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    Sometimes, I just look at the stars at night. I gaze at the fading fall colors of leaves that fall gen-

    tly, slowly to the ground. I look at the crowds of people, always running in one direction, cars

    speeding away, growing miniscule in the distance, lose myself in the bustle of life and exchange

    of so many words with no meaning.

    I wonder.

    Wonder why I just dont get it all.

    I wish I could be an astronaut in space, just so I could fly above the chaos of this broken world,

    to see the majesty of creation, displayed before my naked eyes.

    Maybe then, I would get it.

    I feel that my current spiritual apa-

    thy is because I just dont see God.

    Ive diminished him to some idea in

    my mind, some idea that is non-

    threatening, something controlla-

    ble, something that can fit in my


    But Gods a lion, and he cant be


    I believe that being able to see God

    without any bias, without any pre-

    conceptions, just as He is, is the key

    to loving Him for who He is, what

    Hes done. On that day, Ill be so overcome by fear, by love, by awe, Ill be speechless.

    Once my eyes are open, my heart can be too.

    I want to love like God meant me to.

    From the Editors

    - Kelly Yu

  • From the Editors

    - Melody Zhang

    Passage Focus: James 4:13-15

    These verses encapsulate the selfishness of human life. It fits the modern way of thinking even

    in many Christians. We plan and plan out our futures like we are the makers of our own destiny, the

    creators of our future. Most of the time when I think of what to do, I don't take what God wants into

    consideration, instead acting like I have control over my life when really I am nothing "but a mist that

    appears for a little and then vanishes" on earth.

    In truth, God should and must be the one in

    control; whatever he wills and whatever he

    throws onto my path is for my good and I

    shouldn't choose to ignore it just because it's

    difficult or it wasn't what I had expected out of

    my day. I have learned not just through these

    verses that to expect is to be disappointed; in-

    stead to expect nothing and give everything just

    as Jesus did for me.

    It is terrifyingly difficult to live through God's

    eyes, because it means I am surrendering my

    business, my plans, my future. How selfish I am

    in that most of the time I want to ignore the ob-

    stacles He throws at me or passively resist the

    people I struggle with in my life. I cannot live as

    if I am the maker of my own future, because I

    am not. God gives me challenges that I do not

    expect and I must learn to accept them as part

    of who he wants to make me into and do my

    best to face them. After all, He does not give us

    anything that we cannot handle.

    Now listen, you who say, Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a

    year there, carry on business and make money. Why, you do not even know what will

    happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and

    then vanishes. Instead, you ought to say, If it is the Lords will, we will live and do this

    or that.

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    From the Editors

    So let me tell you about two indirectly related but equally important things. Important being

    entirely subjective, I suppose. (But dont stop reading here because this article looks long and

    boring! I have something super to share!!) So heres what happened: one random day in late

    September/early October I found one of many college brochures on my desk my mom just puts

    there for me to look through. More often than not I just throw them out. But that particular after-

    noon, I didnt have a lot of homework, and something about the brochure (probably because it was

    purple I like purple) made me flip through it. And thinking back upon it, I think God had planned for

    that moment all along. Crown College is a tiny Christian college located in St. Bonifacius, which is

    kind of in the middle of nowhere. I couldnt even find it on the Minnesota map! Anyway I applied

    just because I wanted to be a good student by applying to 3-5 schools (it being my fifth school yeah

    Im an overachiever!! Hahaha not really), and not even considering it as a place I would want to go

    for college. Guess what happened a month later! I am now seriously considering going to Crown. It

    was pretty crazy how I ended up being able to visit the campus just last week. Its a 13 hour drive

    from Troy so that was definitely not an option, but I

    was not so easily discouraged. After a long call with

    the airlines and a talk with my parents, I was all set to

    fly to Crown by myself. (For the record, I hate planes.)

    The entire trip went smoothly though. I had to miss

    school Friday and so I had to make up my two part

    calc test and two day bio lab on Thursday. I was able

    to book a flight back to Michigan early enough to

    make it directly to my cross country banquet Satur-

    day. Crown sent one of their students to pick me up

    from, and take me back, to the airport. All these little

    details (and what I originally thought of as conflicts)

    God had already worked out for me, and I didnt have

    to worry once. I didnt even barf on the planeI slept

    the entire two hours there and back!

