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Tangent International Providing effective staffing solutions

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Tangent InternationalProviding effective staffing solutions

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1.Smart Connected People 4

2.Our Market is Smart Connected Products 6

3.Our Goal 8

4.Our Services 10

5.Reducing Time to Hire 12

6. Improving the Customer Experience 14

7.Talent Retention 16

8.Quality, Security, Sustainability & Compliance 18

9.Responsibility 20


Search & Retention

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Tangent find the talent that youneed to grow your business. We use a blend of unparalleledinternational experience, andstrikingly innovative methods toprovide a right-sized workforcesolution to our customers.

We do more than just recruit. We provide a wrapped service thatcomprises customer brandawareness, video profiling,seamless on-boarding, and overalltalent retention to ensure the talentwe provide our customers stick.

Whether simply searching for rare skillsor project managing a total recruitmenttransformation, our attention to detailand investment in our customerssuccess is unrivalled.

We specialise in Telecommunications,Enterprise Technology, and ProductEngineering (TTE), and we support allthe leading industry players of theSmart Connected Generation.

Smart ConnectedPeople for a SmartConnected World

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Tangent Facts




Mexico City




• Specialists in Technology, Telecoms & Engineering for Smart Connected Products

• Established for over 40 years

• Operated in over 183 countries

• Access to over 200 nationalities

• Over 30 languages spoken internally

• Offices on every continent

• Billing in multiple currencies

• The first recruitment organisation to offer customers a retention guarantee

• Working with the biggest household brands

Search & Retention

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Technology We are a premier supplier of technology and digital media recruitment services.We have been recruiting as specialists in this space since the dawn of the digitalera. We have more experience and more global spread than perhaps any othercompany in the world. We offer an international talent search service that isunrivalled and that is why we have a number of customers who we have workedwith in not one but over 50 countries individually.

ConnectedAt Tangent's core you find Telecoms. We are one of the most experiencedtelecoms recruiters and staff augmentation specialists on the planet. We have supplied skilled staff to over 183 countries, and have access to aninternational labour pool stretching to a quarter of a million individuals in thissphere. We are the only company designated a tier 1 supplier to all of the majorOEM's.

ProductsOur consultants boast expertise in all areas of the product engineering and themanufacturing process with reference to the consumer and enterprise markets.Working with some of the biggest companies and brands in the world, weprovide a cradle to grave service.

Our Market is SmartConnected Products

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Search & Retention







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Our Goal...is to deliver sustainable brilliance helping ourcustomers grow their business as effectively as possibleby promoting quality, efficiency and sustainabilitywithin the recruiting process. Our global service will betailored to your exact need and we will work seamlesslywith your team to deliver the right people to grow yourbusiness at whatever scale is required.

We use our extensive international expertise and dedicate ourselves toyour assignment. In so doing we will help raise the quality of your humancapital and also minimise the resources you need to onboard them.

We will utilise what we believe is the single best technology recruitingnetwork and branding initiatives to ensure that selected candidateschoose to work with our customers.

Benefits of a wrapped service

Once on-boarded we then work with our customers to maximise talentretention so safeguarding their futures.

We provide a peerless customer and candidate experience to improve both‘delivery’ and the above mentioned retention and in so doing we will utilisesome of the most innovative tools in the recruitment industry.

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An Improvedcandidateexperience

A reduced timeto hire

A reduced costper hire andlower fixed

recruitment costs

An improvementin staff retention

An Improvementin the overallquality of


Enhancedemployerbranding ininternationalmarkets

The ability toscale the

recruitmentprocess to meet


Improved andconsistent qualitythroughout therecruitmentprocess




Search & Retention

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Our Services

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Skills Leasing

PermanentSearch &Retention

RetainedSearch &Selection





• Skills Leasing Providing flexible workforces. One person for one day or a thousand people for a year. Anywhere in the world.

• Permanent Search & Retention Standard permanent recruitment model.• Retained Search & Selection Tailored & Exclusive. More collaborative often used for high level positions.• Campaign Tangent's premium offering delivering the ultimate recruitment service for multiple roles around the world. Utilised to deliver volume recruits (10+) over a 3 to 12 month period.

• Managed Services Complete project outsource.• Partner Program “Managed Service Lite”. Full or partial outsourcing of the recruitment function as desired.

• RPO Managing organisational transformation.

