get through radical solution and fermentation for Fäulung in which he is more capable of a dung than anything else resembles.

IV COAGULATIO. Obtained on the degree of Putrefaction Followed by Coagulation. How, then, in the previous three degrees, the humidity for prospective new life must Würker, so mus nunmehro rule in this and the following degrees of dryness, and the current birth and drive away any more help to perfection. Since the all spirit in the preceding degrees in überflüsziger and highly volatile property is found, it will nunmehro verdicket in that degree and put to sleep as it were, or versperret through the bars of the drought, and a physicality, as in an average level that does not fix also mention briefly, is transplanted, which he drive away its growth also is strong. This degree of Coagulation T. Must get you to pay with an exterior heat, which is so constituted T. Must be-ing, the vessel for them Dazs, located in them our material, not physical contact, for the fact annoch volatile Here are document all spirit would be driven out. It is enough, when the body putreficirte dry out gradually, and his blackness that herrühret of the moisture go, suffereth, and go into the white. Basil Valentine writeth in its 7th key

words. There is no need, That the e physically with

their whole substance of the touch but it is rich enough, they Dazs from a distance by its rays, by

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reflection, when they on the rich fall gestärket be that their tuna is because by such means they strong enough to perform their duties, and all of their time cooking. This

way the philosophers call the element of How, then,

at first the body through the in resolvirt engaged

by the degree of fermentation, the gemachet ground

is, so he is commanding nunmehro by in been transplanted.

V. FIXATIO. When the body is now gone in the way, then the coagulation endiget E'en then, and go to fixation. It is

made but the same distance in a drying out by the Help, until finally now reaches to a redness, which the

wise men of the element To call and write them: not

Unterlasz, the with herauszzufordern because at the end of fixation, the matter will receive such a fixation,

the common over the , and you can do the same thing no harm, then it follows the Lapidifikation.

VI. LAPIDIFICATIO. For all the things in the world, when they may have been regenerated by previous Gradus, at the end of the fixation

in a stony be perverted. This is a glow done so that the fat, essential part driven into matter, the impure

part in a Fixed housed and the humid become completely dried out, as is bringing the matter to the next separation sent us.

Separatio VII. Finally, the last degree of regeneration, which is followeth the separatio puri from impuro. It always

happens the same with the philosophical or our Azoth, by the same cast on the matter, and will receive a laulichten pursue in heat, so the essential part in the draws

Life, set in the Scheme part to the ground, which will investigate Extractum cast and gesetzet to a cold place, then draws together the essence begiebet over the

And schwimmet up on the same as a tree the Scheme being than what is thrown away useless, because this just prevents the medici nelle Würkung in all things,

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as well as the regenerated Ingresz the metals they can not behave Dazs Würker in the metallic body. The

supernatant is a Separatorium of the divorced and well-preserved to keep it, for this is the Quintum eat that obtained from the body through the new birth, been born by time but by passing through the elements, of 4, the 5th.

This is now a regenerated creature, and are in it with all 3 major Prinzipia most carefully joined together, and therefore can in no way divorced from each other, it is a paradise of fruit and a prelude to the future light system, so they shew themselves quite supernatural can.

The Magi represent the under the hieroglyphic

figure of a winged and on the dormant dragon before you want to view what they Dazs, they both, from the sky

and participire, both heavenly and as bodily sey.

Whether it is probably this as a appeareth, so those can not, according to an Artist favor, sometimes in

a different form than in or stone, which also

zerstoszen, and in a can be brought, shall be transported to decrease thus indicating, that, when the

wise men of a body , , , Stone and they do not speak here under other than through the

regeneration to be obtained Who understand may be produced under such vielerley forms.

a philosophica. Consider the That all natural body in her prim-sized material and the spiritual

allerpenetrantesten würkenden force gifted , Must be-

ing which the Sophi their , Universalissimum the menstruum, and otherwise designate, with countless thousands of names, with this alone you can access the whole of nature in the heart, and of each body, (he may be of nature so tightly closed as he will) get first force and essence; because this is able to zuschlieszen, kill and

make alive, because in the second central-universal- ren born of nature and brought together into one.

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T. Must it but the philosophical universal property be, by the radical united with all creatures, and all with which it conjungiret to nature and nature does itself. For what is not universal, but specificirender property retains resistant legs it innate qualities, and he shall be something hinzugesetzet different, it mixes well so that, united, however, milling in radical with it, much less that it received the added nature and essence should accept

themselves; Ingleichen bringeth the philosophical , Life and death with him, after which the diversity of the

2nd Central , For with its heat, it schlieszet the Base in all things, and restored them to life; schlieszet with its cold but it hinwiederum, cures and figirt same, then followed was a Dazs plusquamperfectes beings.

Insgemein maintain the philosophy of their a to

name, but it is basically a That they make it known so

that when she frequently a dry call, the hands do not

moisten. Let him but aufschlieszen a body, make

new and give birth, he T. Must start in one aufgelöset

be, for the mixture of all things, and by means selfsame he can sneak in all things, and unite with them again innermost.

Central . How, then, the ways their a is, it is

and he sees in her secret and central sized Which

würket in the center of any body, and its natives

awakened to life, for including this Central not in the

io sophico, he would clean them, nor will in fact give birth to new one. If say, then the philosophy of a body,

put him in our So they understand it, he was in it Dazs

or , Which is also its is to bring this soll.Denn

alone awakens the Reason of any body, as he is so mentally and to further increase driven away, they Dazs

but by their , The philosophical And not the

common understand from this erhellet when they say,

our is stronger than the Because it maketh the

body of the with fair spirit, which is the common

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can not do.

Externus . It can but the philosopher Central and also from themselves produce no body is würkend, that it was then, this, that it received by the philosophers

exterior driven and will angereizet (Trituratio);

vergleichet SENDIVOGIUS about the secret the wise one (car), who, when he pulled away running, so he is not being drawn, stands silent, and exists in the same nothing different than in a circulating Motu, and of the ways the

Olympic or philosophical so named. This now is whether it well nothing much würket, it operated on but

after the power by the our ü antreibet for surgery to post refining can be added to the Ihme body

glorification. And it is this It is what Alexander calls the instrument of God EXAMINED of creation because God in the beginning of the same to those who divorce

this has also gebrauchet Motum. By Moses bey the works of creation speaks of nothing but movement. Ingleichen he calls such, the universal divine instrument, because the planetary movement every birth, and raising is done. What zeitiget (says he) the grapes on the vine? Does God not through the sky, which is his instrument?

If we like with our most common ? Align So we would be much more than God, which he then, like all

true philosophers, the common Native to the natural

discards, because it is the same Whereby God mediate würket. Similarly ARTEPHIUS writes thereof so; when

the philosophy orders us explicitly that made right, it

is their Meynung not to betray us, the common to use,

but should we use a To make its texture and hidden

power is far from the common distinction .

So, the Motus, as the philosopher exterior the nature,

whereby the central sized our ü is driven to action, as well as the only means of uniting the elements. For the

common separates the elements when the volatile from the fixed, which, however united through this together, and the supreme Fixität can be brought, it also PHILALETHA writes, when even this will had said

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publicly, would all the other things not unlike a woman's work and children play.

The philosophorum. But as the wise shape their her

and her call, they call him their vessel for you in which they do all the work, and when they say; Dazs you do well, and the Sigillum Hermetis verschlieszen the

glass is, it is such a nothing more than the one Dazs

and together with its fixed sigilliren, which is to bring in inseparable union together in the same and one should figiren.

Pondus. Finally, to consider even the Pondus, which is in Rosario, and whoever does not contain the weight Weisz, who is our work, for the wise men of their things have hidden nothing more than the weight. But it is the Pondus, Dazs to the body, which will regenerate you, so

much of the philosophical add, as to its complete

resolution in is necessary. For so long a body is not

open to radical and been perverted, so can the complete fermentation and putrefaction not arrive, made from the same defect but no new Geburth because Fäulnisz the foundation of the same! wear.


From the differences Ren in

dry and wet ways.

It is therefore only a single universal - matter in the world found that Basil Valentine in his treatise on natural and supernatural things pm 249 also bekräftiget when he says: The Universal, as the supreme treasure of irrdischen wisdom and all three ansa existing things is a unique thing, and, in a few things at once found and pulled out, which can make all the metals to some, and is the true

ü and Anima ris, together with the spiritual

both united, decided under a sky, and living in one body, and the dragon and the eagle, he is the king and the

lion, it's the mind and the body so the body of the T.

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Must dye, a medicine. And are apparently finally found the love of God, all three Principia Dazs in one and in a matter of it the stone that is before me, gemachet, and in many things. What they care otherwise to lead, could only particularites be usefully prepared and gebrauchet, both inclusive of the Arzeney and changes in metals; What is to say the above sentence confirmirt, Dazs only universal - material that out, drill out of the center

universals, the others But Ren at all, because they are

prepared from Spesifizis, only for Particular Seyen to respect Ren. Dazs but the universal - Materia only lieth in Microcosmo, Basil sheweth in the treatise de Micro Cosmo, when he said, the natural resources and Arzeneyen themselves in him found the highest: metals and minerals to follow, and can spin-off not to even finish learning what Arzeney for the Microcosmo can be prepared so that the same is sold with its equal and healed. Of the same says the small farmer, the Zwey

noble metals Dazs and Who they wüszte to dissect right, could eingieszen such high health Dazs, it would be

nothing: for what erhellet, That the of the and Although medicine prepared by large power and Würkung, but not universal - Matter be; still the same, because they are specifics can be prepared.

