Texas Early College High School, TSTC Marshall

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Texas Early College High School, TSTC Marshall . Partners. Texas State Technical College Marshall Economic Development Council Longview Economic Development Council Panola Jr. College Panola Charter School. Small Rural School ECHS. Covers 7 rural school districts Serves 8th-12th - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Texas Early College High School, TSTC Marshall

Texas Early College High School, TSTC Marshall

3/31/2010jimmy Wall 1Mission of the school is a career in a year. Remember to click graphic on slide 2PartnersTexas State Technical CollegeMarshall Economic Development CouncilLongview Economic Development CouncilPanola Jr. CollegePanola Charter School

Small Rural School ECHSCovers 7 rural school districtsServes 8th-12thStudents receive acceleration using ADVANCER, along with one-on-one tutorialsStudents begin taking college courses in the 9th grade year.

ProblemsCharter SchoolSmall rural areaGetting QUALITY TeachersWorking around College Mid-Terms and TAKSTuition Free College

SolutionsVisit with local schools (educate educators)Educate the publicGetting the QUALITY teachers is still a problemGood Higher Ed Partner can mean the WORLDRent arrangement with CollegeDifferenceACCUPLACER testing siteCTE oriented for all studentsEach student builds a Six-year-plan in the 10th gradeStudents investigate ways or earning a certification, getting a job and having their further education paid for by employerOnly district with two Higher Ed Partners (IHE)Reciprocal agreement with both IHECareer Based Extra-curricular ActivitiesRoboticsModel UNFFA4-HNational Honor Society Ventures

Future Problems/ Issues END-OF-COURSE---When can they be takenHiring QUALITY teachersProviding ways for students to continue their educational goals and careersContactRobert Brucerbruce@panolacharterschool.net


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