    So thats the first thing. I wont bore you with the details of what I experienced, liked, and

    disliked (if youre curious you can ask me and Ill tell you!), but I will stress this: God works in crazy

    ways. He loves us like crazy, and really, all we have to do is trust Him even if following Christ seems

    like a crazy thing sometimes. So here I am now pretty conflicted on what my future holds for me.

    How do we know if God is calling us to someone, something, or somewhere? Part of me just wants

    to stay close to home for college, but if God is leading me elsewhere, then I am going to follow.

  • - Sharon Shen

    Never has the verse

    If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me

    Luke 9:23

    meant more to me. But heres the (second) thing: the other day at dinner my sister and I were just

    joking about going out of state for college lalalala and my mom was like no I dont want you to go

    to Crown because youll be so far away and my sister and I just laughed but honestly she looked like

    she was about to cry. And I say it like its not that big of a deal now but it made me want to cry, too.

    In all my seventeen years its sad for me to admit that I have not had a good relationship with my

    parents. I keep to myself, and Ive always liked it that way. But the reality is I could be far from home

    and the comfort of having my family and friends always there to support me next year if I end up at

    Crown. And I cant speak for everyone but at times I wonder if thats a scenario that many high

    schoolers are in. It sucks. In seven months I will graduate from high school. In nine months I will be

    off to college. Time flies; it really does. I was always envious of the people who were close to their

    parents, or at least one of their parents. I think out of everyone Ive taken my family for granted the

    most. Maybe because our family is supposed to love us no matter what but it left me feeling kind of

    hollow after my mom almost cried about me leaving. Because in the end, shes still going to support

    me going to Crown.

    Even though it hurts her, shell let me go. I think sometimes as teens we just think that our parents

    are annoying and dont give us any privacy. I remember thinking when my mom happened to read

    one of my Vine articles two years ago and I didnt like that she did. I didnt like her getting all into

    my life but hey at least I realize late better than never that parents really do the things they do out

    of pure love for us. And how much more so does God do that for each and every one of us, no mat-

    ter how many times weve run away, no matter how many times weve failed or doubted. Its kind of

    really overwhelming and I hope that maybe my mom will read this article because I dont know how

    to be a good daughter, but I think Im finally running home.

    If anyone would come after me, he must deny him-

    self and take up his cross daily and follow me.

    Luke 9:23

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    Hello everyone!

    I feel that I should start with a proper introduction or else Ill be a complete stranger to about

    80% of all of you. My name is Veronica Tang and Im currently a junior at University of Michigan study-

    ing Brain, Cognitive, and Neuroscience with a minor in Applied Statistics. If you want a gleeked-out

    rant or discussion about the mind, just mention my major in front of

    me. My little brother is Joe or that tall guy that is really into video

    games. If you see him around later, make sure to give him a hug or

    something. Hell absolutely love it. (Wait, ask first actually. I dont

    want to be held accountable for harassment).

    I was in Refresh in middle school and Oasis all of high school. While

    I am one of the alumni of Oasis, its still weird to think of myself that

    way. I used to consider this youth group as my second home (and I

    still do, on a strange level of nostalgia), since there were so many

    memories made in that second floor of the church. I remember

    when Beth and Brent first moved here when I was in middle school.

    Believe it or not, but there was a time where we didnt have a youth

    pastor that was so invested in you guys! There was that powerful

    Saturate that my spiritual relationship with Christ was radically

    changed and personalized. There were plenty of tears and laughter,

    drama and connections made. However, one element that never

    changed throughout the years was the steadfast and everlasting

    God that watched me grow.

    To be honest, throughout my high school years, I relied on people

    and emotions to carry me through my Christian belief. I occasionally

    opened my Bible, but it was always in the company of another person. I prayed because I was ex-

    pected to and because everyone else around me had their eyes closed and heads bowed. I relied on

    my Sunday school knowledge for small group time and never really revealed my struggles or weak-

    nesses when it was time for sharing. I cruised through high school on a spiritual minimum. I didnt un-

    derstand how it was to truly have a personal relationship with Christ or the meaning of fellowship. So,

    when the supporting people around me or the emotional highs of the Holy Spirit were stripped away, I

    was a Christian skeleton. After graduating high school and leaving Oasis, I didnt know how to seek

    God for myself because I never had a need to before. Without that knowledge, it was so easy to blame

    Him for forsaking me.