The Philosophical Writings of Zwey commemorate their ways through which one could get the tincture, which for some people it dry and the wet road name the other. One may, however, in a way in which you want to work for the tincture, then start no difference in that by operate upon T. Must In either, by the humid and dry, but they differ or have their various behaved therefore, conclude

that by in the dry way prepared the through a dry

in open and is located in a plusquamperfecten or

tincturalischen state; then against the way in the wet

through our resolvirten sophical T. Must be outgoing, and by reversing the elements for tincturalischen able reach. As for the so-called dry betrift way, so will these so named otherwise lead the way for the poor because he

grosz without expense to complete. Ingleichen the al-

works, because the prepared in such a way only from

the o universali its origin and Endschaft takes, and

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this itself is the true way and some of the universal

matter, because in such the prepared solely from the universal matter is, what hinzugefüget particulares nothing, but is in and of itself, separate from their Ueberfluste, and do so very high übernatürlischer force.

But understand what anbelanget the wet road, so those in

the preparing of the Specificis Particular- , Ren and

there, after the micro Cosmo, the common the nature may possess the highest degree, so it was preparing the medicine, the Philosophis, though improprie, also known as a universal matter, but which, because they do not universality, but only as to the

specifice People and property in würket metals, and sheweth also by large force, not for the purpose, but only

for a Particular- to respect: therefore also

PHILALETHA when to the preparation of the from

the common speaks, tell me, That these bey not wide of the true path of the wise Sey, namely to get to the

universal medicine, just because in the dry way in

time of 2 to 3 hours, by the universal plusquamperfect gemachet, the tincture of himself in a short time without a lot of tedious work and perficirt is, they call it this way the short and light; hergegen the wet road, the heavy and long, long time and it requires hard work because, before

that, in such tinkturalischen to power now reaches, then T. Must it necessarily go through two complete

rotations before the prepared from them Perfection überkommet her, and says PHILALETHA thereof, whether he knew beyde way, he was described by only the most serious, then he do not curse all philosophers load on the neck. For these now you can see the reading of philosophical books once described which way this or

that Philosophus. What is now the common to

prepare the rejects, the same works in the dry way, and in such a being with the philosophical and

determinirten, universalis in the materia , Which,

however, the common for the preparation of materials angeibet, the same has worked in the wet way, and has a

may seek, then, after the Würket property. How could they all have natural allelic miracles by the

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Universal can be done. Of their application in the supernatural and magical things in the small farming writeth So, how well a light and a bad thing Sey to make the Lapid, the same but understanding vollkömlich, all philosophers, including Adam, Solomon, Hermes, and Theophrastus, they may I confess it as such also Zacharias, yet laid Dazs God supernatural Würkung at Universal stone, also acknowledge the wisest being, bow, and her inability public.

One may now but in the dry or wet ways to work, one has to perform in all three major works, through

which one of the T. Must reach perfection, which the philosophers call rotations. Because you can do the same as a wheel not more than one deal after another, so T. Must follow the same shape in the work of the Elders a major work or rotation of the other, and a flieszen from the other.

It is made but the first rotation in preparation of the

statement or menstruate universalissimi , And is so named before the same = work because, before one may seek such, it is not possible to reach a Geheimnisz: Why

even saith SYNESTUS; Dazs one that this rob would be expected to boast of anything.

This Zweyte followeth the rotation that the preparation of

the secondly Principü or ris philosophici may understand in itself, and the post-work is so named, ingleichen the calcination, because without proper liming

and burning the body, from which one the may seek,

one of its true can not reach.

Finally, the third rotation consisteth in the composition of those obtained by the first and second rotation

principles, namely the and ü philosophorum, and is so named, the fermentation such as may be introduced with those in the Principia united not two, and one together, as the tincture which takes its beginning, and is finally had finished the conversion of the elements of their Perfection.

As for any self-rotation, or at no vorgehet, which will

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hereinafter be particularly traded.


The first rotation consisteth in preparation of the

statement or menstruate universalissimi Which is the number key of the whole art, so you can get to universal, as well as to any particularity würkenden force. For this

sophicus because he entspringet from the new birth and the geistl. forces of nature, has universal würkend can, by all those in lower creatures to take their open and hidden them dearly in enclosed forces to turn out, and the

new birth würkende same spiritual force, or their to make manufacturers.

Now, because without the new birth in the Alchemy

ROYAL nothing fruitful can be done, the of ways but the only way out is a body in any such, so compare the philosophy one who goeth without it to work, a man who wants to walk without Füsze.

How necessary that is, the preparation of this ü, so they have the same hidden in their writings, as they say of it; our mind, which makes all of the metal body alive,

who is also a naturally is, you can not see, because it will one revealed by God's Spirit, or by a person, then how FLAMELLUS publicly confess because he was afraid to offend God, would not charge him, bring to mind where the keys that all aufschlieszen gates of

nature, and the bottom Invert and on the top throw can be hidden, SENDIVOGIUS Similarly confess if he

was all said publicly, he did after the Extruction our

xci or soph. from our Pontic , And the same use has apparently uncovered, which muszte alone reveal God.

Many of the philosophers are of opinion, muszte Dazs you do find the conservation of the astral spirit necessary to the spring time, and with such the beginning of philosophical works, such as in the astral spirit again with

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the heavenly he is the n would beseelet, most of all pour forth, and the delicate nature Renew and rejuvenate by all creatures seem as if to go to a new life, even the vegetable kingdom its complete renewal of would, under what is particularly SENDIVOGIUS when he giveth front; he had in the meadows on the Weyde

, and saw two young shepherds, among the 3

heavenly sign of , , which Seyen in which three spring months, the March, April and May abdominal irend, suggesting wants.

Others have been do Dazs one should catch the astral spirit of the autumn term because creating the world in such a God, and by the frequent Putrafactiones the lower

world, the upper world and with many celestial pregnant sey. Now gewisz, Dasz the astral spirit beyden times of the year and most often, because many heavenly

most strongly to this, is. Dieveil but you like him to

this or that seek to gain time, one after the Run has sent. This seglichen but in a few months of his term finished, so he can be this half the strongest and with

much heavenly pregnant, all in a months erhalten.Obschon not deny he Dazs in the Spring and Autumn in the quantity allergröszten gain is.

Now, as for the conservation of the astral spirit, one after

the T. Must run direct, so it erhellet so much Dazs he

is necessarily at night, as in what the looking dominant, catch müszte. For the day, the indwelling

spirit of the astral , By the heavenly the And partly dispersed from each other, and partly pulled back into the air, Dazs is either nothing or only a little empty

So without Receives. In contrast, as at night,

in which the central cold of prevalent, is the astral spirit, by the cold property, contracted, and therefore with

many celestial häuftig will get pregnant. And that

says SENDIVOGIUS, the Dazs been the strongest

führnehmste and so by the Rays had been taken

because the is the night, death and the vorgesetzet. Hero then everything zugehet to death by

the einwürkende Light again in is wrong, and thus

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promoted the the transition to the transformation, in the back the forces of all things, pulls on her original life,

or in the first matter, which is the : Therefore we

must in the art after the The light and begin to address

such our operations. Just as the the , Ie, the the sky the last place among the planets, and when they gained power not to pour forth, but among themselves, it

grasps the the same total of at themselves, and those of lower theilet elemental world, which it most closely.

For in the Mirror loses the the property of heat

and cold in such a light, and this Light it is, so the influence to the old ways have so named.

Now, as to the Over the astral spirit is obtained, differentiated according to the same power for great, so is knowing hierbey, Dazs with waxing of the same, and the astral spirit is rising higher and higher, or celestial

mehrerm imprägniret is, until he at last, with its

course up to the full now reaches, which he sheweth

his supreme power by E'en then there allermehrste

bringeth with it, but as soon as the comes to weight

loss, is at once his cold GE geschwächet property, and

to the degree of the same spirit, the astral few angefüllet.

It is now however, with the attraction of the astral spirit

to Emergence are continuret, for once comes out,

they scattered the heavenly and it draws in the air, so

we Dazs comes over. Ingleichen observiren you have the weather to hierbey well, the sky bright and blue

Dazs, even without Clouds sey. Similarly, the wind is not blowing too hard, because in such cases might otherwise weaken a mind to read: And although the astral spirit everywhere, so he is from the north side to get the strongest of all.

The agent, the astral spirit to draw down from the sky

and corporalisiren is the common Heat, as the is

the Food, and draws such a near, and as such always

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happens, it will result in transformed.

