Tendering Process

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    Kashi Nath Jha Dir., NICF


  • Fundamental Principle of Public buying

    Procurement of goods in Public Interest Efficiency,Economy, Transparency (B) Fair & Equitable treatment of suppliers (C)Promotion of Competition

  • PUBLIC PROCUREMENT : YARDSTICKSSpecifications in terms of qualityNeed based procurement (avoid excess)Fair, Reasonable & Transparent procedureProcurement Vs RequirementReasonableness of Rate Each stage of procurement should be recorded

  • GFR: Rule 145Purchase of goods without quotation

    Value upto 15000/-

    Each occasion

    Certificate to be recorded by the competent Authority I,------ am personally satisfied that these goods purchased are of the requisite quality and specification and have been purchased from a reliable supplier at a reasonable price.

  • GFR: Rule 146Purchase of goods by Purchase Committee>15000/- and upto 1Lac on each occasionThree members Committee as decided by the HoDCommittees responsibilitiesMarket SurveyReasonableness of RatesQuality & SpecificationsIdentify appropriate supplierJoint Certificate by the Committee

  • Purchase of goods by obtaining bids(Tendering)Ministry / Departments of Govt. of India have been delegated full powers to make their own arrangements for procurement of goodsRule 141 of GFR says about Central Purchase Organisation (e.g. DGS&D) RATE CONTRACT

  • Types of TenderIn broader terms there are three types of tender : - Open Tender

    Limited Tender

    Single Tender

  • Method of obtaining bid : Advertised Tender Enquiry (open )Tender value >= 25 LacAd in Indian Trade Journal(ITJ)At least one National Daily having wide circulationPublish at own website & NIC websiteNIT to Indian Embassies abroad as well as foreign embassies in IndiaThree Weeks time from date of publication of bid

  • GFR : 151- LIMITED TENDERValue up to 25 LacBid document should be sent to Regd. Suppliers by Speed Post/Regd Post/Courier/ e-mailNo. of supplier firms in Ltd. Tender should be more than threeWeb based publicityN.B. Sufficient time should be given in Ltd. Tender

  • Two Bid SystemTechnical Bid (Tech. + Comm. Terms )Financial Bid (Item wise price ) (1) + (2) = (3) Main Envelop Firstly Tech. Bid shall be opened and evaluated Secondly Fin. Bid of Technically acceptable offer should be opened & evaluated

  • Single Tender If only a particular firm is the manufacturerEmergent need to procure from a particular sourceTechnical reason to be recorded (standardization of machinery HP, SONY etc. )N.B. - Single response to an open bid cant be termed as Single Tender

  • Standard Bid Document : - Instruction to BidderConditions of ContractSchedule of RequirementSpecifications & allied Tech. detailsPrice ScheduleContract FormOther Standard Forms

  • Earnest Money DepositTo safeguard the interest of Deptt (withdrawal / alter the bid by bidder)Exemption Regd. With Central Purchase Organisation / National Small Industries CorporationEMD - 2 % to 5% of estimated valueCan be DD/ FDR/Banker Cheque /BGUnsuccessful bidders EMD should be returned /refunded at the earliest.

  • Performance SecurityFrom the successful biddersAmount 5% to 10%DD/FDRShould be valid for 60 days beyond the date of completion of all the contractual obligations of the supplier including warrantyBid Security should be refunded on receipt of Performance Security

  • Process at a glance Estimate (Qty. and Amount) EOI Expression of Interest RFP/RFQ Request for Proposal / Quotation PBC Pre Bid Conference NIT Notice Inviting Tender APPROVAL WEB PUBLICITY EMD Earnest Money Deposit BIDDING TOC Tender Opening Committee (Tech) APPROVAL

  • Process at a glance TOC Tender Opening Committee(Fin. Bid) APPROVAL TEC Tender Evaluation Committee APPROVAL PO - Purchase Order AWARD OF CONTRACT SD - Security Deposit AGREEMENT REFUND OF EMD NOTICE / WEB PUBLICITY ABOUT AWARD OF CONTRACT(Downloadable form)

  • EVALUATION PROCESS - micro Tender is sealedTender documents must clearly specify evaluation criteria.Two types of Bids:TechnicalFinancial Tender evaluation to be in accordance with evaluation criteria.

  • EVALUATION PROCESS - microTime taken for evaluation and extension of tender validity.Process of tender evaluation to be confidential until the award of the contract is notified.Difference between TOC (Tender Opening Committee) & TEC (Tender Evaluation Committee)

  • EVALUATION PROCESS - microThe factors for initial examination:Whether the tenderer meets the eligibility criteria ?Whether the crucial documents have been submitted & duly signed / attested ?Whether the requisite EMD (Earnest Money Deposit) has been furnished ?

  • EVALUATION PROCESS - microSatisfaction of Conditions specific to the contractSample TestingCapacity Evaluation.TurnoverStatutory documentationArrival at Outcome Price of the bidDetermination of L-1, L-2, L-3Determining Reasonableness of the L-1 RatesRecommendation for Negotiation (if require)

  • CVC Guidelines: Pre-Award StageFinancial and Technical sanction of competent authority is available.Adequate and wide publicity is given. Advertisement is posted on website and tender documents are available for downloading.Convenient tender receiving/opening time and address of the tender receiving officials/tender box are properly notified.In the case of limited tender, panel is prepared in a transparent manner clearly publishing the eligibility criteria. The panel is updated regularly.Pre-qualification criteria are properly defined/ notified.

  • CVC Guidelines: Pre-Award StageShort listed firms/consultants are fulfilling the eligibility criteria. There is no deviation from notified criteria during evaluation.Experience certificates submitted have been duly verified.Tenders/bids are opened in the presence of bidders/their authorised representative.Corrections/omissions/additions etc., in price bid are properly numbered and attested and accounted page wise. Tender summary note/ Tender opening register is scrupulously maintained.Conditions having financial implications are not altered after opening of the price bids.

  • CVC Guidelines: NegotiationsCircular No. 4/3/07, 3rd March, 2007As post tender negotiations could often be a source of corruption, it is directed that there should be no post-tender negotiations with L-1, except in certain exceptional situations. Such exceptional situations would include, procurement of proprietary items, items with limited sources of supply and items where there is suspicion of a cartel formation. The justification and details of such negotiations should be duly recorded and documented without any loss of time.

  • Latest guideline of CVC on negotiation

  • Procurement of Works, Goods and Services - Guidelines on Tenders/Use of website