Technology Innovation - Embedded...آ  From Mini-ITX to Pico-ITX VIA launched two of the most used small

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  • VIA At a Glance Year established: Fremont, California, USA (1987)

    Corporate headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan (1992)

    Global operations: Eight offices located in USA, Europe, China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan

    Diversity: Foremost fabless supplier of core logic chipsets, low power x86 processors, advanced connectivity, multimedia, networking and storage silicon, and complete embedded platform solutions

    x86 Platform Provider As a leading x86 provider, VIA focuses on enabling low power, ultra mobile system design applications, and has an expansive product portfolio making VIA a complete platform solution leader. VIA’s diversified product portfolio includes critical building blocks such as power efficient processors, graphics, audio, video, networking, communication, and multimedia chipsets.

    VIA integrates technology and design into system ready platforms which are based on innovations including VIA low power and high efficiency 64- bit x86 processors and its noted small form factors. VIA also designs highly integrated and ultra-compact embedded boards and a range of industry- specific x86 embedded systems featuring VIA silicon building blocks.

    Technology Innovation From VIA C3® to QuadCore Processor � Since VIA’s first C3® processor was launched in 2001, VIA’s processors insistently offer industry leading performance per watt, miniaturization, low power consumption and compatibility with a complete range of feature rich VIA digital media chipsets, VIA processors are powering the new generation of embedded, mobile and consumer electronics devices. From Mini-ITX to Pico-ITX � VIA launched two of the most used small form factors (SFF) on the market: Mini-ITX (17cm x 17cm) and Pico-ITX (10cm x 7.2cm) in 2002 and 2007 respectively. The Mini-ITX was proved to be the catalyst for a creative SFF and it was recognized as an industry open standard for any embedded or x86 systems on module. The Pico-ITX, the world's smallest commercialized form factor, was also an innovative platform alternative for any small footprint embedded systems. From Hardware to Applications � VIA has developed a range of applications that provide a networked infrastructure with optimized control and remote monitoring capabilities. These applications make it easy to create intelligent control systems for buildings that combine comfort and convenience, while reducing overall energy consumption. The solutions are like digital signage, life automation, transit system, healthcare, home media, in- vehicle, POS & retail, self-service & interactive kiosks.

    Embedded Leadership

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    ODM Services

    ODM Services

    VIA’s Competitive Advantages Superior R&D Capability � Today VIA boasts over 2,000 employees worldwide, of which over 70% are highly skilled and experienced engineers with 40% dedicated to R&D. Unique Software Capability � VIA has a complete software team that manages from the silicon driver source code to applications/tools/BSPs. By delivering security and multimedia software solutions based on VIA embedded platforms, VIA helps customers to expedite the development of software to reach market faster. One-stop-shop Service � VIA provides one-stop-shop total solutions by leveraging VIA’s extensive expertise in in-house software engineering and hardware system integration. VIA facilitates the process through optimizing entire value- added options for customers – from product design and development, to production, sales and service. Pin-to-pin-compatible Processor Strategy � Pin-to-pin compatibility is set to provide a natural upgrade path from other VIA processors. VIA’s x86 platforms are able to scale from fanless single core up to low power quad core with the same board. Market-leading Longevity Support � VIA is committed to providing superior customer support and others programs of up to 7 years of lifecycle for long-term commitment to the embedded sector.

    VIA Green Computing VIA has long been a leading proponent of Green Computing, with a focus on power efficiency throughout the design and manufacturing process since 2001. In 2011, VIA Honored with 7 First Ever "Taiwan Green Classics Awards by Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs with the efforts in creating the best green products and services.

    VIA PowerSaver™ Technology � VIA PowerSaver™ technology dynamically adjusts frequency and voltage based on user requirements, enabling smooth transition between a range of processor speeds to match application requirements and saving up to 40% of power. VIA Carbon Free Computing � VIA Carbon Free Computing is a set of programs and products designed to help individuals and organizations reduce their impact on the environment. Offering the world's first Carbon Free processors, VIA works with partners around the world to offset the amount of CO2 so as to improve the environment and give back to the community.

    TreeMark™ Tree Rating � VIA is introducing a new benchmark, TreeMark™, intended as a useful tool for organizations looking to balance environmental impact in their computing purchase decisions and underscore the importance of the environmental impact of computing.