As we now move so the astral spirit from above, and is maintained by our magnet gerinnendmachende through his property, with its universal power Beybehaltung and bound. And just this is the secret solution, which the philosophers Verehligung the magic or the magnetic

joining of heaven with the To call and allergröszte Geheimnisz our art, because with so our artificial regeneration takes its beginning, and as the philosophers say. Such awakened the dead, and tied gemachet is

volatile. Hermes says: When the solvirt, he solvirt again when he is figirt, he figirt again.

After this solution now followeth our secret Conjunctio

et us ris, namely in what our astral by the spirit and

resolution in wrong with our te united, and

both by reversing the elements in one or a be brought to Seyen observiren wobey mainly 3 parts, as.

1. the Pondus

2. the rule of the 3. the larger size of the vessel to.

1. As for the Pondus, so this is to know about höchstnöthig because without lawful weights no more radical still Aufschlusz central association of the 3 principles is to be hoped, therefore, the philosophers say: Who does not contain the weight Weisz, who is our work. It is observiren but in composition to the weight 2erley way, as:


Dazs one of our magnets in respect of the abwüge so much can be done by such Dazs Aufschlieszung the total.

b. T. Must we observe the weights of the nature make, namely, the same as by wetting, drying and lime, abmiszt their works, so we also need in the art, the works of

nature to do, and our at once, the not impose too

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much, lest by her warm ausgetilget verlöschet and is therefore commend the philosophers often, the one Dazs

probably pass, and the the by should not drown the deluge, is now such verlöschet by the frequent and vertilget pour forth, may also be no new birth, nor the

Sophio be obtained. So how now a part with too

frequent Eintränckung of is wanting, so you can commit a mistake the other portion when you with too

little the imbibition of the performed, which

results that not awakened, is still brought in enough joint inflammation, so observiren the weight of nature, and between the Middle beyden Extremis T. Must look,

you Dazs namely the Eintränkung neither too often

nor too sparing proceed, but the any time as much of

the give to drink, as to maintain their internal is necessary. As we see now of the great world, That the alterirende transported moisture and dryness, all fruitful growth, so T. Must configuration to a alterirenden

humidity and dryness, in our preparation he will

proceed, and the now with our moistened, soon

dried up, then be moistened again, until our All of

their Pondus , Has received as to their complete

incineration of Nöthen. Because our T. Must own

through their own be ignited in himself and perverted in ashes. For those who, like St. Basil says, has no ash,

which can no . Make This ash giveth Then wake of

the the or the ways in which the Solution

beautiful blue, as a common ris seeth, why he is so named with same name of the philosopher.

II is due to our reign exterior observiren to as:

1. Dazs verjaget not the spirit, and

2. the will not burn.

This zweyfache error occasioned, Dazs you end up

working only a dead alkaline may seek.

Now, if the spirit verjaget so ails it our io post-

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exposure to the penetration or FLAMELLUS such as expressing sour at the wondrous and our sharp virtue of

the poison ü is the same and by our exterior distributed when it also goeth away: When the matter came into the fermentation and gone completely in the bubbles to keep this spirit locked in, so can we, as PHILALETHA say: The winds show so in the new birth, probably take care, so they went away and the work would not be corrupted; Ingleichen SENDIVOGIUS:

weiszt when you can not, and the cook, you will be missing without doubt.

Similarly, when the flowers or is burned, it is wanting

our then in the warm Würker Which the stain, then anhänget to all body, the same does aufschlieszet

and rotting. However, it is the burned, when the matter ended after fermentation, to the complete dryness

of the exterior to be related, since as the because of its delicate annoch growth, and because he no humidity, as vonnöthen to his cooking, feels, ignite within themselves and burned. So says the philosopher: cook until the blackness, as if one with the black, with the

express Aufhöret government, one is due to the

combustion of sufficiently secured, and it is this

burning of the Faustus calls to make the vessel for

burning, and tell them, when thou the heat of the läszt feel, so you'll burn the flowers before they come out of the bottom of their Marks in the air, so your work-ing E'en then verstöhret. So where do you perceive the redness in your Ey with respect to this beginning, so you burn or have doubtless already verbrennet the green, and vivacity of our stone.

How, then, so the violent the corruption of bringeth with it, so occasioned a too slow government of it, as FLAMELLUS testified; Dazs then could not reach at one time a happy ending and that such due to a cold nature, which had from the heat is not enough joint movement to each other the authorities digestion to have, from which so much erhellet, from nature-Dazs our government

gemäszen exterior , And the perfection of our ü dependiret. So says PHlLALETHA: That the

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philosophers of this kept most hidden, and that he had done the like also, for including this would obviously taught, so the fools would laugh at the art, E'en then would be a work of women and children's play.

III. T. Must be observiret also because of the vessel to, that it received such a size lay hold of himself, so that the whole matter selfsame only part of the 4th fill in themselves, and when she came into the fermentation, the same place have to rise.

Thus so our T. Must by elemental reversal and merging of two physical and spiritual the universal

central of nature are born, which, when they in Naturgemäszen gesetzet weights together, through our

government Naturgemäsze express be united. There

are, however, in our preparation ü only 3 elements, as

the That and been appearing. For he is supposed to look aufschlieszen all things and he in his

würkenden T. Must force which the remain intrinsically is.

Accordingly, it is the first element, in which our matter

will be transplanted T. Must the From which, like all

things natural inspire her birth, so our it was born out

of such early takes, he jumped into the sometimes Stone is so named because it is equal überkömmet a stone from a schmierigten humidity and irrdischem being's existence.

How, then, the beginning of the astral spirit, as the agent

of the Association beyder physical central-universal

by our magnetic stopped, but that in this one resolviret been, so always happens this way bey of the

whole force of our Aufschlusz , Humidity in a visco-

sized and , By whose indwelling central hot she is awakened to life. For after he had finished his resolution on the matter soon begins aufzuschwellen or fermentiren, and gives a roar heard as among an ant-heap, of themselves, which they shew sufficiently, they Dazs full

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life-spirit sey.

But existeth the fermentation or armed elements from the 2 Contra Ries of nature, namely, heat and cold, and is the

alkaline or has the in how the Acidum or the cold bringeth with it. Now as long endures the fermentation, the acid is prädominirend, but as soon goeth the matter from the fermentation unite the elements, or will the Acidum united with the alkali, after which the

alkali prädominirt, and in a Acidum will be transformed.

In this fermentation, it begiebet now, after swelling Dazs is above it! Wear a skin, under which are nothing but bubbles, which have decided the spirit in itself. So you

here with the checkmark Government deal probably

know T. Must, that the spirit into a speed events, which will help afterwards T. Must dryness.

Since the total of our Pondus the can not be zugesetzet on Einmahl, so our T. Must of them, recovered

after drought, yet another Naturgemäszes weight beygegeben be, and thus far further continuiret until they

complete their , Has received as to their complete resolution. Only one has seen any made with a well-meaning to imbibition, the imbibition Dazs is not likely in

place until the come to a complete drought, of which

the philosophers say; Dazs is the should be well dry out, then in such form it now reaches more likely to Fäulung.

After an imbibition any Followed now a blackness, but

not the whole fulfilled until the whole of their Pundus

, And has received its complete resolution with such as they then aussiehet through and through, all black, like a brilliant pitch, which anzeiget That the matter entirely in Fäulung, and with so much else in the item or in the

Sey been brought to rest in which the three united Principia. From this blackness says FLAMELLUS; Dazs who did not see the same in the beginning of his work, which for all other colors during the time of the stone him appear far from the kick from the right path. For those

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who do not putreficirt that is not working right zumahlen without Putrefaction zerstöhret nothing is even born, and therefore the stone zuwächset no vegetable life.

This is also in turns, which always happens

when the same their annoch bey to-do befreyet

moisture throughout, and Weisz in by the same one is dried up, which is equal to one divided ashes of one

another that our sophical or giveth of themselves,

find a philosophical tion, or by an eagle, our is not sufficiently with the warm animirt central, and made ready, that it received in the one set by nature to penetrate the closed body, and this can open up, as T. Must the same often are wiederholet, and saith thereof SENDIVOGIUS: the menstruum of the world, from the

sphere ae T. Must often be-ing rectificirt until the

can calcining. Ingleichen RIPLACUS: Your should

rectificirt 7mahl or rt ing otherwise, always happens no natural resolution would follow no Putrefaction, some colors still appear, because of lack of

So würket in your glass.

Will you now 2nd to the philosophical tion or eagle screams so T. Must the first by the eagle became

weisz resolvirt be through the astral spirit, leaving

behind a black And this T. Must be repealed most of which we act in the rotation secondly on.

This solution is also our composed in their weights with those of the government by Naturgemäsze exterior

united, and broughtest by the elements until both here

in another or weisz be, as the other which is endiget Adler, urd then the third begins. If you continue with the fourth now in such a way 5. 6. 7. 8. 9th verfähret Adler, then one has the true universalissimum

menstruum, or the ways obtained, yielding, as before, universal, and therefore to keep the body of any

particularity würkender force, or can get. For this is the number of keys, which are all creatures into their

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innermost center open.

