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Teaching Egypt: Approaches and Resources

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Teaching Egypt: Approaches and Resources. Barbara Petzen , History as It Happens. Background Information Demographics of Egypt Economic Conditions and Political Structures in Egypt Teaching Angles Political Speech: Reading the Protests - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Teaching Egypt: Approaches and Resources

Teaching Egypt: Approaches and Resources

Teaching Egypt: Approaches and ResourcesBarbara Petzen,

1History as It HappensBackground InformationDemographics of EgyptEconomic Conditions and Political Structures in EgyptTeaching AnglesPolitical Speech: Reading the ProtestsMaking Revolution on the International Scene/ScreenUS Foreign Policy: Who are our allies, and how does Egypt affect those relationships?Comparison of different media sources2DemographicsPop. 80,471,869 (July 2010 est., 16th in world)0-14 years: 33% (male 13,308,407/female 12,711,900)15-64 years: 62.7% (male 25,138,546/female 24,342,230)65 years and over: 4.3% (male 1,546,774/female 1,818,778) (2010 est.)Median age: 24

3EconomyEconomic reforms since 90s liberalized economy to induce more foreign investmentRemittances from 2.7 million Egyptians abroadPer capita GDP of $6,200 is 136th in the worldGap between rich and poor growing, many allegations of corruption44.4% in poverty tunnelcannot or can just fulfill basic calorie needs, or add basic non-food expenses10% unemployment, 87.2 percent of the unemployed are between the ages of 15 and 29, unemployment among college graduates 10 times higher than non-graduatesFood prices going up4CommunicationsLandline telephones: 10.3 millionCell phones: 55.4 millionInternet users 20.1 millionstate-run TV operates 2 national and 6 regional terrestrial networks as well as a few satellite channels; about 20 private satellite channels and a large number of Arabic satellite channels

5Reading the ProtestThe Choices Teaching with the News lessons collections of protest signs allow students to examine the signs protesters have made and carried to ask the who, why and how questions:Life magazines Fiery Protest slideshowPowerpoint of protest signsThere is also a collection of blogs from and about Egypt and Tunisia at globalvoicesonline.org6Editorial Cartoons

7Editorial Cartoons

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14Resources to ExploreDifferent Shades of Tahrir from al-Jazeera English Teaching with the News: Egypts Uprising Cartoon collection from The Comics Journals The Hooded Utilitarian culture: Rebel by Arabian Nights f/Lauren Hill

15Exciting Stuff: Hip Hop from Tahrir

Rebel by Arabian Knights featuring Lauryn Hill16