Teaching and Learning session Dec 2012

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  • 1. Moving forwardTeaching and LearningCIP Objective 2a:All staff confident in planning and deliveringa good or outstanding lesson in order toachieve 100% good or outstanding teachingunder September 2012 Ofsted criteria.Found at S:CIP

2. Recent research on effect ofpractice Currently all teachers slow, and most actually stop,improving after two or three years in the classroom Expertise research therefore suggests that they are onlybeginning to scratch the surface of what we are capableof There is no limit to what we can achieve if we supportteachers in the right way. What is the right way? 3. Where have we come from? Swanmore Seven CPL Sessions Leading learning for others Personalised CPL Created T&L Newsletters, Blog etc. Top Tips QA Systems in place 4. How do we become a Learning Centred School?Not because we are not good enough because we can bebetter! 5. IntentionsCreating a visible T&L Vision 6. Teaching and LearningFortnightObjectiveTo share good practices of teaching andlearning across the college.How to leave a boring class in style 7. Why are we doing this?Seeing othersteaching in othersubject areasStaff Survey, Oct 2012 8. Survey ResultsStaff Survey, Oct 2012 9. Learning and TeachingFortnightWhen?4th February 14th February 2013During a non contact lesson you and acolleague will make 2 x 20 minute visits toanother class to observe another teach.Between the lessons and afterwards youand the other observer will discuss keypoints. 10. How? Names/ schedule will be published inJanuary of who is observing who. Intention is that both Monday meetingsover these two weeks will be cancelledto allow quality time to reflect andfeedback. 11. Where? Feedback in staff room with biscuitsand tea provided on:Tuesday, Wednesday (1st week.)Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (2nd week) 12. PLEASE NOTEThis is nothing to do with PerformanceManagement it is purely a tool to sharethe very best of practice.No gradings will be given.Any observation notes belong to theobserved. 13. And finally This is to share the very best ofpractice and to allow us to be moreconfident when observers walk in. This may be your ideal opportunity toshowcase some work you have beendoing and take that risk! You will get out of this what you put in.