If one wishes to proceed to the rotation secondly, so the

T. Must (After having gone through the number of eagle) resolvirt abermahls through the astral spirit, and his

places of par in divorce in the best way to follow the

in the Frey to the thickness and evaporate anschieszen can, so you may seek a dreyfachen

Ausschüsz of As:

1. Lucker and a very wolligtes , Like a subtle cotton,

2. a delicately sized And

3. an alkaline .

These three types Now, as to the reputation, even in their strength and Würkung very much different from

each other, Sun acetosischer type and more of the participirt is far more penetrating than that which the

more alkaline and the than is supplied.

As for the alkaline as the third betrift, which

philosophers otherwise the the third order call, so that

same-resistant to further increase our ü gebrauchet.

The secondly the order or the sized Is gebrauchet works for the separation from puri impuro; Ingleichen for the digestion of minerals and low metals.

The Lucker and wounded wolligte But the first order, this is actually the menstruum universalissimum or

the true Wise, the dry and ene without any corrosive, the key to all metals and precious stones,

making their Ren gemachet be produced, and may possess the following properties, as:

1. Be by him all things in the world radical open-

minded, and into their first matter, as in her

perverted, because even the in it like ice in warm

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2. Because he is a newly born being, so through him all things in the world born again, and are transplanted by the rebirth in the Plusquamperfection.

3. in it is a maturing and early-making power by all things through him gemachet gereifet and fix. For as he through his body heat all aufschlieszet and make fleeting, he figirt its turn them with his cold, and bring it to greater perfection than they previously possessed.

4. Because he both central- partaker is as always happens with him the Solution and Coagulation uno Actu, because as soon something solviret been through it, it will also immediately coagulated by him and figiret, and thus occasioned the dissolution of the body, the coagulation of

the spirit or our ü.

5. Is he a universal würkendes beings, then hero when he was conjungiret with a body and united, he is such specificirt immediately and in its essence Natur.und brought so intimately vereinbaret with him, he Dazs from him again by any art can are divorced.

So these are the qualities which our bringeth in and with how much he therefore countless acquisitions are beygeleget of the Philosophis as:

The naturae, The Hermetis, the only vessel to, in which

all philosophical works than Solutio, Destillatio, tio, Coagulatio, et Calcinatio Fixatio be done. Paracelsus

calls it, the gluten of the eagle, the ium essentificatum, because everything through him to the fifth character and

is brought.

The winged dragon, the philosopher corrosive, a strong poison strict as RIPLAEUS Saget, not found among the pharmacists, and yet he speaks on this soon, but no one Hurt not of such poisons, because when it is cooked to the medicine, it is a strong Theriac, auszzutreiben all the poison can, but he is a poison so named half his quick

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The x of ways, partly because it almost a th

x can equal to the reputation, and partly because our

same same, when he unverwahret at the Frey stands, drawn to such will disappear and, as such the ABC portion of hermetic lp152 also testified.

Azoth and Philosopher's because our If he solvirt been, all his body with such äzenden Säurn zerstöhret corrodiret and zerfriszt.

The green , With the Green they want to see its

growth. A but they call him Gleichniszweise, his strength and half strength because he can kill everything and kill.

Luna philosophorum, of life the Pontic Count BERNHARDT calls it his Fontinam, and what be-ing like countless more acquisitions. How it because even after its many changes at any time after any of them is benennet with a new acquisition, so therefore its properties were Expound perfect. With this preservation

of the Elders endiget to the first rotation, which maintain the philosophers call the preliminary work,

because the preparation of our u need all then the following work which precede T. Must; ingleichen the Herculese work, because the preparation first for the longest time endures, toilsome, and most troublesome is because of the offensive smell, which is bey the many putrefactions äuszert, and how FLAMELLUS testified truly, the Dead bodies can equal, from which he just, he says, have come to realize he Dazs in the true matter working.

So when the is done, E'en then one has, as PHILALETHA says that all they desired peace, and go further then secondly to the rotation.


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The same is so named by the philosophers to follow up because they immediately followeth after the preliminary

work, and exists in its preparation of the Philosopher; insgemein it is so named, the calcination. T. Must it but after this the difference between the two paths, unlike in the dry, angestellet be different in the wet.

As for the dry or universal way betrift, then in those of

the Universal From the back in the remaining

Aquilisation prepared and preserved, which, as in the

io sophico spiritual, so in this is found in body and in fixerer property, and therefore also of Hermes tells

her, respect the not small, because it is the crown of your heart, which he wants to say so much by such Dazs

our figirt and will receive universal würkender force. For in such is our highest balm of nature, none can equal in the world, hidden, which is why Paracelsus says to the inexperienced Medicis; Dazs they would not be worth it Dazs ENJOY this filth, because the essence, it would be in it.

As these advance in preparation of the ü in gekochet already sufficiently, so the same T. Must also so

that we her get fried, or through and its stable government in their own self-ignition are brought to the

4th element, namely the , Will it swept completely out, so says the philosopher, first, cook, fry afterwards, ie,

T. Must it had finished the cooking, the through

from our out to be it swept up in the same or

brownish-red in a be changed. For as the cue to

call, they call the redness , And since then, and had finished the Fäulung united following the 3 Coagulation in their Principia Centralite and bound, so the violence

can our exterior the same can not be separated from each other, for they already raised over it in their power

was, but also by the same in their gestärket more favorable characteristics.

At last, there is the same through the been sent to

separate when their annoch-do in the Moisture

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completely dried out, and thereby fixed in a and stone is turned, which philosophers call the Lapidification. It

always happens but the same by the common Without which otherwise can not be made from puri separatio

impuro. Now, indeed maketh the vulgar otherwise the distinctive principles, but as the same insgesammet

here Centralite already united, and in one or in a fixed been placed, it can not be the same divorced from each other, but it will be the same as the essential part of such

gepreszt more together and cured, the powerless but which prevents the separation by their half-light schwimmet up, by the same gemachet physically, or in a

dead or ashes transformed, the remains lie in the

bottom of the vessel for separation, and on the supernatant essence not defiled. But the T. Must Lapidification, such as Hermes says, sweetly done with

Grosz and understanding, so that is our , Common

through the in a loose be transformed but not in glass, by the violence of it, then in such form united with the Impurum Puro and sealed, so there can be no true separation.

This Lapidification followeth the work of separation in

which the heart of our it swept out in the light of

Finsternisz or our incombustible of the released a damnata and is divorced, for, as Basil says in his fourth key, so the songwriter spirit alone that gives strength and also because the life, the body can blosze regard.

But it is one of the most necessary pieces of the

separation in our art, because without such no to go, so SENDIVOGIUS says, if you are not the root juice in the best least fail, you will not be aligned, as are

RIPLAUS where the non-oily due extracted, and the subtle is divorced from the coarse, you will never get such a work to the desired end. But the separation T.

Must nothing strange, but by our or , As the

philosopher happened, what the, powerless in the

intimately hidden extracted, and the beginning of such high red coloring test pursuing his pre-managed but may

seek to paint again when the of itself draws together,

Page 46: The Alchemy web site on Levity

and on the , Mean as a schwimmet above, which

prepared the true character of a philosophical way to

or is. This now is the true volatile the wise, and is so named by them, the blood of the Red Lion, the

blood of and the red wine; imgleichen it is below the figure of a winged and vorgestellet to the dormant

dragon, which they want to see, That this or beydes, heavenly and irrdisch sey. Heavenly it is because

it as a public above the schwimmet; Irrdisch but

it is because it also the than supplied, and can be transformed into those which, even if we proceed to the 3rd rotation so do T. Must be done, and we therefore,

with its drying out, in a subtle, bold and inpalpable perverted that their fatness regardless abide hanging on a

finger, and is the same so named the red lion, the s

Hermeris, and to phisicum FixUsers because

through him the volatile and anthroposophic figirt is in the following rotation in a universal force würkende.


The same consisteth in the conjunction of the and ü, and is so named by the philosophers, the fermentation,

because in such our and living by our open-minded, and fermentirt exaltiret by Gradus our philosophical cooking or brought to the Groszer Stone, and says of this, the philosopher, the common man knew

well the Beyme to cook, but that if he in wuszte to cook, cooking would be extended far beyond the kitchen.

