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Teq sparks issue 2

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  • 02Its that time again, our second round of TEQ/ Sparks latest scintillating collection of trends and info. Happy reading and enjoy the long weekend!

    N E W S L E T T E R

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    31 Mar, 2010

    Google Maps Envelopes Let You Send Snail Mail in GmapsPosted by: Jeff In: Miscellaneous

    Genius idea! Instead of sending out your snail mail in a boring old white envelope, print out the onto the envelope showing where its coming from and going to. So maybe its just a concept from

    Envelopes next dayplain, coloured - large choice free samples, advice by '


    Google Maps Envelopes Let You Send Snail Mail in Gmaps |...

    1 of 7 19/04/2010 16:58

    Do you know about Japan?Japan - The strange country.

    Google Maps EnvelopesGoogle Map onto the envelope showing where its coming from and going to.

    Disguise your expensive MacBook as a vintage bookTo reduce the risk of your MacBook getting stolen.

    Desk iPhone dockUse your iPhone smartly.

    Lite tapeLighting Stripes and magic tape are illuminating advertising spaces.

    iPad protective caseNew aluminium case for the iPad by Draw is designed to provide protection in a sleek, compact and stylish package.

    Wall stickers 3D printersForget Avatar, the real 3D revolution is coming to your front roomPop-up stores

    Graphic art fair on until Monday!

  • Elshine lighting technologyLight as thin as film.

    MiShare sharing musicEverything from movies to photos to songs can be transferred.

    Modern birdhouses Modern dwellings for design-conscious birds

    Logitech touch mouseTurns Your iPhone or iPod Touch into a Wireless Trackpad and Keyboard

    YR wall virtual graffiti Search for the video worth a watch.

    Barcodes without barriersEvery object in the world could, in theory, hold memories of its own history and even talk to other objects.

    NubrellaNew all-weather umbrella.

    Pavement power in ToulouseElectricity generated by pedestrians used to illuminate street lights.

    E-inkTokyo flash puts E-ink into watches.

    Touchscreen turntableThe introduction of a touch screen turntable.