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Kailash khers


The Tech Rider -2008 (India)INDEX

Kailasa means beyond Heaven in Sanskrit (the old Indian Language)

KAILASH KHERKailash Kher -The enticing singer belongs to Delhi and came to Mumbai in search of career and fortune. In just five year he has taken the industry by storm with a slew of hits both as a playback singer and as an album artiste. Kher, whose Sufi songs with contemporary touch have made him instantly recognizable. He feels that names of his two albums say it all - "Kailasa" and "Kailasa Jhoomo Re". "'Kailasa means heaven and he experience heavenly bliss through his songs. He feels the music within himself. The current singing sensation of Bollywood shot to fame with back-to-back hits "Allah Ke Bande" from "Waisa Bhi Hota Hai II","O Sikander" from "Corporate",Mangal Mangal from Mangal Pandey, Chak de phatte from Khosla Ka Ghosla to Ya rabba From Salam-e-ishq to name a few. Kher has produced some of the biggest musical hits of recent time, like "Teri Deewani" & Tauba Tauba from "Kailasa". His recently launched album Kailasa Jhoomo Re is topping the charts with both his numbers Ba bam bam & Saaiyan. Kailash has won most of the popular Indian cine awards including prestigious awards like Film Fare, Stardust & Screen. The versatile Kher does a lot of international and domestic concerts with his Band Kailasa. The high energy levels and mesmerizing performances made Kailash & his band as one of the most popular live performer of India, globally. As an Individual Kailash Feels, Im naturally like this, "I'm like the river that keeps on flowing without worrying whether the banks are clean or dirty. I love staying with my music. That's my nature." Besides his past hits Kailash Kher has an impressive list of forthcoming releases in his kitty. Kailash is also reviewing couple of alliances with international music giants. The first will be collaboration project with Paul Okenfold post which hell team up with Pearl Jam front man Eddie Vedder for another song. In Music Industry also Kailash is moving ahead vertically diversifying for a bigger role in the industry .Kailash with his band mates Paresh & Naresh are Directing Music for films including the likes of Warner brothers first Indian film Chandni Chowk to China & Allah Ke Bande to name a few.

THE BAND - KAILASA Kailash Khers Kailasa is an eleven people band comprising of Kailash Kher, an accompanist, six musicians, one sound engineer, one light engineer and the band Manager.(In case of Video screens 12 Members) PERFORMANCE DURATION Minimum 90 Minutes of non-stop performance. ON-STAGE EQUIPMENTS (BROUGHT BY BAND) Acoustic Drum Kit (to be organized if outside Mumbai) Bass Guitar-1 Lead Guitar -2 Spanish Guitar -1 Keyboard-1 Indian Percussion -18

PERSONAL REQUIREMENTS Travel Air (No economy flights.) 2 Executive class * 9 or 10 Economy class All tickets both ways should be open tickets without any fare restrictions. We will buy our own tickets and the same will be billed to you by our travel agent, reimbursements to be made at the time of the final payment. *(1 First & 1 Business in case of International Travel)

TRAVELING MEMBERS Executive Class: 1. Kailash Kher 2. Pakul Chaturvedi/Promo Sapiens Representative Economy Class: 1. Paresh Kamath 2. Naresh Kamath 3. Kurt Peters 4. Samir Chiplunkar 5. Sanket Athale 6. Tejasvi Rao 7. Sankarshan Kini 8. Vipul Vashi 9. Roosvelt /Inayat Ali 10. Ms. Zarina Rustomji (Optional;in case of video screens)

LOCAL CONVEYANCE 01 Luxury Car (Provided with Water Bottles & wet tissues/towels) 04 MUV with boot space (Innova/Qualis/Tavera) The same will remain with the band during the period of stay.


HOTEL STAY: 5 star properties only. All rooms should be booked in the same hotel. 01 (One) Deluxe executive suite (Non-Smoking) All services. 02 (Two) single room (Only Food & Non Alcoholic beverages) Smoking 04 (Four) double rooms separate beds (Only Food & Non Alcoholic beverages) All Smoking For Shows in Mumbai: only 3 rooms in the same hotel. INVITES 25 VIP (best class) for our Guests

SAFETY/ SECURITY & SUPPORT Two Security guards/bouncers from the Local Police or other reputed security agency for Mr. Kailash Kher from arrival to departure to the concert venue. Adequate security to be provided to the band after the concert. 3 Support/Volunteers to be provided at the time of the loading and unloading of the Music Instruments. Two active fire extinguishers in both green rooms should be kept and at least 4 active fire extinguishers should be mounted at reachable position in any emergency on the stage. Back stage lights should be mounted for safe entry and exit from/to the green room. Security Passes as shown in annexure will be worn by the band members. Security agency (ies) must be provided with a sample of such passes and car passes for an easy entry of the performers/crew.