Insgemein maintain the philosophers in their writings with this rotation, the start of the philosophical work to do, but because you, as the farmer testified, the raw material, taking as our stone subiectum, T. Must rather in

the hand, and from the red man or the and his wife, or

our weisz To consider what the two main constituent principles of the philosophical stone, acknowledge that all

Page 47: The Alchemy web site on Levity

philosophers, when they say, and Azoth to thee enough. This, however, the 2 is a würkendes life in each other, and may unite Centralite so T. Must the astral spirit, which help bring the full resources of the association between beyde connect, and the true

conjunction, which always happens when our resolvirt

is through the astral spirit, but that investigate the hierzugesetzet is, whereby the same awakened anew to life, and the subsequent new birth, both inclusive will be inseparably united, wobey main saw two pieces are observiren to, in one as:

1. the Pondus, and

2. the rule of the

What betrift the Pondus, so that same to consideriren on two kinds of ways.

a. In respect of the and above, namely the one

Dazs ü weigh as much as the central Aufschlusze of

is necessary, for as long as the of the not been receptive Centralite, he can not for fermentation, and consequently have to arrive at any Fäulung, he is not gefaulet, may also be no new birth without which no

exaltation of hope is.

b. If the weight of our resolvirten ü In addition, the

reduction of to observiren by twinkling in his complete Ponders not Einmahl, but often employed by the

imbibition T. Must be added, namely that our with

our vereinbaret, but not by too frequent outpouring of

the same beyde getrennet be what happens when our

of gesetzet will add too much, because he see, this is

completely resolvirt, which he managed his pre-

accuracy may seek again, and mean as a on the

floats, in which no professional association of with the

hope to be. How should hold in all but birth, the male and female seed in its innermost essence and unite, to draw different, the same after giving birth to, so T. Must

the same shape here in our artificial regeneration, the

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our ü weighed in such a way and the hinzugefüget

be to ensure that the can selfsame rawness digest and deal in its nature so that the zweyfachen ideas, as put male and female in their inner essence is to kindle a new Center of Life and all the features of birth can be performed until beyde an immortal and stable being made. How, then, but the Imbitiones must be angestellet which sheweth the philosophical saying: The drop of the stone not gebähret with a huge, but a more economical and pour forth, so RIPLAEUS says, we should make it like the potter with the clay and those little thick but not make too nasz, we would rather come to the drought.

Similarly wants PHILALETHA; Dazs the is said to be designed in such a way that it received as a Sey Dazs butter or you can form balls from Ireland. Now, since by

such thrifty pour forth the our be nourished and in greater force exaltiret T. Must, then compare the same philosophy to a young child, who from milk and dining T. Must be raised until it reaches, has his perfect age.

Similarly, our government at regular exterior Groszer a dominant, because the same reigns T. Must be on his

condition of matter, and never the inner surpass our matter. For, although too much heat verjaget the mind,

but T. Must it be so strong as to our internal Survival and revival and growth is necessary. Insonderheit is the same here differed in so far from the previous rotations Dazs must be hervorgekehret in this perfect birth, all four elements in their order after each other through it, and set the philosophers of their cooking 7 Gradus, of which they dedicate to every one planet, also call such a matter, and is like this:

( ) The first regiment of the same degree above,

because in such our by our frequent imbibition open-minded, fermentiret, and is brought to Fäulung

because it heiszt for that matter is in the circle of ü,

and is the same here the stone Rebis, the imgleichen duplicatus so named. From this rechtmäszigen

Government dependiret the Perfection of this whole rotation.

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It sheweth but the radical Aufschlusz our with a beautiful blue, after which the matter and aufschwellet fermentirt, whereupon the Fäulung äuszert, this always

happens but not all at once, but the T. Must by our

frequent imbibition ü to be more open-minded and fermentiret, after which the matter is approaching more and more of the Fäulung, that the black tires, then create rings on the glass around, be certain ads. But at last, and least when the matter will come into perfect Fäulung she swells and fermentirt, and sees braunschuppigt like a toad, whereupon the high velvet color is found soon, and appeareth the same when the matter comes from the fermentation, and completely re begiebet to the ground as they aussiehet then carbon black, as allerschwärzestes glinzernde pitch, which is the main Raven is so named, so

the 2nd degree of the takes its beginning.

( ) This dark matter is now that of the Sages and the

prima materia to Because united in such beyde seed by Putrefaction in essence, are making it bring forth a new birth has been skillfully. From this one sees so to

speak That the true philosophers, when they say: Our is much different from the common, and is much nobler

than the common . As soon but now the complete

Putrefaction gathered to T. Must our exterior be eingestellet so by such our material does not ignite and burn, or perverted in Klapper-Rosen will, and you say the redness before Weisz attain, which is the work corruption of ads, so the philosophers say: cook until the ink, because they is a sign of death, and followeth after such a new life. But the blackness of the moisture of our

existeth ü, which if included in the drought and heat

of agirt and those rotting makes the same bringeth forth: How the other hand, if the humidity and the

drought of the past prädominirend is such that makes Weisz appearing. By now the words will come forth Weisz, it makes a lot of steaming, are due to their moisture. This occurs

( ). The third degree or Regiment, which also, like

Page 50: The Alchemy web site on Levity

last, by the private matter vollführet is.

In this many colors appear at the top of the matter, resulting from the steaming out, as red, green, blue and

yellow, as in a seeing eye, which is so named of the peacock's tail, whereupon these colors a total of form Irishman a rainbow, and then depart Circulsweise about and disappear: after the complete exit at the top is a dark brown skin, and because of acquired drought, it bursts from each other and bekömmt cracks, and finally across icy gray, also sheweth to äuszerst of matter at the edge of the vessel to a subtle white streaks, which therefore

( ) The fourth degree, or the government of the ä begins. In this regime, the matter is approaching more

and more to drive through their own innate Weisz , And is aschgelb first place, then blue-Weisz, but at last it

breaks down into a subtle High gloss weisz, which

one the fix figirende or weisz the first order received, which, as a high medicine human body is quite miraculous sheweth, and after fermentation l00.P. same

lP the imperfect metals into a true transmutiren able to.

This weisz the philosophers call just half a birth,

because they manner and completely Living below the hidden annoch Weisz, which also by our

exterior T. Must be produced from it, what the

philosophers say: not the Unterlasz with herauszzufordern, as now united as the Principia

Centralite, including both the general Violence figirt

been so capable of the no divorce more to

accomplish, but are such in their Gestärket more

power, so the philosopher this weisz Compare and

call a lime, which, the more it in the gebrennet is a

more GE property he receives. Now, as the Regiment followeth geendiget been so nunmehro

( ) The fifth grade or the government of the Which

by our exterior be constantly and without Unterlasz

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and to the end of this whole rotation fortregieret T. Must, and has to be particularly here fürzusehen well Dazs is the matter which dusting is not here is very subtle, with too strong firing, exaggerating ascended even to the sides of the vessel, but the same govern in such a way so that the total of matter down to the bottom of the vessel to

remain, and the heat of feel, making them at first light yellow, is then citrongelb, which

( ) The sixth degree or regiment is occurring.

Here the matter is physically a bit, so the one can rule a little stronger, making them high and reddish-yellow,

following in a brownish-red perverted, whereupon

( ) And the seventh grade or the last of the regiment

follows, in which the massage is initially brought to Purperröthe that is nochmahls condensed in such a way they Dazs all black aussiehet red, which is the fixed

figirende or the red the first order received, with which the endiget this rotation.

This fixed philosophical is now the salamanders of

the wise, because of the Violence can not be

consumed, and is as heavy as the common , Dabey

but a very fast river by a gentle , Immediately flieszet as resin and durchgehet the metals. Similarly, it loosens up into to every Liguore, and the same blood-red coloring test. And finally, it is also the most universal medicine, which is erzeuget the three kingdoms of nature quite miraculously, and through which all the magical wonders that will ever be described by philosophers, can be done. Similarly, by such transmutirt the imperfect metals, because the same lPl00.T. tinged with the same and in

perfect figirt.

According to the conservation of Ren followeth also the


However, it is the same nothing but a repetition of the

Page 52: The Alchemy web site on Levity

third Rotaion, namely, that the , Whether it be the weisz or the red, almost weighed at the same time the

right of Pondus sophical ic will be taken. This by

the imbibition of the beygefüget, and through our

exterior governs the nature of matter, so goeth the same again in the fermentation, as in previous rotation,

but because of the Forces in far less time. After that

the recovered Fixität to the , Whether it be the red or weisz, exalted in power tenfold; likewise in their weight multiply tenfold receive their transmutirt l.Theil 10 parts

left, and these Ren is now the secondly the order so named.

In such a way can now be further and further multiplied

to the 9th of multiplication, and therefore the Ren 3rd 4. 9th order to prepare, because they reproduce then any time in ten times the number in quantitate et quality. It

can revolve in the Perfection of rae the 9th number can not be exceeded, for then one such for l0tenmahl aufschlieszet, it can be kept for their penetration in any

vessel to, but they durchgehet the glass, like a durchgehet the paper.


Preparation of the ur out of the ordinary Or


The general from the prepared is by the philosophers, though improprie, including the Universal

so named, because if she were in respect of the metals

universal, and such products to the perfection of the lift up, they can but because of the common determinirten

entsproszen, shew in magic is not miraculous, as they also sell them as a human body is not universality

medicine all diseases, but only after the Property can Würker. Whether probably to not deny Dazs after

undeterminirten and magical the ways the of

nature in the common to exaltiret are in the highest

Page 53: The Alchemy web site on Levity

degree. Now, as the regenerated in a philosophical

way, and his is taken from him, we can curiren by all those diseases, too, and the total of metals to the

perfection of the . Collect

But it is the in the common included again the hardest of all of nature and bound, then the same will happen to him hero attained in a long time with much

difficulty, so the preparation of the from the common

serious and long road is so named.

