The AEU Represents: Education Workers in Preschools, Schools and TAFE sectors Teachers including Seconded Teachers Leaders School Services Officers (SSOs)

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Slide 2 The AEU Represents: Education Workers in Preschools, Schools and TAFE sectors Teachers including Seconded Teachers Leaders School Services Officers (SSOs) Early Childhood Workers (ECWs) Aboriginal Community Education Officers (AEWs) Swimming and Aquatics Instructors Lecturers and Lecturer Assistants Educational Managers Hourly Paid Instructors (HPIs) Slide 3 The AEU will continue to: promote and advocate for public education campaign for improved funding for your school fight for better learning conditions for your children The AEU wants to be a voice with parents for the future investment in public education. Slide 4 The Issues Class size Teacher non instruction time Leadership time Recognition for SSOs, ECWs, AEWs Professional development Attraction and Retention Professional pay Slide 5 Class Sizes The AEU is seeking to reduce class size: To enable greater support for individual students and catering for their different needs To further develop learning outcomes for all students To support and enhance classroom management Slide 6 Non-instructional Time The AEU is seeking to increase non instructional time to: Enable teachers to develop more effective learning programs Enable teachers to provide greater support for students outside the classroom To improve feedback and monitoring of student progress Slide 7 Leadership Time The AEU is seeking to increase leadership time in schools to: Provide more effective administration in schools Provide for better planning in schools Provide curriculum leadership Provide more time to develop learning cultures within schools Provide greater support and advice to students Slide 8 ECWs, SSOs, AEWs Improved funding for support staff in preschools and schools Recognition of overtime and out of hours work Recognition of Skills through reclassification Improved pay for lower classified education workers More time for non-teaching staff to assist students Slide 9 Professional Development The AEU wants support for teachers, non- teaching staff and leaders to undertake professional development to: Embrace new educational developments Develop enhanced teaching skills Develop skills for effective ancillary support in schools Slide 10 Attraction and Retention Additional non instruction time for beginning teachers in their first 3 years Improved Country Incentives to attract teachers to country locations Nationally competitive salaries to retain our best and brightest teachers in South Australia Slide 11 Salary The AEU is seeking on average 7% per annum salary increase for 3 years to: Achieve nationally competitive salaries Attract and retain high quality teachers to the profession Properly remunerate teachers for their skills knowledge and professionalism Slide 12 SA at Lowest National Salary ** * * * * Slide 13 The Government Proposal: Removes the class size formula from the current Enterprise Agreement Reduces leadership time in schools Removes the allocation of non instruction time from the enterprise agreement Provides no additional support for students with special needs Provides no funding for Professional development in preschools, schools or TAFE Slide 14 The Government Proposal: Offers less-than-CPI salary of 3.25% per annum for 3 years for preschool, school and TAFE staff Slide 15 The Government fails by: Proposing a funding model that with their own figures sees about 1 in 3 schools get less money Proposing a funding model that will likely lead to more school closures particularly small and disadvantaged schools Removing the document that guarantees teachers, counsellors, librarians, non-teaching staff and leaders in your school according to an agreed formula Slide 16 Schools Winners & Losers Slide 17 Government Proposal Fails by: Continuing to ignore responsibility to provide for the professional development of education workers Proposing to leave class sizes at high levels Proposing to use a model which forces teachers to compete with carpets and maintenance for finite funds that come out of the same funding bucket. Slide 18 Government Proposal Fails: Because it offers a salary increase: 1% less than the inflation rate. The Adelaide CPI figure for April 2007 to March 2008 is 4.6% That leaves SA teachers at the bottom of the national scale for the next 3 years. That will see SA teachers go interstate and overseas for decent remuneration Slide 19 A Message to Parents Your teachers and non-teaching staff: Recognise the link between pay and conditions for our members and a good public education for your children Therefore: Do not back away from seeking reasonable pay increases Do not back away from seeking to improve working conditions Slide 20 A Message to Parents Your childrens teachers and non-teaching staff: Need your understanding and support Are seeking your help in our campaign Want to work with our parents jointly to improve public preschools and schools Slide 21 Show your support by: Talking to other parents Filling out postcards Handing out pamphlets Talking to friends and family Attending rallies Emailing Ministers Writing letters to the editor Writing to local MPs Ringing radio talkback Slide 22 Rally Parliament House 17 June