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THE 4 TH COMMANDMENT: SINNING AGAINST GODS REPRESENTATIVES. Lesson 14 Faith Foundations Course One. How do we sin against Gods representatives?. THE EXAMPLE OF A WAYWARD SON. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>THE 4TH COMMANDMENT: SINNING AGAINST GODS REPRESENTATIVES</p> <p>THE 4TH COMMANDMENT:SINNING AGAINSTGODS REPRESENTATIVESLesson 14Faith FoundationsCourse OneHow do we sin againstGods representatives?THE EXAMPLE OF A WAYWARD SONRecall 2 Samuel 15:1-14 and the account of King Davids son Absalom. In what way was David Gods representative over Absalom and over all the people of Israel?</p> <p>He was Absaloms father and Israels king.THE EXAMPLE OF A WAYWARD SONWhat did Absalom do that caused the people to lose respect for his father?</p> <p>When people came with their problems, Absalom told them he could help them more than his father. THE EXAMPLE OF A WAYWARD SONAbsalom dishonored his father. Read Deuteronomy 21:18-21. How did God emphasize to the Old Testament people that dishonoring a parent was a very serious sin?</p> <p>The penalty was death. THE EXAMPLE OF A WAYWARD SONHow might we dishonor the following people?a. Government officialsRidiculing, disobeying, saying bad things about them. THE EXAMPLE OF A WAYWARD SONHow might we dishonor the following people?b. Police officersSaying bad things about them, disobeying the law.THE EXAMPLE OF A WAYWARD SONHow might we dishonor the following people?c. TeachersDisobeying them, ridiculing them behind their backs, being critical of their work.THE EXAMPLE OF A WAYWARD SONHow might we dishonor the following people?d. PastorsMaking fun of them, not taking their words seriously, harshly criticizing their work.THE EXAMPLE OF A WAYWARD SONHow might we dishonor the following people?e. ParentsDisobeying them, speaking disrespectfully to them and about them. THE EXAMPLE OF A WAYWARD SONEvaluate this statement: TV shows that portray police officers as being corrupt are dishonoring Gods representatives.Police officers can also fall into temptation. It isnt necessarily wrong to portray that. But if the show leads people to stop trusting all policemen, it is then dishonoring Gods representatives.THE EXAMPLE OF A WAYWARD SONIn Proverbs 1:8 and 23:22, what are some reasons Solomon gives for not despising our parents in their old age?</p> <p>Our parents gave us life, and devoted many years to raising us. THE EXAMPLE OF A WAYWARD SONEvaluate these statements:I dont like our new president. I dont agree with his policies and beliefs, and I dont think hes a very good leader. So Im not going to obey him or give him the honor I felt for our former president.While we may disagree with him or even dislike a leader, he is still Gods representative and deserves our obedience and prayers. We should never speak evil of or dishonor him. KEY POINT #1We sin against Gods representativeswhen we dishonor them. A REBELLIOUS PEOPLERecall 2 Samuel 15:13,14. How did Absaloms actions bring grief to his father, the king?</p> <p>David had to flee for his life, and his soldiers had to fight against his sons followers. A REBELLIOUS PEOPLERead 1 Samuel 2:12-17,22-25; 4:10-18. How did Elis sons cause grief for their father?</p> <p>They stole some of the peoples sacrifices. They also slept with some of the women who served at the temple. They wouldnt listen to their father when he scolded them. A REBELLIOUS PEOPLERecall the account of Elisha and the children in 2 Kings 2:23,24. How did the children dishonor Elisha?</p> <p>They made fun of his bald head and laughed at him.A REBELLIOUS PEOPLE11. Read Proverbs 13:24, and evaluate this statement: Gods representatives have the right to become angry and correct us.</p> <p>It is their responsibility to correct us so that we dont become wicked. But they need to be careful that they dont let their anger lead them to sin. A REBELLIOUS PEOPLEDiscuss how the following comments or actions may anger parents or other authorities or cause them grief:a. A child says to a friend: My old man doesnt know what hes doing. Hes so stupid.Name calling is disrespectful. A REBELLIOUS PEOPLEb. I promised my mother Id be on the phone only ten minutes and then Id clean my room. But I talked for over an hour, and now its time for bed.The person either had no intention of keeping the promise or didnt respect the mother enough to do what was promised. A REBELLIOUS PEOPLEc. Everyone in class knew who had thrown the eraser when the teachers back was turned. But when the teacher asked who did it, no one spoke up. By refusing to speak up, everyone was disobeying the teacher. A REBELLIOUS PEOPLEd. I dont understand why the principal was so upset that we punched those little kids who were teasing us at recess. We didnt really hurt them, and we were just getting even with them.The principals job is to keep all of his students safe. Revenge isnt an excuse for sin.A REBELLIOUS PEOPLEe. Old man Jenkins yelled at me when I walked across his lawn last week. On Halloween he is going to find an egg smashed on his car.Walking on his lawn shows a lack of respect for him and his property. Retaliation for the scolding is a sin.KEY POINT #2We sin against Gods representativeswhen we anger them and cause them grief.HOW DO WE SIN AGAINST GODS REPRESENTATIVES?We sin against Gods representatives when we dishonor them.We sin against Gods representatives when we anger them and cause them grief.SUMMARYWe sin against Gods representatives when we dishonor and anger them and cause them grief. THE FOURTH COMMANDMENTHonor your father and mother, that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.What does this mean?We should fear and love God that we do not dishonor or anger our parents and others in authority, but honor, serve, and obey them, and give them love and respect. Ephesians 6:1Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. </p>


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