    From personal experience, I can share that no matter the size of the campus you guys end up

    in, its surprisingly how easy it is to become lost and disconnected with people. My first year in college,

    I felt like I couldnt connect to the students around me and my spiritual needs were not being met.

    During this time, I felt like God was so far away from me, that any attempts to meet Him were met with

    silence. Thats because I never experienced what it was like to be intimate with my Savior; I couldnt

    discern His voice from the noise and chaos around me.

    I cannot stress how important it is to build a foundation with God before you embark on the

    next step of your life, especially in Oasis where your peers are eager to seek Him alongside you. Re-

    member that familiar parable that weve heard growing up again and again?

    Not in Oasis, but in Christ

    Alum article! (and former Vine editor!!)

  • - Veronica Tang

    He is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock.

    And when a flood arose, the stream broke against that house and could not shake it, be-

    cause it had been well built. But the one who hears and does not do them is like a man

    who built a house on the ground without a foundation. When the stream broke against it,

    immediately it fell, and the ruin of that house was great. Luke 6:38-39

    There is so much truth and wisdom in just those two verses. I am sad to say that I was

    the foolish one who did not take those words to heart, and ended up in shifting sands. Fortu-

    nately, God redeemed my perspective, and Im working on my relationship with Him on a daily


    So here is my advice: go beyond the clichs heard in church, such as pray and read

    the Word and be obedient. Question why; thoroughly understand how this will help you

    when Oasis is no longer around. Do this for God instead of living up to the demands and ex-

    pectations of people. You will find emotional and spiritual stability that is rooted in truth. You

    will find strength with God dwelling in every action and word from you. You will find like-

    minded people around you, no matter where you go. There will be less room for doubt and

    more room for God to speak into your life.

    And please, never stay silent and struggle through your questions alone. Satan abso-

    lutely adores that. Its so much easier to distort one view, especially if its in a single mind of a

    person in uncertainty. Be vulnerable. Even if youre worried that you are a bother and that your

    problems are burdensome, chances are that people are struggling with the exact same issues

    that you are or have struggled with it before.

    Im so proud of you guys, really. Im just in awe of how God works through Oasis, that

    the spiritual climate is always changing whenever I come back. A part of me is a little freaked

    out by it, especially since Im on the other side now where I can no longer recognize the major-

    ity of faces in the room, but Im more than happy to sacrifice that comfort if it means that God

    is bringing a community together that is continually reaching out and forming bonds that last

    beyond these high school years.

    (Pssst, talk to the alumnis! We are probably feeling just as awkward as you are and are

    more than happy to get to know you guys! We are not as mature and scary as you think we

    are. I think Ben Gee is more than enough proof of that.)

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    Just Follow

    - Danni Yang

    Dont think, just follow and trust in Gods path for you.

    Not many of you know who I am. And why should you?

    I have all the necessary traits to be invisible. I am only a fresh-

    man, why bother knowing us underdogs, and to top it off, I just

    moved here from Houston, Texas.

    Spring Break of 2012. I was planning a trip with my

    friends and just enjoying a break from the constant stress of

    school. I was in 8th grade and basically loved my life; I partici-

    pated in several sports, got the main part in our school play,

    and did choir and volunteered at my church. Then, when every-

    thing was going great, my mom tells me the news: that we were

    moving to Troy, Michigan. I couldnt believe it. I had never even heard of Troy in my entire life. Needless to say,

    I was pretty devastated. Houston was my home, where I grew up, where I had all my firsts in life and where I

    wanted to be. I felt so alone, as all my friends were excited to finish middle school, so excited to go to high

    school, talking about their classes, clubs, sports, all those thing that they were going to do together. And here I

    was, searching up Troy High on Wikipedia, not knowing if there was an Asian church here, not knowing what

    classes I was going to take, and not even knowing if I would even have friends to talk to. I was angry at God for

    a while, angry that He took away everything in life I wanted, and angry that there was nothing I could do about

    it. But, life goes on. I graduated middle school; I even got to be baptized at my old church, and went to one

    last church camp back in Houston. There, I learned that sometimes, even when we dont want Him to, God

    comes and changes our lives. Sometimes, we just need to let go and trust that wherever God leads us, He has

    a plan for us.