How, then, in the dry condition, even in the wet way, are

three key presses required by which the Perfection may seek her, of which the


The preparation of the ü sophici understand what happened from the previous processes have enough

common message. Without this neither the purpose

nor Particular of be prepared, because he is the only means eindringet so in the innermost center of a

each body, and their obviously does. And because it is a universal being, he specificirt with all things of the world, with which it is conjungiret, and bring them through the regeneration of tincturalischen property. For

in the sophico lieth the rebirth of all things, about the

same one compares SENDIVOGIUS , From thy vielerley one could find fish, according to the flesh difference but take a taste likewise shed bestehet.


In the preparation of the from the common Which by virtue of the philosopher calcination, is obtained from

him than in what the entirely of its metallic nature,

Page 54: The Alchemy web site on Levity

pure in a louder is placed, which by no art per se may

in turn be reduced to a metal. This of gives

investigate the or of of himself, which the

foundation for this ! wear so saith the philosopher,

who the can be crushed and Weisz, not that it received back in a metal body can be reduced, of the

white and the of the metals change.

If, therefore, the in dust and are brought by the calcination, one sees the same Dazs such not by the

common calcination in the common can happen

because the in such, because of its acquired Fixität remains immutable and its metallic nature reserves resistant in itself, but only by the philosophers and

calcined with their secret had to be done, who after

his 2-fold feature in the ways is located. Therefore,

this heavenly solely by his Heat into the center of the

can penetrate, and that in such a closed and semi-first

orbene or of hinwider maketh volatile and

awakened to life. Similarly, he schlieszet by his The

cold of hinwiderum, and figirt the same, making them plusquamperfect and is yielded in higher degrees, according to both the quality and quantity. For while the

of his band was befreyet, he is powerful selves,

their own auszzutrocknen, and into a to operate,

thus making the his Flüszigkeit verliehret, and

because überflüszigen Can be no metallic body more,

but in the as a fixed Pfirschblütfarbne appeareth,

which trace the seeds or giveth of themselves, and the

growing and vibrant plusquamperfecte may be the wise, because it will help multiply resistant ingleichen by his Plusquamperfection the imperfect metals to perfection. Then, from this one sees so to speak That the

philosophers quite true when they say, the common is

not at all our To make it but our Sey is necessary our art, ie, T. Must it be before gezeitiget same things and do our tincturalischen calcination in the state. Then Hero

says SENDIVOGIUS; the common is like a weed

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without seeds, when it is time, refer it to his seed, so the

when it gezeitiget, there is a seed or .

Therefore, if the common in its be gezeitiget and plusquamperfect so such otherwise than by the New-birth

happen, and T. Must therefore the same with our gemachet its turn be reversed, and transplanted into the wheel of the 4 elements, as then, when born to another time, it may seek the tincturalischen state.

But it is the first element, in which the , Go to the

Regeneration, T. Must be transplanted, the Because

since the the beginning of all natural birth! wear, so

T. Must our rebirth from the artificial naturgemäsze

their initial take, and the through our resolvirten Be resolvirt spermaticam than in his first intention

materiam, for precisely the caused the union of the

ü and , Dazs they both accept each other and are

connected to each other. Thus, by the in

resolviret, so the 2 central , Dazs are so tied up in him, opened its turn and transplanted into a würkendes life, give birth to her on the new ones, and says thereof SENDIVOGIUS; has you desire a metal more done than nature, to bring in his virtue, you muszt the same in man and woman do, or you will not do anything. For, in the

central Aufschlieszung and its 2 cenntralischen

The foundation of this revival bestehet .

However, it is the sign of the radical resolution of the The blue color which resembles the color of lapis lazuli.

If so, the philosophers say; Dazs is the is to make mineral, they do so, Dazs one should not aufschlieszen radical and Blue bring, so it now reaches for fermentation, and by his roaring ferment sheweth well enough, that it received was awakened to life, as the Fäulung with such but the New- Followed birth.

But this is now the complete resolution of the done,

we shall have our insonderheit the Pondus observiren

to above, namely so that the same impose as much as his central Aufschlieszung is necessary, for as long as it

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does not aufgeschloszen, it is not awakened to life, and can be neither fermentation nor Fäulung, and without

such a new birth. Because the solution is the corpus

io mentally, but by the Putrefaction of physically made, and both joined together. So says the philosopher, if ye know not to make the spiritual body and the spirit body, so you did not find any way to this art by which the thickness of thin and light, and the light is gemachet dense and heavy.

However, it is the total of Pondus ü Einmahl on, but

by the frequent imbibition hinzugesetzet by carrying alternating dryness and humidity, the T. Must Fäulung, so

says RIPLAEUS, our tree T. Must sometimes by e

burned, and because with refreshes again, for an oak, so forever nasz not PAULET soon, but soon when to

nasz, now dry, it is lazy, so T. Must the same shape be brought to Fäulung.

So now, but our in the , Würker such aufschliesze

and Fäulung bring, so the inner T. Must our ü be awakened by our exterior, this now because it is volatile

and alive in him, which presses it into the body of

one, awakened only half of it orbenes Life and bring

it to Fäulung and new-born. After this the exterior Followed by the government and Aufschlieszung Fäulung

of ; Dahero vergleichet SENDIVOGIUS the inner one of our car, which is when he moved to continue running, so he is not taken, stand still, for our exterior of

the impeller dependiret partly to the time after the

Aufschlusz and the Fäulung So if the same is governed fleiszig, so you can get in six weeks to complete Fäulung, otherwise you probably a quarter or a half can make it to year, before we now reaches to Fäulung. At the same time T. Must we express our bey the

Government the time of Köchung know how long that

is the , Can rule that the matter would not be harmed, and

1. marketed, either the spirit nor 2. The flowers are burned.

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For this cause zweyfache error, the Dazs unzerstöhret remains in its metallic form, so says

PHILALETHA; T. Must be with the regiment of on

the nature of ü judge, for the fear, and from itself

the not, and therefore the Government of Sey very artificial, by which the body without the Aufschlieszung

Combustion successes, for so this done, would the

Gold, if you like zubrächte quite a year with the Solution.

But it will versaget the mind when the aufgelöset, and now reaches to the fermentation, which is in heat and cold with each other arguing aufschwillet matter, and quite full of blisters is. These bubbles then keep the mind

in itself, so who here the will continue reigns, the

indwelling Spirit is sold. Similarly, the flowers or burned when that will put the matter well before the fermentation, and after the perfect Fäulung in the drought,

as the Kindled because he feels no solace from the

humidity in itself, useless and a red brick color burned.

Half of these philosophers say, one should guard against certain that one does not attain the redness before the white people, for there is no profitable redness that does not spring from the perfect white; ingleichen cook until

the ink is, for out of this darkness of the been brought by the Fäulung in a highly volatile property dahero he, through our issue by the cold are coagulated and T. Must figirt.

This is now the blackness in the other element,

namely been perverted, what the philosophers call

their Roszmist even when they say, is the one put in Roszmist they want to say so much, it Dazs by Fäulung to

will bring. How, then, by the Roszmist his own

würket, that always happens here with our ,

Namely, that the same through their own and the Dry of their grease moisture dried up completely, and in a

weisz perverted is that Weisz of the philosopher, the

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element of is so named. Of these, says the

Philosophus; everything Weisz, has in it the Property,

and T. Must be recognized for it, and is thus the in

the third element, as in the transplanted.

In this Weisz rests now the fourth element, namely the

hidden, which consisteth in the redness, because everything is red, is the philosopher of the appropriated,

and the redness Here would be the Weisz by our produced, so says the Philosophus:

Unterlasz not with herauszzufodern, then finally

the in the element of perverted, so therefore the

After having gone through all four elements and has been regenerated into a philosophical and

plusquamperfectes been brought, because of which

per se by no art, überflüsziger ur or Is reducible in any metallic body, in turn, what level of a true rain

Marque AGAINST is. For as long as the one can bring back in a metallic body, it is not regenerated or

calcined in a philosophical way, and therefore also the

or not give of themselves. So, if the aufgeschloszen been radical and calcined, the T. Must be the same in these samples no more of his metallic body, as

1. Thus one of the calcined something into a

flieszen suffereth it as a T. Must a flieszen into a Vitrum, and see no trace of a metal being.

2. Wear of the calcined something it will go

down the same, let afterwards the Sun you will leave following the departure of the same, do not get the

slightest of the metal by as a a broughtest been in the rest.

3. Also carries some with driving on a chapel, a

bit sluggish from the Arte is it, so it's a Go, and enters

the such as a fixed fee per se, and keep it even after

leaving the bey himself. But the least you failed

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with Occurs, the calcined as a to the ground, at the very weights than you zugesetzet, and gives the reduction also no metal.

4. Ingleichen common lasz with some floating on

a chapel wearing of the calcined something on it, it

also reflected that the And verbleibet following the

departure of bey him, and make the common so

fragile it can be Dazs Stosz as a glass. Solviret to the

with , It separiret from the common , And falls in

just the weights, as it zugesetzet as a to the ground, and also gives no metal. This in such a manner opposite

and regenerated Is nothing other than a fixed or a

fixed of , Dahero as long as such verbleibet in salinity, there is a growing property, and such, the common metallic mercury can figirt and the perfection of

the now be taken as the by the regeneration in a

fixed been placed, so the umschlieszet Fixed the

ephemeral, making the volatile or figiret, but the fixity

or multiply by the addition of the fugitives is, and can be made in such propagation infinitum. If you want well

you can from such increased to take some part of it and reducible, augmentiren with the rest though. And

because the common zugesetzet been him, it can be

the back into a metallic , Reducible by the

überflüszige the regenerated by the addition of vivi a corpus to come. Only one has hierbey observiren

Pondus to the well so that was fixed with the will not übersetzet volatility. For figiren if you will, so always take the fixity of T. Must the person be delivered to the weights. This is now the philosopher-resistant mineral perpetua or mine, which they in their writings from time to remember.