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    Mini-ITX Form Factor (17 cm x 17 cm) Launched in 2002, the VIA EPIA® Mini-ITX form factor has inspired thousands of embedded system builders and end users around the world to create innovative devices that take advantage of its small size and rich feature set. The Mini-ITX form factor is designed to fit standard ATX mount points —ensuring a wide variety of compatible chassis.

    Nano-ITX Form Factor (12 cm x 12 cm) Advancing the trend in platform miniaturization, VIA developed the 12 cm x 12 cm EPIA® Nano-ITX embedded board as the ideal building block for a wide variety of applications requiring even smaller dimensions.

    Pico-ITX Form Factor (10 cm x 7.2 cm) In 2007, VIA launched EPIA® Pico-ITX, the world’s smallest commercialized form factor, measuring just 10 cm x 7.2 cm. The VIA EPIA® Pico-ITX provides an innovative platform alternative designed to enable x86 architecture for embedded systems where it was previously impractical for space reasons.

    VIA Embedded Boards

    VB Series (17 cm x 17 cm) VIA Embedded also offers the VB series for entry-level market deployments, based on the Mini-ITX form factor. With the VB series, customers can define their product and application needs faster and more cost-effectively.

    Em-ITX Form Factor (17 cm x 12 cm) The Em-ITX series support dual-sided I/O coastlines and can combine with Em-IO expansion modules — making it flexible and easy to extend functionality and I/O ports for a specific vertical application.

    COM Express Module VIA COM Express modules are targeted at industrial PC and large OEM customers focused on dynamic application segments and take advantage of VIA’s advanced low power embedded platforms.

    QSeven Form Factor (7 cm x 7 cm) VIA QSeven series supports both x86 based and ARM (Cortex A-9 single core and Cortex A-9 dual core) based modules along with starter kits that are comprised of a module of choice and the carrier board. Various levels of customized solutions and services are also offered to speed your time to market requirements.

    Mini-ITX 17 cm x 17 cm (6.7” x 6.7”)

    Nano-ITX 12 cm x 12 cm (4.7” x 4.7”)

    COMe (Basic)

    COMe (Compact)

    COMe (Ultra)

    Em-ITX 17 cm x 12 cm (6.7” x 4.7”)

    Pico-ITX 10 cm x 7.2 cm (3.9” x 2.8”)

    QSeven 7 cm x 7 cm (2.75" x 2.75" )

    COM Express: Basic Form Factor: � 12.5 cm x 9.5 cm (4.92” x 3.73”) Compact Form Factor: � 9.5 cm x 9.5 cm (3.73” x 3.73”) Ultra Form Factor: � 8.4 cm x 5.5 cm (3.3” x 2.16”)

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    Modular Design Strategies from VIA


    VIA System-on-Module Solutions Many products in the VIA Embedded portfolio employ a modular design strategy that allows our customers the freedom to easily customize and modify existing designs creating new and exciting devices in much faster design cycles, using fewer resources.

    VIA COM Express are set to customize module solutions for high-level embedded applications, and support system expansion and application specific customization. Designed with low power consumption and high multimedia performance, the VIA COM Express series is targeted at industrial PCs and large OEM customers focused on dynamic application segments, including gaming, healthcare, military, transport and industrial automation. Customers can take advantage of a proprietary multi-I/O baseboard for evaluation purposes, or can utilize VIA's extensive technical support in developing a custom baseboard.

    VIA QSeven is a small form factor standard that is designed for low-power and mobility applications. It supports up to 12W of maximum delivered power and provides legacy free interfaces for embedded applications along with a comprehensive set of graphical interfaces such as DisplayPort, HDMI and dual channel LVDS.

    COM Express Module Make use of its multiple I/O baseboard and application specific customization for modular solutions evaluation.

    QSeven Module With advantages of its compact size, integrated thermal solution and low cost connectors, VIA QSeven is the ideal for building block for various low power and mobile application.

    Key Features COTS designs that can be tailored to specific requirements and � applications Full breadth of CPU performance range including multi-core readiness � Availability of starter kits, embedded APIs, tools, technical � documentation and SDKs Optimized to address SWaP-C (S