    So here I am, in Troy, Michigan. Im not saying that this move wasnt hard and didnt suck, because it

    was and it still kind of does. Sometimes, every now and then, Ill walk the hallways at school among strangers

    and feel angry and depressed at how lonely I am. Sometimes, Ill go to church, and miss my old one, with all

    the friends I grew up with. But these emotions are inevitable. So dont expect God to fix everything, because

    He is not going to. You need to just trust and follow Him, even when the path seems dark, even when you

    dont know where you are going; sometimes all you can do is trust and walk with Him.

    He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD

    require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly

    with your God. Micah 6:8 NIV

  • -Anonymous



    Pastor Appreciation Day was Sunday, November

    18th. On this day we show our gratitude and love

    for all that Pastor Brent and Beth have done for us

    in these last seven years. You have been an in-

    credible role model for the student ministry.

    Pros of Brent:

    Brent has the cutest redhead kids, Brynn and

    Gavin! Oh, and Kade, who isnt a redhead but is

    still adorable.

    How cool is it that a white person likes to hang out

    with a bunch of Asian teens as his job?!

    Beth is the best ever.

    Cons of Brent:

    OSU fan.



    If you ever feel overwhelmed in your life, remind yourself with this verse. You are in good hands and

    God is with you in every step of your life. Dont let problems or issues you have stop you. As long as you give

    your life up for God, you can be sure that he will protect you for God has a plan for each of us. Though we

    may not know what his plan for us is, we can be sure that his purpose for you is greater than anything you

    could imagine. Just live your life and let God do his work in you and through you!


    is is


    r C


    g g



    by M


    elle S


    For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to

    prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a fu-

    ture. Jeremiah 29:11

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    Keep me accountable, for angels

    and demons always come to either

    guard or shatter our will.

    Dear Oasis,

    I am human. I go to church, sing worship songs,

    read the Bible, am a small group leader, pray, and think I

    live like a Christian. I dont swear, I try to turn away

    from things that will tempt me, and I get spiritual highs

    that fade away after a week.

    I am human. I have struggles. I am imperfect. I have

    thousands upon thousands of stains. I have crushed rela-

    tionships, cruelly trampled on others feelings, and con-

    stantly acted selfishly. I have crucified Jesus over and

    over again, and I continue life as if the blood of Christ is

    not spilled all over this soul that is too filthy to even be

    seen by this pure and holy God.

    I am human. I am lost. I find my emotions gearing toward God when these lights and songs

    seem to touch a part of this stone heart, and fall back down again harder than before. I go to Thai-

    land, and experience what it means to be loved by God, but then I dont do anything radical for Him. I

    realize that only He has saved me from my sin, but these motions are a billion times more appealing

    than forsaking pride, reputation, and the norm.

    I am human. I know I can impact the world. I know that Jesus is calling us to go beyond these

    church walls to reach out to people. I know that if we stick to our comfort zones, He is going to spit

    us out come Judgment Day. I know these things, but I dont do these things.

    I want to ask this of Oasis. We are

    a church. We are brothers and sisters

    in Christ. We are meant to love each

    other as family. Oasis is supposed to

    be a place of rest in a desert place,

    even a place where lives are saved

    from dehydration. Right now, I am se-

    verely dehydrated. I am void of Gods love and mercy. I dont understand what I am supposed to do.

    It seems pretty easy. Go and reach out more. Read the Bible more. Pray more. Do these

    Christian things more. But I realized that in my life, these Christian actions are merely an exten-

    sion of my everyday activities, not an irreplaceable part of it. See, if I stopped praying, I would only

    lose about 10 minutes of my day. If I stopped reading the Bible I dont even remember the next day,

    I lose 20 minutes. If I stop listening to Christian music, it doesnt matter because I hardly even follow

    what they call us to do.

    Only Human

  • Christianity isnt a joke anymore. I cant make it a joke anymore. I have been hanging

    around at these crossroads for so long, I dont even know how to get out. It seems like nothing

    will help

    But Oasis, can/may you be my accountability partner? Anybody who wants to, will you be

    willing to sacrifice a part of your time toward realizing what God really wants for us? I want to

    email people, share about my struggles, share how I am doing, whether Im close to God or

    not, whether I am finding doubts, questions, issues I want close friends. I realize that in Oasis,

    I act like I do at school: once I find enough friends, I stop trying. I dont want that anymore. Oa-

    sis is meant to welcome one and all. Its not meant to be awkward. Its not meant to judge. Its

    supposed to be the place where we can completely relax and share. Its meant to be a place

    where we know people will help us.