Will you now regenerated with the above, and

walk, so his T. Must Moisture dried up completely,

and therefore the same in a fixed or stone be dried and figiret, which philosophers call the Lapidification. This always happens Lapidification now common

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through the , And one has to provide hierbey well, so

that before too violent Gluth the regenerated not

melt together into a Vitrum, because thereby the Which is now herausgekehret will turn into it and it swept verschloszen, and T. Must be dahero him with the

common to meet such a way to know Dazs is dried out by Gradus its moisture and also the same in a fixed

and loose movements of goods, which as an ash fall from each T. Must.

But it is this Lapidification therefore necessary, because Followed puri without such no separatio from impuro, but

without the separation is no can get, so says HERMES: Son! pull the jet or the essence of the shadows, namely the irrdischen Fecibus.

Similarly, says SENDIVOGIUS, when not you part of the metal's roots in the best juice, you will not do anything. Ingleichen RIPLACUS, but whoever does the

fatness through can take off, and the subtle from the gross divorce, which will bring such a work never the desired end.

The separatio always happens with our puri from impuri

resolvirten which the statement is Acetum radicatum.

This now by the regenerated and lapidificirte is cast,

extracted its true or What he initially be quite high as a ruby red coloring test engaged but attracts the up of the Manstrur, which it managed its pre Couleur gets back,

and the , The same as on a schwimmet up. This

has all 3 of the Principia in itself, and is the real

key rum potabile, wonderful by whose power and Würkung in humans and metals wrote the philosopher

If one wishes to this is the third rotation stride,

then lift up one such partly in the form of a on in order to serve the same imbibition; and partly läszt to do

the same in a dry up. This is now the of , And is so named such by the philosopher, an ash of ash, the

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s Hermetis, and their philosophical .

How, then, in such a way that calciniret, and its true may seek to have, so you can do in the same way with the other metals, minerals, as well as precious stones, and the

same is by the total of sophical aufschlieszen radical, and in such a way to regenerate of any body, it may be of the nature so tightly closed as he wants, the innermost

being, or . Enter So our philosophy is called

HERMES That all Stärcke Stärcke because he

eindringet into any body, and its hidden, or his apparently does, therefore, all the metals, minerals and precious stones Sit in it Astrum, or potabel makes it Dazs of human nature, pleasant, and digest it they are, or may operate in its essence, therefore, every one body after his he incorporated astral force is medicinaliter can shew.

Dieweiln but the other metals and minerals from nature

is not as strong as the Being closed, one has to their

non-resolution as a term or as often irten

sophicum than the Aufschlieszung of vonnöthen says

about PHILALETHA; of Dazs soph a 2 and 3 the

eagle , and could aufschlieszen; likewise 3-7

Eagles, the , And at last from 3 to l0ten eagle, the .

What now by the solviret is that is at the same time figiret höchstfigirende through his property, and the

perfection of the brought, wherefore it take metal to

the sized reach, not just necessary, has so hard

from the closed the Philosophorum to prepare,

because when the the low metals and minerals through

our figiret and cleansed, is the same in respect of the

metallic transmutation is just as good as the the

prepared And may by further philosophical cooking,

just to the Highness, as the from the . Enter For

the Fixität and purification of the maketh just the difference of the metals, because now through our beydes

will be refunded, so one can just as well a tingirenden

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-Sized from , , And even in the minerals, under which all too often but because of the

excrement and have the advantage of ready. This bekräftiget Basil in his carrier. of natural and supernatural things, Chapter IV, when he says: I shall

disclose a Geheimnisz, the Dazs , , a A And a matter of color have in themselves. Ingleichen SENDIVOGIUS, it is only a few seed, and finds himself

in precisely the What the is precisely in What

the , Likewise says the Turba, all metals are inside

and That anyone who understands this art may well know. As for the Mineralia betrift, the same are nothing other than metallic flower, hence any one of a certain metal mineral property carries with it, and the nature of its planetary status of the other is preferred.

Since the metals in the closed hard in minerals but the

unlocked, open and volatile, there is so out of them Philosophorum more easily and are more likely to

receive, as well as the Because of its Royal's property, a mineral is so named.

One might, however, the Philosophorum have prepared, from which one wants to go as T. Must be with such, if you will exaltiren him in his strength and pace also with those for metallic transmutation continues in the 3rd rotation:


This always happens in the conjunction, the 2nd through

the rotation obtained philosophorum with our io, and is so named this rotation insgemein fermentation,

such as in the in turn, open, fermentirt, killed, and then following with erhohet new birth in tenfold force.

What now betrift our cooking in this rotation, the same seven Gradus Here would be observiren to every one of which a planet is appropriated, so named after such a matter. How now follow the planets in their order after each other, and as matter of any planet sheweth itself, this

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has PHILALETHA described in his Introituapert of all philosophers the most.

( ). However, it is the first level of our cooking, the

regiment ii, as to what our by our open-minded, and brought to the fermentirt Fäulung is probably out of his regiment, the Perfection dependirt the whole rotation, wobey mainly three pieces are observiren to:

1. the Pondus our above, namely that the much of the same zugesetzet going to be completely re-birth is necessary. 2. the imbibition, as such must be done, and

3. the rule of the .

T. Must it but the so much of the hinzugesetzet be so open-minded and to ferment it completely succeeded. For not so long as he unlocked, he can not get fermentiren and Fäulung: Without the Fäulung but nothing can be born new nor improved.

Ingleichen the the hinzugesetzet not once, but by

frequent imbibition, to the union beydes, the and

can take place, so the philosophers say, the one Dazs

or imbibition in any serious consideration, and should

pour out such a fine economically. For if one of the

with too many eintränket, the turn into a

resolvirt, and on the schwimmet , Which then made their union can not. These errors have committed many who profess to know when they say they have not initially Dazs association beyder substances can be

obtained by the e on the swum sey. How, then, but have done the imbibition, this one exprimiret Groszer Philosophus when he says: We should do it here, like the potter, the clay Dazs their only mildly wet, it will only hold together.

Finally T. Must our exterior will reigns after the

nature of matter, that the spirit versaget not, nor the incinerated, can domin Iren, heat and cold.

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However, it is the initially by our in materiam primam spermaticam or resolviret into a Geschliere or Gur, and perform because the moisture of the Aufschlieszung T. Must, so T. Must the matter continually obtained by the imbibition, and in a Unctuosität it until leaving the matter to rise and in the fermentation connect sees. The radical resolution which sheweth appear blue, to which followeth the fermentation soon with which you beydes, with imbibition and

administration of the aufhöret, and matter by itself läszt operate independently until the dispute between the

two Central = yet laid down again, and the matter again gesetzet to the ground. E'en then it gives back the

, Whereby it is transported to the drought, but also

because it is before combustion of the T. Must guard,

and when she sees you reach some dry, the exterior Government set and let them also take naturally to drought mnusz. Before we now proceed further here with the imbibition, T. Must be they in their own right can dry out well, and says of this, the Philosophus: One should be leave the matter rather too dry, as they retain moisture for a few Dazs in such a way to get there more likely to

Fäulung. How, then, to say the the hinzugesetzet by frequent imbibition is, so also the total Followed Aufschlusz, fermentation and Fäulung not once, but

gradually. But if he all of Pondus ü has received, and finally completely disrupted by such have been, and last Followed by fermentation, it sees the matter out in such as a schuppigte toad, whereupon when she again gesetzet to the ground, the high velvet. Paint or ink or the raven head appeareth with which it is now reaches to perfect

Fäulung, and the first degree, or the rule of the is endiget.

( ). This occurs blackness the regiment, which of the 2nd degree is our cooking, and the matter is the

philosophical so named, say what the philosopher, our

is not a common , And is much more delicious than

the common , Namely, seeing that this philosophical

the prima materia to is because beyde Principia same in him by the Fäulung united be; and says thereof,

Page 65: The Alchemy web site on Levity

the philosopher, might as neither male nor female seed a birth bring on themselves, that it was because, Dazs beyde are united have, so can the same shape without

beyder principles of communion not , Prepares to be

than with what the T. Must take their necessary beginning. Therefore, the Putrefaction of the Masters degree in alchemy is to it, as well as the following

regiments the matter through their own

coagulated, without administration of our , Otherwise

by those of , Which here stands annoch the highest

volatility, ignited in itself, useless and a red would be placed so it became so before the redness of the white, which would be the work Here would ruin.

So long as the darkness lasts, is the Regiment. If, however, appear in many colors on the above matter, it

occurs with such the regiment. This appears many colors, the peacock's tail, so named above on the matter, which form a rainbow in Ireland post-exposure and soft in such form of matter and disappear.

