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  • 1. Tech for Breakfast Technology Trends 2014 What do they mean for our libraries? Suzanne Reymer Montana State Library Offline 2014

2. Conference Questions 1. How does the technology, activity or service being discussed develop and sustain resource sharing and collaboration among Montana libraries? 2. Does the idea scale well statewide and, if so, how might it be achieved for the benefit of all Montana libraries to better serve their patrons? 3. How does the technology, activity or service being discussed benefit Montana library patrons? 3. The Creeping Demise of EReaders 4. 7 inch Tablets as Reading and Everything Devices 5. Robots & Drones 6. Wearables Started with FitnessFitbitNike + Fuelband 7. Smart WatchesSamsung Galaxy GearPebble Watch 8. Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO, at CES 2014The future of search is contextual knowledge. 9. Evolution of the Smart PhoneApple iPhone SiriGoogle Now 10. Information Integration 11. Google Glass 12. Curated Content 13. tl;dr 14. Information Curation Isnt that what librarians do? Or is it? 15. Subscription E-Books Ownership vs. Access 16. What kinds of services do we need to support new types of content? 17. A movement in the making Deloitte University Press

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