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A website where people can communicate using pictures instead of words

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  • 1. Talking With PicturesA Business Idea To Create A Website Where People Can CommunicateUsing Pictures Instead of WordsPresented By Team PicTalk

2. Sometimes LanguageCannot be Used to CommunicateThis could be because of a number of problems including physicalproblems, illiteracy, not understanding each others language, etc. 3. Pictures Can Often CommunicateInformation When Words CannotYou dont need to understand a language or be able to read to understand what a picture represents. 4. Visual Languages Allow People ToCommunicate Without Words We use visual languages everyday including traffic signs, logos,trademarks, warning notices, car indicators and taskbar images 5. A Big Limitation of Visual Languagesis The Lack of a Visual Grammar There are no rules that allow us to join pictures together so that we can create visual sentences 6. It is Also Very Difficult to Represent Abstract Concepts with Pictures How can we use pictures to represent concepts like independence and existentialism or even a word like if 7. We Developed The Concept Of Frames To Create The Rules Of A VisualGrammar Every picture will have a frame around it. Rules will be encoded in icons inside the frame. I am provisionally referring to them as framicons.Different parts of speech will have different framicons 8. An Example of a Noun and the Rules Applied to ItA profile of a head represents a person or people. The circles framicon in the bottomof the frame represents one, few and many people. The first circle is selected to represent one person. If the profile faces right it is I or us. If it faces left it is you orthem. The silhouette above is of one person facing right so it is I or ME 9. An Example of a Verb and the Rules Applied to ItThe above picture represents running. The triangular framicon represents future and past tense. The future one is selectedmeaning will run. If neither is selected it means am running. Ifboth are highlighted it means shall have run 10. Example of a Complete SentenceThe above picture has the past tense triangle selected and theindividual circle selected. It is facing left so the sentence reads You have run. 11. Some Abstract Concepts are Easy to Visualise Using Pictures Everyone recognises that a lightbulb represents an idea. However a lightbulb canalso represent light as well as a physical light bulb. Because Framicons will differ bysentence part there will be different frames for each part eg. noun frames and verbframes. The frame type will give context to the picture and determine its meaning. 12. Abstract Concepts Can Be Represented by Non Verbal Things Like Color Different colors represent different feelings and emotions. Forexample, yellow represents happiness. The above picture can be interpreted as I am Happy 13. Some Abstract Concepts can beRepresented by AssociationExistentialism can be represented by a picture of Jean-Paul Sartre whoproposed the concept. The difference between existentialism and Jean- Paul himself will be determined by the frame type 14. Some Abstract Concepts Will Never BeRepresented by Existing PicturesWell have to create some new symbols to represent words like if 15. Whats NextI strongly believe if I develop a basic system based on the ideas that Ive discussed in thispresentation that the input of multiple users will generate new concepts that I can neverdream of on my own and create a visual language that will allow all netizens of theworld wide web to communicate with each other irrespective of their home language.We are building the language of the Web. 16. One Day Everyone on Earth Will beAble to Talk to Everyone ElseOne person cannot create a global language but everyone working together cancreate amazing things that no individual can ever create on their own 17. Be Part of the Communication Revolution If you are interested in the concepts presented in this presentationand want to know more or want to be involved in creating thecommunication of the future contact us on