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  • 8/4/2019 TCE Glossy Brochure


    The Carbon Exchange

  • 8/4/2019 TCE Glossy Brochure


    34% of carbon credits traded on the voluntary carbonmarket in 2010 - a market worth $434 million - werecreated by Reducing Emissions from Deforestation andforest Degradation (REDD) projects.

  • 8/4/2019 TCE Glossy Brochure


    The Carbon Exchange was established to

    provide a portal to unique ethical investmentopportunities or individual investors. We

    have pleasure in providing you with exclusive

    access to carbon credits generated by one o

    the most important Reducing Emissions rom

    Deorestation and Degradation (REDD) projects

    in the world.

    Climate change is an issue o critical concern

    to each and every one o us. The detrimental

    eects o greenhouse gas pollution to the global

    weather system is evidenced with the increasing

    number o hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis,

    heat waves and snowstorms as a result o the

    imbalance caused in our atmosphere through


    In order to harness the power o industry anddirect investment to combat climate change, a

    market-based trading system was introduced

    allowing polluters to oset their emissions

    through the purchase o carbon credits.

    Since the inception o the compliance market in

    2005, emissions trading has developed urther

    to incorporate a voluntary market so that

    individuals and organisations not covered by the

    Kyoto Protocol are able to participate in what

    has become the astest growing market o the


    The Carbon Exchange are exclusive agents or

    the Colombian Choc-Darin REDD carbon

    credits which represent an investment that yields

    valuable nancial and environmental returns.

    This brochure provides you with urther

    inormation about the incredible work o Dr Brodie

    Ferguson in the Choc-Darin conservation

    corridor which is one o the ew remaininghotspots or bio-diversity on the planet.

    Welcome to REDD

    I you are interested in investing or wish to fnd out more about Choc-Darin REDD

    carbon credits, please email [email protected].

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    Renowned North American anthropologist Dr

    Brodie Ferguson is ounder o Anthrotect, one

    o the world's leading private environmental


    Following Ferguson's extensive research in the

    Choc-Darin conservation corridor in Colombia,

    he created and developed a project intended to

    restore the Choc's rainorests, providing social,nancial and environmental benets using

    carbon nance to leverage investment.

    The Choc-Darin region o Colombia is one o

    the most bio-diverse hotspots in the world and

    is home to many species o plants and animals,

    some o which exist nowhere else on earth.

    Due to the volume o tree-elling or high valuetimber in recent years, the region now has

    substantial areas o deorestation and orest

    degradation. Anthrotect's REDD project is

    designed to restore and regenerate the rainorests

    in this region utilising community manpower over

    the next 30 years.

    In Colombia, 45% o the population live in poverty

    and the Choco region is amongst the poorest. The

    REDD project uses investment rom carbon nance

    as a vehicle to provide a long-term, sustainable

    solution to social and environmental needs inthe Choc-Darin. The lives o local communities

    will be improved signicantly through the

    introduction o innovative technologies and

    training which will enable them to sustainably

    manage the orests they depend upon or survival.

    As the Choc-Darin region is brought back to

    lie over the coming years, the carbon-absorbing

    properties o the tropical rainorests will improvesubstantially year-on-year as will the prots on

    any investment made in carbon credits produced

    by this REDD project.

    Choc-Darin REDDReducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation

    Choc-Darin REDD carbon credits are available exclusivelyrom The Carbon Exchange. For

    urther inormation, email [email protected]

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    Reasons to Invest in REDD Carbon Credits

    REDD Carbon credits represent an investment that has a triple bottom line with

    environmental, social and nancial benets.

    The Choc-Darin REDD project produces dual-certied carbon credits which means

    that they are veried as coming rom projects that have proven long term, sustainable

    CO2 absorption capabilities and thereore, they trade at a premium.

    The carbon markets are about to expand massively when the Caliornia cap and tradesystem is implemented in 2012 bringing urther value to our REDD carbon credits.

    There are 6 additional emissions exchanges scheduled in China - the worlds biggest

    polluting nation - which will drive market growth signicantly.

    The carbon market does not correlate with equity markets and does not have the

    volatility o money markets. REDD carbon credits are an excellent sae-haven or undsduring dicult nancial climates.

    The carbon market is in its inancy with such potential or growth, it is being orecast to

    become the biggest nancial market o all time.

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    The planet has been critically damaged by mans pursuitof profit. Now the tables have turned and there is moreprofit to be made in saving the planet. It is a poor

    reflection on mankind that financial gain motivates usmore than anything else but nevertheless, its an incentivethat yields positive results all round.

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    INVESTMENT SECURITYHow Secure is your Investment?

    One carbon credit is certied as representing 1 metric tonne o CO2 which has been

    absorbed, oset or sequestered by a project validated by Veried Carbon Standards

    (VCS). The Carbon Market is highly regulated and only carbon credits which have met

    industry standards have a market value.

    The Choc-Darin REDD project which produces our carbon credits is managed bysome o the worlds leading authorities on sustainable orestry management practices.

    Anthrotect have a proven track record and the experience required to continue to meet

    the REDD project objectives over the next 30 years.

    As a security eature o our investment you have the option o appointing UK-based

    Title Trustees International (TTI) to act on your behal as Escrow Agent and oversee all

    aspects o your investment.

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    At The Carbon Exchange, we want you to engage with the ascinating REDD project that

    produces our carbon credits. The Choc-Darin region o Colombia, which is the ocus o the

    project, is in dire need o the expertise o the Anthrotect team, not only to restore the ecologicalunction o the tropical orests but to provide a long term improvement to the liestyles o the

    communities who depend on them.

    The indigenous people have knowledge o the land that is second to none and yet their lives

    have become a struggle due to deorestation and internal confict in past years.

    Colombia has become a politically progressive nation in recent years and the government has

    a rm commitment to supporting rainorest regeneration as a means to drive domestic growth

    and address the issue o poverty in the country.

    The Carbon Exchange are sole agents or the Choc REDD carbon credits and as such, we will

    provide you with some ascinating insights into the project via our website; Facebook page

    and email correspondence.

    An investment in carbon credits serves to protect our environment whilst accruing possibly

    the most attractive returns available at the current time.

    Join The Carbon Exchange in an investment that combats climate change; enriches the

    lives o some o the poorest communities in Latin America and provides substantial

    fnancial returns. Email [email protected] or more inormation.

    Enjoy Your Investment

  • 8/4/2019 TCE Glossy Brochure


    The Carbon Exchange