Search & Retention

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Reducing Time to Hire

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Tangent has more experience than any othercompany in the technology sector (and as a resulthas worked with companies in 183 countries to date).

One of the reasons for this sector dominance is Tangent’s ability todevelop and in-source systems and software solutions thatcomplement and maximise its overall offering.

Search & Retention

SnapfilesThese are video profiles that can provide a snap shot of a candidate, or can follow a pre-determinedinterview format. These are designed to be a radical advance in international recruitment, improving theshort-listing process, and are already significantly reducing time to hire ratios for our customers. Tangent are the first company in the technology sector to adopt ‘snapfiles’ and we utilise them on anexclusive basis. Snapfiles are Mobile enabled and can be done anywhere on earth with a 3G connectionor Wifi connection.

Talent RoverSalesforce.com are now the dominant provider of staffing related software solutions and the TangentTalent Rover talent management module utilises this platform to the full. Tangent are able to provide aninteractive customer recruitment experience way beyond any expected norm and this includes the mostup to date candidate and job management tracking in the world.

Logistics ManagementTangent are at the forefront of thinking in regards to supply chain solutions. Tangents Care and Relationsteam manage the candidate experience from selection through to hire and beyond. This multiple awardwinning team help to significantly reduce ‘time to hire’ and retention ratios/statistics and have savedcustomers millions of dollars since their inception.

Thymetrics A cutting edge online innovation that helps you understand & improve in conjunction with Tangent,employee engagement. Thymetrics tracks the engagement of candidates placed with our customersensuring the talent hired sticks. With the average cost of losing an employee now at £30,000, Thymetricsprovides our customers with a way of stopping the loss.

Social MediaOur dedicated Social Media team works in conjunction with our customers to identify long term talentneeds. Once identified our SMT then actively engage globally across multi platforms with these skillssets, positively marketing our customers brands converting passive candidates into active ones,delivering previously untapped talent.

Every customer project is a tailored

solution, but each onecan benefit from a rangeof advanced services that

Tangent offer.

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The Tangent Talent Rover App delivers a unique customerexperience that delivers real savings in time & cost from dayone of the relationship.

As well as an interactive client portal that provides real time performancestatistics, The Tangent Talent Rover app includes the most up to date candidatejob management tracking in the world that will transform the way customersmange their talent today.

Improving theCustomerExperience



Advanced ATS Social MediaCollaboration

Client Dashboards and MI

Mobile Enabledwith Customer


Search & Retention

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Talent Retention

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According to Oxford Economics it costs, on average, £30,000 toreplace an employee.

Tangent work with our customers to ensure that the talent weprovide is, as mentioned, fully engaged, thus reducing the risk oftheir leaving. We employ Thymetrics to monitor engagement andwork closely with our customers to eradicate issues as they showthemselves.

Thymetrics are concerned with measuring engagement through adeveloped hierarchy of needs, and Tangent are expert atimplementing engagement programs and then assessing Thymetricengagement analysis.

This product has allowed Tangent to offer an unrivalled 100%recruitment guarantee.

The Harvard Business Review often mentions the perceivedwar for talent in the technology sector and cautions againstthose companies that don’t have strategies in place, to notjust find that Talent, but to keep it as well. Key to this ismaking sure that organisations develop mechanisms bywhich they engage their staff fully with their business.

Search & Retention

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Quality, Security,Sustainability &Compliance

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QualityTangent understand that quality

retains customers. We are ISO 9001and we have been for many years. We apply Project managementdiscipline to everything we do. We have passed every customer audit we have ever had with

flying colours.

SustainabilityWe are ecovardis rated and

determined to provide sustainablesolutions to our customers.

We measure the impacts of ourdecisions and activities on society and the environment, and demand

transparent and ethical behaviour of ourselves and

our suppliers.

SecurityWe are Cyber Essentials Certified and working to the environs of

ISO 27001. We take Cyber securityextremely seriously and apply the most stringent safeguards to all

of our systems.

ComplianceWe lead the industry in compliance.With a dedicated team of experiencedprofessionals all of our services aredelivered compliantly wherever they

are in the world.

Search & Retention

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Search & Retention

ResponsibilityCorporate Social Responsibility is at the heart of everythingwe do at Tangent, it makes us who we are.

We focus our efforts on four core areas setting smartobjectives to ensure we are effective.



ASUREMENT Leadership

& Influence

Our People

Our Communities

The Environment

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