    So help me. I am drowning in this ocean, I am being buried in my hole I dug for myself,

    and I dont know how to swim, or how to get out. Keep me accountable, for angels and de-

    mons always come to either guard or shatter our will. Its selfish of me, but I want to find a pas-

    sion for God now.

    Email me :) [email protected]

    Thank you

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    My worth is not found in others, but in


    So I guess when I hear others talk about

    their need to fit in, to have friends, to build

    relationships because it increases their

    feelings of self-worth, Im like, no, look,

    theres a God out there whos desperate

    for you.

    A God who created the whole world and

    everything in it, who gives you what you

    dont really deserve. A God who died for

    you, though you dont acknowledge it.

    And there isnt anything that can take

    away His love.

    We were created to be loved by Him; God

    created us to be with Him. We can deny it

    all we want, we can try to fill it up with ma-

    terials, the biggest and best. Because our

    sins separate us from God; but sins cannot

    be removed by good deeds. So then

    theres this empty void that we all try to

    fill, but none of this worldly stuff is going

    to fill it, no matter how many pairs of

    shoes we have, or how much money, or

    how many people weve dated. Paying the

    price for our sins, Jesus died and rose

    again so we can turn to him and be loved

    and not have to give up anything in return

    because Hell fix it. We dont have to worry

    about that void becoming emptier, be-

    cause God doesnt demand anything ex-

    cept ourselves, and everyone who trusts in

    Him alone will have eternal life.

    No ones worth can be found in any

    earthly things, because nothing lasts. Eve-

    rything comes to an end. Technically none

    of us matter, for all have sinned and fall

    short of the glory of God, for the wages of

    sin is deathbut because He loved us, He

    showed mercy. Life with God starts now

    and lasts forever; were freed from our re-

    dundant lives of trying to take take take

    and finally able to rest knowing that He

    will provide.

    Therefore, our worth cant be found in

    others, because were all sinners. It can

    only be found in Christ, who is blameless,

    who is forever, alpha and omega.


    - Esther Yan

  • Broken Made Beautiful


    In the desert

    I saw a creature, naked, bestial,

    Who, squatting upon the ground,

    Held his heart in his hands,

    And ate of it.

    I said: "Is it good, friend?"

    "It is bitterbitter," he answered;

    "But I like it

    Because it is bitter,

    And because it is my heart."

    Stephen Crane

    Lately, I have found my heart to be very bitter. It is bitter because of past circumstances. It

    is bitter because of abandoned promises. It is bitter because of the pain I have gone through, and

    the emotional wreckage that I have become. My heart is bitter because I let it grow to be that way.

    I have become comfortable with this fact. I am not saying that I enjoy being bitter, but I

    dont seem to do anything to stop it. I have become self-loathing and consumed with thoughts of

    myself. I have let myself embrace jealousy and hate, and I am so far from who God wants me to be.

    This whole time, though, Gods heart cries out to me. He tries to tell me that He has sacri-

    ficed His one and only Son, so I dont need to be burdened by this. He tells me to be patient, to be

    understanding, and He will continue to be faithful. He tells me His love is unconditional and eter-

    nal, so why am I searching so hard for it elsewhere.

    All of this is so easy to know. Its head knowledge, but it is so different to carry this out in

    my lifeto actually believe it wholeheartedly.

    I have realized that I let my relationships (both friend and romantic) define me, and thats

    why I am so bitter. Because when I lose them, I feel worthless. I willingly invest so much time and

    so many emotions into these people, and I cling so desperately to them, but for whatever reason,

    they have given up on me. To them, I am simply not worth keeping around anymore.

    But sometimes, its necessary for God to take these people away. Its like Him saying, Hey!

    What about me? Why arent you fighting this hard for a relationship with me? He wants to be my

    best friend. He wants me to love Him, and to see that He will never give up on me. He has always

    fought for me and will continue to do so until the end of time. Hes trying to show me that once I

    become secure in my identity in Christ, I will be set free.

    I cant wait for this daythe day that I can become confident in who I am and how God has

    made me. Peoples opinions of me will mean nothing, because I will know God sees me as perfect

    and worthy, and that is all that matters.

    But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ

    even when we were dead in transgressionsit is by grace you have been saved.