After leaving bursts of color E'en then the matter because of drought from each other, and sees ice gray through the cracks.

AB. Here it will be important, whether one will have on the human body or to the metal. Will you prepare the medicine from her human body, so you läszt matter

completely into a weisz dry, which it afterwards by

our secret bringeth also to redness, so you have the medicine, which is preparing against the previous rotation in the other exaltiret in tenfold force.

If, however, such conduct to the metallic nature, we did not expect the necessary Weisz, but it is the same Weisz

brought to by the washing away with the common o, making it also brought to the metallic nature. It is but the

matter by the common in essence, not improved, but by those made only multiply and metallic, they Dazs included in the metals, and those can improve most

sincerely, for the is precisely the Beitz, which of the

Page 66: The Alchemy web site on Levity

the entrance to the metals giveth, and in a flüsziges

transformed, she Dazs with their transmission of perfection, the imperfect metals can make perfect. Before

anyone but the ablutions the o begin, one has to provide well they Dazs quite dry and well drained sey. Of these ablutions SENDIVOGIUS speaks thus: If our

3 and can be consumed and 1 remain the same

doubled, it is afterwards from the milk of or

nourished their fatness; allwo it with the milk of the

viv's will, because if the same matter hinzugesetzet, and is united with her, she schlieszet first such in a milk Weisz juice, which the latter in their hardened and fixed

in one of her figirt is. Accordingly, the ablutions

done by the v as by whom it up to a crystallin Weisz

is brought: And such ablutions 7, since that is the v to 7 meal of the matter is hinzugesetzet to observiren wobey two kinds:

1. The Fondus of ii vivi, and

2. The regiment of

What betrift the Pondus, then we have seen in any ablution meaning was fixed by the weight of the volatile

Dazs meet, or That the matter at any time the v consider the weights sey.

But what's regiment betrift so resistant T. Must the same here with the prospective ablutions and without Unterlasz, day and night are well governed, to end this whole rotation, for otherwise erharscht once the matter, and bring no more after this. This matter LATON Here would call the philosopher, which is so much heiszt than an unclean body, and they say, the waschet Laton, and zerreiszet your books.

take so long now the ablutions, the bestehet Regiment. As you now in a observiren all the Pondus

well, they Dazs with the v übersetzet will not, therefore, is to ingleichen observiren well, that none of

the ablutions or additional v the other episode, before

Page 67: The Alchemy web site on Levity

the matter was previously quite dry and well figirt, or the

volatile , Namely the v by our fixed likewise been perverted into a fix. With the termination of the

ablutions endiget also the Regiment, to which followeth.

( ). In this the Regiment gebühret the Weisz out more and more, and is light yellow first, then blue light, after which Followed by high Weisz, as they aussiehet

zerstoszene as diamonds, and in a very subtle goeth,

making it the Weisz or the fixed weisz figirende has received. Here again is something from the vessel to,

and such a glowing läszt Flieszen sheet: They Flieszet

without smoke, then the receive their Fixität, where

she still rauchet, T. Must it longer in the be retained until it is found to completely fix. After their

conservation take the matter if the weisz will have,

from the , That 1 part, 100 part of the imperfect

metals in transmutirt.

If, however, the red have so T. Must the matter

constantly in be obtained, for so they were here from

the takes, once it cools, and is not afterwards to

continue the red to bring. Formulation of Dahero one

in red the T. Must continually receive, which they

in the regiment ris occurs.

( ). This regiment ris it is again volatile, ie it is the

continirliche in such a subtle placed than we

imagine can only be dahero with the government of well for his has, so she gets a green color, after which the

Regiment comes.

( ). This regiment the yellow matter, which appeareth Couleur higher and higher until it finally becomes red yellow. For higher redness it can not come in and from itself, that it was then, you Dazs her with the

red or sized comes to his aid, such as for T. Must

happen. However, it is the red sized the

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is why previously been thought, Dazs you pick up something of the same, selfsame order in the imbibition to Roth, the place now operate here to be able to.

( ). This reddish-yellow color appears finally happened to the regiment, and the imbibition Here would

to Roth by -Specific , Extending its always higher and higher redness, and finally to purple and schwarzröthe is brought, and the philosophers call this the

matter its scrolled Them into which you or the

essential of . Sow If, therefore, Followed by

imbibition, and the bey is the matter has been

figirt, we fixed the figirende or the red first-order and receive a portion of the 100 part of the imperfect

metals in transmutirt and figirt.

Beyde Ren now also multiply in quantitate et quality done so, namely the Multiplicatio Quantitatis.

As long as they have in any elementary been, and

their Humidity with such still not dried out and place

them in a fixed or stone has been hardened by the

common , So long as it is now in its Alisher

Humidity exist, they are growing, and can the are multiply resistant v.

But if you want to do with them Multiplicatio qualitatis so puri T. Must go before all things from the separatio

impuro before, and the Ren previously by the

elemental a or stone should be dried out so that the separation can take place. Now you have, as always, so seeing here in the Lapidification meaning That the matter receive their porosity, and will not melt into a Vitrum. Then followeth the extraction of our

philosophical or resolvirten With which one verfähret until one sees, the essential part Dazs extrahiret

been completely, and nothing but a slight remain behind, for as long as they compact still lieth in the glass is such a character, they Dazs still of the essence in itself. After the extraction draws together the essence and

Page 69: The Alchemy web site on Levity

schwimmet again as a on the water Which is

separiret then, and is the of of the white entirely

in a dried. The but the red Is partly in a

dried, and partly as a to keep, so that one's too distant imbibition can serve to red.

With those two tincturalischen rn now fänget one of the Multiplication Quantitatis et qualitatis E'en then, and nothing else, such as a complete repeat of the previous 3rd rotation, and therefore have the same first by the

sophical fermentiret open, have to be made in such regeneriret Fäulung and, for without the new birth Fäulung can not be even exaltation, which sophical only

in the rests because it alone has the power to kill and to make alive or to keep in the new birth.

Here would then have to hero beyde Ren initially by

sophical open-minded and are also brought in by the same Fäulung as we say in all respects with the

governments of imbibition and , As has happened in previous rotation, procediren T. Must: Consequently, in

the regiment of again the ablutions with the viv

Rent and regiret T. Must be kept constantly and, as you because, when done the ablutions, and the matter is

now reaches back to Fixität that weisz secondly the order may seek added, tinctured the 1 part in 1000 parts.

Similarly, we verfähret in the preparation of the red

with the constantly, and the matter imbibiret with the

red io, as in the form of a preserved to . Both these matters now when figirt been, and the same fix,

then we have the red the 2nd order obtained transmutirt that 1 part in 1000 parts.

Here you can either abermahls the multiplication in

quantitate beyder Ren do with the vivo, even with such a continuous, increasing in as long as they remain in

place and there Alisher Moisture by the elemental

not dried up, and those in a stony been perverted, but as soon as such always happens, it is increasing its

Page 70: The Alchemy web site on Levity

push into force, and such her dizzy, she Dazs with the v can not grow together into one.

If, however, the Ren further increase in quantitate et quality, thus showing Lapidification and T. Must separatio puri from impuri same again, because without

such can never be the exaltation of the Ren done, what you also the same for the 3.4 can put up to 9th order,

then in any of the Multiplication Gemehret be in quality and quantitate et exaltiret l0facher in force.

But it can not happen in this Multiplication infinitum, but it may seek the same goal in its perfect 9th So if the

number been rotated 9 times, they exaltiren kannman no further, because they E'en then not allow more distant separations, but as soon as they show the least material

and several feel, they go immediately into Flusz and

go through the glass, like a Heisz the Daddy, which one is thus deprived of the same maketh.



Dearest readers!

I have dealt with in this treatise as much as possible, and an honest man gebühret, all Procesz, both in the wet, dry as a practical way. At least I did the work, as they follow each other, properly described, which no author had done

before me. If I had the philosophical , Described the weight and right vessel for clearly, so everyone would be a Geheimnisz as well as I have, but I will just just do not break the seal of all the modes as well. A wise man and wise man will understand me well, as I understand it, where in some places clearly enough yet. The coal Enver desert destroyer will find Freyesque not be happier for them, it is not written. Everyone pray to God with the king at Salomon Weisz awareness, and strive first place

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after the kingdom of God and his righteousness, he shall fall to the other everything, that he will not only have a blessed beginning, but then also a desirable end.

The author ICHFR & AC

The 1st rotation.

tekening. A stream of such breaks herfür, That the reason to stay there verliehren th path, and fället again, and then shrink from the people.

The rotation II.

tekening. 1 Corinth 1 v. 28 And base things of the world, and that verrachtete God has chosen and there is nothing, he Dazs to not do what something is.

The III rotation.

tekening. Cantic 5th v. 10 11. My friend is white, and red, auserkohren thousands in the crowd. His head is the most fine gold, his locks are Krausz-black as a raven.

tekening. Hermes It rises from earth to heaven and down to earth again as he receives the power of all higher and lower things. It Seal of Approval, the red sun and the white moon, one-off and a disposition.


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