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Tech Journal #1 Diigo. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Tech Journal #1 Diigo</p> <p>Tech Journal #1DiigoDiigo is probably one of the most pointless, tedious things to use ever. How the website is formatted is confusing, how to use it properly up to the standards of the personal project is dumb, the whole site is un-necessary. The cite is used to put bookmarks on what you have used for your research, when your are already doing that in your works cited. Why I have to use this website when I am just going to use easy bib to do the exact same thing is a mystery. All in all, this is defiantly my least favorite technology to use for this project, it is dumb, pointless, confusing, and last but not least, tedious. I would defiantly NOT recommend this technology.</p> <p>Tech Journal #2WeeblyWeebly was actually a very interesting and somewhat fun technology. It was very cool to make your own website and customize it to your liking. Weebly was very easy to understand and operate, unlike Diigo which was a complete pain and very complex and not so easy to understand. There was only two problems that I had with Weebly, first off, the website wouldnt load and link properly to my Wiki which made me a little frustrated but I got over it. Secondly, there werent that many options to use and do when creating the Weebly. I am not sure that a I had limited options because of the fact that I had the free version or that the website just didnt have that many options on what to do. However, as a whole, Weebly was actually a beneficial and good technology. I would recommend this technology.</p> <p>Tech Journal #3Pbworks/WikiThe PBworks/wiki is what the entire project is made on. It is easy to use, you can do a lot of things on it to make the wiki look more appealing and attractive, makes good for organization, it is an all around good technology. It doesnt seem to be a waste of time, it is also free, however it is somewhat limited to some creativity and confusing when you try to incorporate other various technologies with it such as a scan but over all it is good. I would recommend this to others if someone were to ask me.Tech Journal #4EasybibEasybib is a online cite that allows you to keep track of all your works cited. The website is great, it will do most of the citing work for you so you dont have to spend more time trying to figure out how to cite something. You will have to put in some work yourself of course like a url if need be or when citing pictures, but for the most part is great and will put it in MLA7 format if you so choose. I would defiantly recommend this technology.Tech Journal #5PodcastI used Podcast as technology for a journal. However this is a audio journal involving the iPad. This technology allows you to speak into the iPad and say what you want to say and then allow others to hear it, like an audio recording. This is cool to put a new spin on the journals, however it seems kind of useless and a waste of time. It is also hard to hear the voice and figure out what is being said and his tricky to upload. I would not recommend this technology. Tech Journal #6WordpressI used WordPress as technology for a journal. However this was a big waste of time. The cite was confusing to use, to embed it was hard, it was rather dumb, over all it wasnt that impressive. I would have rather done a Google doc and just get it done with rather than fussing around with WordPress. Doing the Google doc would be much more time saving and defiantly not as complicated and stupid. Overall, I would not recommend this technology.Tech Journal #7PreziI used Prezi as technology for a journal and show and tell for the class. It was actually pretty cool. The beginning was confusing having to connect everything and got frustrating at times however at the end it was a really cool outcome. I'm not sure if would use it for something small like a Journal because it actually does take a good bit of time however for something a bit bigger it would be great. I would recommend this technology to others.Tech Journal #8Google DocsI used Google Docs as technology for many journals. This was incredibly helpful in the making of journals. It is super easy to use, probably the easiest one I've used except for what I used in Tech Journal #10. Google Docs if very resourceful, it is easy to embed in various cites. It is just a great thing to use, it like a portable Microsoft Word. I would defiantly recommend this to anyone.Tech Journal #9GlogsterI used Glogster as technology for a journal. It was really point less. You could create some virtual poster however it was confusing to use, embedding it was really confusing, it lagged really bad making it stupid and pointless as trying to present something nice. If it cant load everything in time and use everything you create when you want it to then there is really no point to it. I would not recommend this technology to others.Tech Journal #10The CameraThats right, the camera. I obviously used this for a picture or two and it was the easiest thing ever. Just click a button, take the pic, take out the SD card, put it in the computer, done, you have a picture on the computer waiting to be uploaded to something. I would recommend this because everyone needs a camera!</p>