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Marketing Management Assignment on Secret Temptation Analysis

INTRODUCTIONBrand : Tagline: Company :

Secret Temptations Sorry Boys McNroe Chemicals

Brand was launched in 2009. Marketed by Future Brands which is the brandconsultancy division of the Future Group. Amongst the top 3 brands in brand recall in the female deodorant category. Secret Temptations is a popular brand in Eastern India. Rated amongst the top three brands in the deodorant category.

PRODUCT VARIANTSThey introduced 5 new variants, with the following concepts: Candy For the girl who's a child all over again! Curve For the girl who always knows how to find her way around people! Neon For the girl who's an electrifying storehouse of energy! Shes hard to control! Blast For the girl with vivacity, with a blast of energy, confidence, and mischief! Gypsy For the girl who isn't a rebel. For the free-spirited flower-power gypsy girl!


comes in a fluorescent coloured aluminium can with a white transparent detachable cap at the top. It is quite travel friendly and can be put in the purse and it wont take much space. The products cap is quite tight and it wont come off on its own so no worries of leaking etc. The spray is quite nicely designed, it is cut out in circular part at the top to unite it with the fingers shape and help in nice strong grip.


TARGETING GRIDSecret Temptations is targeting the teens and young girls of 16-24 years of age.

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POSITIONINGThe brand also has a cool tagline " Sorry Boys" which is inline with the positioning of the brand. While most of the female personal grooming brands are centered around the concept of "impressing guys" theme, it is refreshing to see a brand towing a different path - girls playing " hard to get".

BRAND VS. COMPETITORSMajor competitors of Secret Temptation in market is Rexona, Cuticura, Fa and Spinz. None of these players are as aggressive as Secret Temptation in terms of brand building and promotions. The leader Rexona is complacent and it gives an opportunity for a challenger brand like Secret Temptations to make a place of itself in the Indian market. The market is flood with imported brands and the threat to Indian brands are from these imports rather than the domestic competition.

PLC OF SECRET TEMPTATION They target to 16-24 year old girls. Came in market with five fragrances in the deodorant category. Came to market in an affordable price.



Product quality and price is liked by targeted customer. Promoting product by launching onground activities. Rated amongst the top three brands in the deodorant category, it holds a 2.9% market share

MARKETING STRATEGIESSecret Temptations Deo Spray launched its first on-ground initiative 'Despo Knockout' on January 24, 2010. It was held in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru across 20 colleges in each of the cities. In order to promote this event, Secret Temptations also joined hands with Fever FM in Delhi, and Big FM in Mumbai and Bengaluru. Apart from this, a website has also been created so that girls can take part in the forum and express their views.

MARKETING STRATEGIESThey caters to young women, with the tagline for the brand is 'Sorry Boys'. The on-ground 'Despo Knockout' activity is an extension of this tagline. The overall marketing budget allocated by Future Brands for Secret Temptations is Rs 15 crore, and a significant amount has been allocated for on-ground initiatives. Secret Temptations will also be organising other activities in colleges such as game shows, competitions, debates and many more. They will be distributing goody bags and gifts to participants.