Teaching english skills using mobile learning

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presented by Ohoud AL-Oufi


  • 1. Teaching listening skillsusing Mobile devices By Ohoud AL-Oufi

2. - Perhaps the most important study skill students needto learn is the ability to listen closely and comprehendwhat they have heard.As a teacher, students listening skill levels can make adifference in their performance as well asthe class atmosphere.- Listening exercises may be considered the first -stage in learning a second language -- Learners today exist in an increasingly multimodal -environment. Mobile devices provideextra levels of flexibility for such learners, providing -them with both auditory as well as visualinput allowing them to learn anytime, anywhere and -while doing anything 3. Its a lot easier than lugging around a huge text book or pages that add to clutter and can get lost.More mobile than sitting at a computer workstation. Was able to relax in own environment. podcasts have proved to be a popular way of reaching wide audiences 4. There are sevral ways to teachlistening by using mobile devices:-1- Audio SegmentsYou can also teach listening skills through audiosegments of radio programs, onlinepodcasts, instructional lectures and other audiomessages2- Video segmentsincluding short sketches, newsprograms, documentary films, interviewsegments, and dramatic and comedic materials . 5. * the ability to access audio forms of scholarlyliterature is a recent development.* enabling staff and students to create their ownpersonalized collections of audio files is empoweringfor mobile learners.


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