    Ephesians 2:4-5

    But because of his great love for us, God,

    who is rich in mercy, made us alive with

    Christ even when we were dead in trans-

    gressionsit is by grace you have been


    Ephesians 2:4-5

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    What I Undeserve

    To My Future Wife,

    Youre beautiful. Youre stunning. Youre absolutely perfect in more ways than you know.

    I know youre out there; I know youre living life just as I am mine. If not now, then someday you will

    read this letter and gain some insight into who I was before we married. That being said, it might be

    the only aspect of my life before we met to make you proud.

    I say you wont be proud because frankly Im not proud either. My heart breaks knowing

    how I betrayed you with those other women. I regret every touch, every kiss, and every fake I love

    you. I was so consumed with lust that I had mistaken it for love, when you are the only woman I

    want to ever truly love. For everything, I want to apologize.

    Whether it was teenage drunkenness, images on a computer screen, or fantasies in my

    mind, I defiled the essence of who a woman was. I deliberately turned my back on my calling from

    God and chose immediate satisfaction. Satisfaction that withered as soon as my pants were back on;

    satisfaction that left a bowling ball-sized guilt in my chest. She was a physical means to a lustful

    end, and I had taken advantage of a sinful opportunity. I didnt see her as a daughter of Christ, and I

    was becoming her future husbands greatest enemy. I didnt treat her body as a temple and took

    from her what only one man deserved. At the end of the day, my heart was broken for this woman

    and shattered for you.

    If you were in the room, I can only imagine your reaction. You probably wouldnt watch, you

    certainly would not want to. Youd probably feel betrayed, like I was cheating on you in front of

    your eyes. Youd probably be angry, ready to slap me and kick her out of the room for stealing my

    affection. Youd probably feel your heart being ripped from your body, dropped to the floor, and

    spat on. Youd probably cry out to God for mercy not to watch, forgiveness for me, and the strength

    to move on. Youd probably feel broken, expecting more than just an apology. It may never be

    enough, but its all I can say Im sorry.

    I can see the tears knowing I took from you what only you deserve. You deserve a husband

    that honors you in his words, thoughts, and actions. I have not been that, and I have begged God

    for his forgiveness. As promised, he has forgiven me, and I hope you can forgive me, too.

    This is a poem I wrote to you, titled What I Undeserve.

    What I Undeserve

    as I watch the sun rise and the weary sun set,

    it reminds me of your eyes all dressed in regret.

    not regretful of your past, but regretful of mine,

    knowing that its been all but divine.

    He has chosen to forgive me long long ago,

    with a heart of compassion that I see you bestow.

    its one of many reasons I get lost in your soul,

    trying to save the heart youve inadvertently stole.

    I cant wait til the day I see your shining face

    all dressed in white at a methodical pace.

    walking toward me to begin our life as one,

    blessed by the Father, Spirit, and Son.

  • - Good Women Project

    You are what I dont deserve. Gods grace will bring us together when I have done abso-

    lutely nothing to deserve it. Yet I suppose it wouldnt be grace if I did.

    My prayer, at this present time, is that each day God is preparing my heart for you. Mar-

    riage is for life, so may what well have last forever. I pray that Christ is not only your Lord, but

    that He is also your Savior, blessing you with the fruits of His Spirit. My worry is that if youre in

    love with Him, then I will be such a disappointment. So I pray that each and everyday I will be-

    come less like myself and more like Christ, and that the fruits of His Spirit will also grow in me to

    naturally honor both Him and you, his daughter.

    I know youre not perfect either. I know youve made your mistakes too, perhaps with sins

    very similar to mine. If your heart is broken, I pray God will repair it. If youre burdened from sin, I

    pray He will take away the guilt. Someday I want to look you in the eyes, forgiven, forgiving, and

    sharing with you a love the past cannot hinder.

    I cant wait to know you inside and out. I want to hear all your favorite stories, music, and

    movies. I cant wait to meet your family and learn who you were before we met. I praise God for

    your beautiful soul and the blessings He will pour into my life through you. Someday we will

    share a life together. Well move on from the past, love every moment of the present, and grate-

    fully await all the memories of the future.

    Sixty queens there may be, and eighty concubines, and

    virgins beyond number; but my dove, my perfect one, is


    Song of Songs 6:8-9

    Your Future Husband, JSP

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