This list must be forwarded to the sound supplier minimum 7 days before event. ON-STAGE REQUIREMENTS Equipment to be provided by the Organizer MICROPHONES: Vocal D I Boxes 6 Corded SM 58 Mikes with stands 1 Cordless UHF microphone for lead vocals 9 DI boxes: 2 for 2 Keyboards [stereo], 1 bass guitar, 2 lead guitar [stereo] 1 Acoustic guitar 1 violin 2 Condenser Overhead mikes for cymbals, 1condenser/ SM 57 for Hi-hats, 1 SM 57 for snare, 1 AKG D112 (or equivalent) for bass drum, 2 SM 57 for toms, 1 SM 58 for floor tom 1 SM 87 condenser for tabla, 2 SM 58 for duff, djembe - bottom 2 SM 57 for djembe - top & darbuka. 1 SM 57 for dhol chati 1 SM 58 for dhol baya 2 SM 57 for madals



STAGE AMPS Bass Amp : 1 SWR, Hartke or Peavey (or equivalent) Guitar Amp : 1 Fender Twin, Mesa Boogie or Marshall / Roland Cube Keyboards : 1 Roland Cube or Peavey with 2 inputs MONITORING EQUIPMENT Monitor Desk Monitors Monitor Amps Monitor Effects : Yamaha/Ramsa or equivalent 24 inputs (required for large venues and multiple bands) : 8 wedges : 8 Crest, QSC, Crown or equivalent : 1 Yamaha SPX990 or equivalent

MIXING EQUIPMENT Mixing desk : Minimum 40 input full featured console With minimum 10 auxes and 8 VCA Busses such as Soundcraft MH2 Effects units : 2 Lexicon PCM 80 or equivalent for reverb 1 SPX 990 or equivalent with tap tempo function for delay Compressors : 6 DBX 1066 or DBX 160 for vocals 2 compressors for tabla and bass gtr 6 gates / compressors for drums CONSOLE LAYOUT : 40 inputs to be assigned as follows : 1. kick drum gate + compressor 2. snare drum gate + compressor 3. hi hats 4. tom 1 gate 5. tom2 gate 6. floor tom gate 7. overhead ride 8. overhead crash 9. djembe top 10.djembe bottom 11. darbuka 12. dhol chati 13. dhol baya 14 . tabla gate + compressor 15. duff 16. bass guitar compressor 17. electric gtr left 18. electric gtr right 19. acoustic gtr 20. violin 21. keyboards 1 left 22. keyboards 1 right 23. keyboards 2 left 24. keyboards2 right 25. lead vocal compressor 26. backing vocal guitarist compressor 27. backing vocal bassist compressor 28. backing vocal percussionist compressor 29. backing vocal drummer 30. backing vocals acoustic gtr

31. backing vocals keyboard player 32.spare channel 33. madal left 34. madal right 35. reverb returns - unit 1 stereo 36. reverb returns - unit 1 stereo 37. delay returns - stereo 38. delay returns - stereo 39. CD player 40. CD player AUXILIARY WIRING : AUX 1 : front centre wedges lead vocal AUX 2 : front of stage left electric guitar AUX 3 : front of stage right bass guitar AUX 4 : backline : right : percussion AUX 5 : backline : centre : drummer AUX 6 : backline : left of drummer : violin AUX 7 : backline : left : keyboard AUX 8 : sidefills AUX 9 : reverb send AUX 10 : delay send EQUALIZATION, Dynamic Control DSP Audio EFX 1 Klark Teknik DN 3600 or DBX Driverack 4800 1 Klark Teknik DN 6000 with Mic Analyzer Recommended House System (2500 people) JBL, Meyer, EAW, Martin Audio, Turbo sound, Nexo 8 no. of Sub Bass comprising of Dual 18 woofers (4 per side) 8 no. of Mid Range comprising of Dual 12 drivers (4 per side) 8 no. of Highs comprising of one 4 driver with horn (4 per side) Crossovers, system controllers, amplifiers, cables, speaker/mike stands and accessories to be provided by the Organizers.

IMPORTANT NOTE Sound mixing console EQ/FX Racks and Light Mixing Desk should be placed at the center of the Venue 60 from the front of stage. Please do not cover speakers with posters or promo material. Please do not use smoke machines. SOUND CHECK We will require stage and sound system ready duly pre checked at least eight hours before the show. Sound supplier must be present during the time of sound check. We require 3-4 hours for time check in an ideal situation.

NECESSARY STAGE LIGHTING 20 Par 64 Medium 1 KW 10 Par 64 Narrow 1 KW 5 Par 64 Very Narrow 1 KW 4 Blinders 1 KW 1 30 Channel Board with equivalent Power Packs 4 SGM Mega Strobes 1 Follow Spots SGM 1.2 4 SGM Scans with a Pilot 1600 controller 4 Color Labs with controller Generator for Power: 2 silent Generators of 125 kW each. DO NOT put lights and sound on the same generator!! OPTIONAL LIGHTS Following is the Lighting Requirement for conventional Lights: . 6 Leko source four (3 x 19 Degree,3 x 26 Degree ) . 40 Par 64 ( 20 Narrow Lamp 20 Medium Lamp) . 2 Haze Machine with Blowers ( Df 50) . 1 Follow spot 1.2 with English Speaking operator and clear com. . 4 Trees of 16 . 6 Eight Lighters with scrollers. . 1 Avolite Pearl 2004. . 4 Strip Light with Lee silk. Color Filters Lee 022/126/128/121/115/116/058/180/106/141/137/104/090/124/176/058/ .4 Clear comps Following is the Requirement for Automated lighting. . 12 Moving head wash ( Mac 2k VL 3000,clay packy Alpha, Robe) . 8 Moving head Spot ( Mac 2k,Vl 3000,Clay packy Alpha Robe ) . 6 Moving head 250 ( sgm victory) All the Above Is for Indoor Venue Only.