Teaching Listening Skills to Young Learners

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  • 7/31/2019 Teaching Listening Skills to Young Learners


    Teaching Listening Skills to Young Learners

    Lesson Plan

    Set Induction

    Teacher shows pupils the buildings and asks them to describe those buildings. For example, teacher will

    show them a hospital and ask, "What is this?". They will reply "It is a hospital", "People who are sick go

    there" or "Doctors and nurses are there to help people who are hurt", etc. This warm-up activity is to

    check to see if the pupils know the new vocabulary for the lesson.


    1. Teacher introduces simple conjunction and discuss about it with pupils. Ask them how, why and when

    they used it in their daily life.

    2. Teach them to use just five simple conjunctions such as behind, beside, next to, at the right and at the

    left. Do not provide direct translation but give them example to describe the meaning of each

    conjunction using the simple picture shown in the screen using the LCD projection.

    3. Based on the simple picture on the screen, write two or three places on the blackboard and ask the

    pupils to describe it using what they had learn earlier.

    Example: Police station



    4. Randomly, choose the pupils to answer the question.


    Activity: Where am I?

    1. By using the simple map on the screen earlier, teacher will show the pupils a building (i.e. mosque) and

    a paper doll. Teacher will put a paper doll in front of the mosque and ask, "Where is she?" Then,

    teacher will put her behind the building and ask the same question. Teacher will continue with the

    same questions after putting the doll to the right and left of the building.

    2. If all of the pupils understand the practice exercises, then teacher will place another building (i.e. movie

    theater) behind the mosque.

    3. Next, use two buildings instead of a paper doll and a building. When teacher ask a similar question

    such as, "Where is the mosque?" and so on.

    4. Teacher will ask similar questions to other pupils. This activity will make sure if the pupils are able to

    identify a location of a building relative to another building.

  • 7/31/2019 Teaching Listening Skills to Young Learners



    Activity: Creating the map

    1. By using those same buildings, teacher would like the pupils to create a map on the blackboard by

    adding more building. This activity will be carried out in pairs.

    2. Teacher will already have some buildings on the blackboard to start out with. Teacher will pass around

    small card contain a building word and the picture of it to each pupil.

    3. Teacher will describe the place using simple sentences to the pupils. For example, teacher say, "There

    is a library behind the mall", teacher would like for a pupils with the library to come up to the

    blackboard and paste it behind the mall.

    4. If someone makes a mistake, teacher will repeat the sentence. If one of the pupils still does not come

    forward with the right structure, teacher will ask someone else to come forward and help the person.

    5. Teacher will continue this until the town map is complete.


    Based on the same map, teacher will spread the worksheet which the pupils need describe the place of the

    building based on what they had learn earlier.


    Provide the example to the pupils who cannot answer the question from the worksheet.


    Give them task to draw a simple map of their place.


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