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    Technical Committee on Internal Combustion Engines

    NFPA 37 Second Draft Meeting GE Power and Water, Greenville, SC

    Tuesday, March 5, 2013, 8:00 AM to 2:15 PM Tuesday, March 5, 2013, 3:00 PM Facility Tour Wednesday, March 6, 2013, 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

    1. Call to Order. 2. Introduction of Attendees. Update of Committee Roster. (Attachment A1) 3. Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting. (May 2013, NFPA, Quincy MA) (Attachment A2) 4. Report of Committee Chair. 5. Report of Staff Liaison.

    Review of Technical Committee Scope. (Attachment A3) Review of Technical Committee Membership. (Attachment A3) Enforcer Participation & Alternate Member Emphasis Programs. Review of Fall 2013 Document Revision Schedule. (Attachment A4)

    6. Status of NFPA 56PS Scheduled for Adoption at June 2013 NFPA Conference. (L. Danner) 7. Proposed Tentative Interim Amendment to NFPA 37, 3.3 & 6.6.3. (Attachment A5)

    [Discussion by D. McMenamin, Consultant to Verizon Wireless] 8. Proposed Tentative Interim Amendment to NFPA 37-2010, 9.3.3. (Attachment A6)

    [Authorized at May 2012 Meeting] 9. Aero (Thin-Wall) Turbines Report of Task Group. (Attachment A7) 10. Review and Act on First Draft Report Committee Inputs on NFPA 37-2010.

    CI12 / 5.2.1 (Attachment A8) [See Public Comment 13] CI14 / (Attachment A9) [See Public Comment 11] CI13 / 5.2.2 (Attachment A10) [See Public Comment 12] CI4 / 1.3.3 (Attachment A11) [Contingent on Disposition of CI5] CI3 / (Attachment A11) [No Input Received]

    11. Review and Act on Comments Received on First Draft Report on NFPA 37-2010. (Attachment A12) 12. Review and Additional Issues Regarding 2010 Edition of NFPA 37. (Attachment A13)

  • 13. Recent Correspondence & Communications. (NONE) 14. Other Old Business. (NONE) 15. New Business.

    Termination of Normal Vents for Sub-Base Tanks. [Task Group for Next Document Revision Cycle Per May 2012 Meeting]

    16. Schedule Next Meeting(s). 17. Adjournment.

  • Address List No PhoneInternal Combustion Engines INT-AAA

    Robert P. Benedetti02/19/2013

    INT-AAAClifford C. RobertsChairAmerican International Group, Inc. (AIG)15019 Eaglerise DriveLithia, FL 33547

    I 10/6/2000INT-AAA

    Stephen P. WetterSecretaryCaterpillar, Inc.Electric Power Division560 Rehoboth RoadGriffin, GA 30224

    M 1/1/1996

    INT-AAAJames B. BigginsPrincipalGlobal Risk Consultants Corporation15732 West Barr RoadManhattan, IL 60442-9012

    SE 1/1/1992INT-AAA

    Lawrence M. DannerPrincipalGeneral Electric, Energy300 Garlington RoadGTTC Room 200DGreenville, SC 29615-0648

    M 7/19/2002

    INT-AAAKenneth M. ElovitzPrincipalEnergy Economics, Inc.26 Elm StreetFoxboro, MA 02035

    SE 1/1/1994INT-AAA

    Fred L. HildebrandtPrincipalJanus Fire Systems1102 Rupcich Drive, Millennium ParkCrown Point, IN 46307Fire Suppression Systems Association

    IM 8/2/2010

    INT-AAAZuhair M. IbrahimPrincipalExponent, Inc.5401 McConnell AvenueLos Angeles, CA 90066

    SE 3/4/2009INT-AAA

    David NiemanPrincipalBechtel Power Corporation5275 Westview DriveFrederick, MD 21703Alternate: Keegan M. Kinney

    SE 8/5/2009

    INT-AAASteven H. PasternackPrincipalIntertek Testing Services3933 US Route 11Cortland, NY 13045

    RT 4/17/2002INT-AAA

    Owen M. PrestonPrincipal3221 Blair DrivePalatka, FL 32177

    SE 7/1/1994

    INT-AAAY. R. ReddyPrincipalR-B Pumps, Inc.PO Box 557Baxley, GA 31513

    U 4/1/1994INT-AAA

    John E. ReiterPrincipalAES Corporation237 Tall Pines DriveMineral, VA 23117Alternate: Kow Ken Sun

    U 7/19/2002

    INT-AAARichard ScottPrincipalChubb Group of Insurance CompaniesOne Financial CenterBoston, MA 02111-2697

    I 1/1/1994INT-AAA

    Milan TretinjakPrincipalSolar Turbines Incorporated9330 Sky Park Court, MZ-CSC-24San Diego, CA 92123Alternate: Gerard J. Schnee

    M 4/17/2002


    bbenedettiText BoxAttachment No. A1

  • Address List No PhoneInternal Combustion Engines INT-AAA

    Robert P. Benedetti02/19/2013

    INT-AAABruce J. WertzPrincipalPower Plant Management Consulting LLC4332 Austin Farm TrailAcworth, GA 30101

