Teaching Multilevel Classes in Adult ESL

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This is a a short workshop I did for the TESL training program at the U of Winnipeg. It provides some strategies for dealing with multi-levels in your adult ESL class.


  • 1. A Presentation forthe U of W ESLTCP ProgramJoanne Pettis

2. All classes are, to a degree multilevel Mostadult EAL programs have multilevel classes Number of classes or programs in a community is a factor 3. Instructional Group Dynamics Teacher attitude 4. I AM THE ONLY ONERESPONSIBLE FOR THELANGUAGE MY Ss LEARN 5. Flexibility Diversity Interaction 6. Ss responsibility to self and others Ts build community Maximize learning opportunities Something for everyone 7. Helpsin community building and cohesiveness Provides focus and purpose Creates interest Reduces/streamlines prep time 8. language/culture talents level interests/goals 9. Purpose Goals, interests Methods interviews, surveys, discussions Timing ongoing 10. Why & When? Types 11. Why? Considerations Activities to form Groups 12. Red Yellow Green BlueGroupA1234B5678C9101112D 13141516 13. Same task; different text Same text; different task 14. Use an authentic and a simplified text on thesame topic or story Amazing! Canadian Newspaper Stories Have Ss practise similar language usingdifferentiated worksheets or activities Have Ss practise Q-formation usingdifferentiated cues 15. Newspaperarticle Re-order sections Find and circle words Answer comprehension questions Fill in missing words Differentiated dictation 16. Allclasses are multilevel Ts must find ways of meeting needs Important to foster a spirit of community Grouping is essential Using volunteers is helpfulBell, J. Teaching Multilevel Classes in ESL. Pippin Publishing.