    SE 8/9/2011INT-AAA

    Keegan M. KinneyAlternateBechtel Power Corporation5275 Westview DriveFrederick, MD 21703Principal: David Nieman

    SE 10/29/2012

    INT-AAAGerard J. SchneeAlternateSolar Turbines Incorporated9250 Skypark CourtSan Diego, CA 92123Principal: Milan Tretinjak

    M 10/27/2009INT-AAA

    Kow Ken SunAlternateAES CorporationRua XV De Novembro, 1510Centro, ParanaMarechal Candido Rondon, 85960 BrazilPrincipal: John E. Reiter

    U 10/29/2012

    INT-AAARobert P. BenedettiStaff LiaisonNational Fire Protection Association1 Batterymarch ParkQuincy, MA 02169-7471





    Technical Committee on Internal Combustion Engines National Fire Protection Association Offices

    Quincy, MA May 23 & 24, 2012

    I. Attendance

    J. B. Biggins, Global Risk Consultants Corporation L. M. Danner, General Electric Energy K. M. Elovitz, Energy Economics, Inc. F. L. Hildebrandt, Janus Fire Systems D. Nieman, Bechtel Power Corporation S. H. Pasternack, Intertek Testing Services O. M. Preston, Palatka, FL C. C. Roberts, Chartis Global Marine & Energy, CHAIR G. J. Schnee, Solar Turbines Incorporated R. Shaffer, IEA Incorporated S. P. Wetter, Caterpillar Inc., SECRETARY R. P. Benedetti, National Fire Protection Association, STAFF LIAISON GUESTS: K. Carlisle, Karl Dungs, Incorporated G. Colonna, NFPA D. Duval, NFPA J. LaMore, Elster Kromschroder D. Matthews, NFPA N. Pearce, NFPA L. Swalec, NFPA

    II. Minutes 1. The Meeting was called to order at 8:00 AM on May 23, 2012. The Staff Liaison presented an

    overview of the new web-based document revision system. 2. Attendees introduced themselves and the Technical Committee roster was updated as needed.

    A new roster will be posted to the Technical Committees web page. 3. The Minutes of the last meeting (March 2011 web conference) were unanimously approved as

    submitted. 4. Technical Committee Chair Cliff Roberts reported on the following items:

    Tentative Interim Amendment 10-1, which amended Paragraphs and of NFPA 37.

    bbenedettiText Box Attachment No.A2

  • Edison Electric Institute Task Group report on changes to NFPA 85 that might impact NFPA 37. 5. The Staff Liaison reported on the following items:

    Technical Committee Scope Statement. The Technical Committee agreed no changes are necessary.

    Technical Committee Membership. There is a need for members in categories other than Special Expert.

    The Enforcer Participation Emphasis Program. Alternate Member Emphasis Program. Review of Fall 2013 Document Revision Schedule.

    6. Larry Danner reported on the status of NFPA 56PS, Standard for Fire and Explosion Prevention

    During Cleaning and Purging of Flammable Gas Piping Systems. He reviewed the KleenEnergy incident and reported that the official version of NFPA 56PS is in the Annual 2013 document revision cycle. The Report on Proposals (ROP) for NFPA 56PS is available for public comment, with a Comment Closing Date of August 31, 2012. The Technical Committee developed a Committee Proposal to reference NFPA 56PS in NFPA 37.

    7. Ron Shaffer reported on wind and seismic rules that impact installation of stationary engines and

    generator sets. California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development is requiring shake table testing for critical application engines (hospitals, e.g.) in seismic areas. The Technical Committee developed a Committee Proposal to address this in NFPA 37.

    8. The Technical Committee discussed the need for a Tentative Interim Amendment to Subsection 9.3.3

    of NFPA 37. It was noted that the text of 9.3.2 in the 2010 edition was to have been an addition, not a replacement. The Technical Committee developed a Committee Proposal to address this by amending Subsection 9.3.3 to read: 9.3.3 The combustion gas turbine starting sequence shall include a purge cycle that will result in a nonflammable atmosphere in the turbine and exhaust system, prior to the start of the ignition sequence and the introduction of fuel. The Technical Committee also decided to prepare a Tentative Interim Amendment to the same text in the 2010 edition.

    9. The Technical Committee heard reports from the Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 Task Group. The former

    is incorporated into Agenda Item 10 and the latter is presented as a formal proposal item in Agenda Item 11.

    10. The Technical Committee reviewed proposed amendments to Chapter 4 of 2010 Edition of NFPA 37.

    The proposed amendment to Paragraph was replaced by a proposal submitted by J. Bender. The second proposed amendment was incorporated via a Committee Proposal.

    11. The Technical Committee review and took action on all public proposals to amend the 2010 Edition of

    NFPA 37. As part of this Agenda Item, the Technical Committee appointed a Task Group to address Aero (thin wall) turbines, said Task Group consisting of Messrs. Hildebrandt (chair), Biggins, Danner, Roberts, and Schnee.

    12. The Technical Committee reviewed and took action on additional suggested amendments to NFPA

    37, including those from Mr. Carlisle. Two of these failed ballot (amendments to Subsections 5.2.1 and 5.2.2) and were addressed with Committee Inputs to solicit public comment. The Technical Committee directed the Staff Liaison to circulate the letter ballot on the First Revision draft for the pr