Taking Portraits

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Taking Portraits. Some tips to keep in mind. Components of Great Portraits. Change your perspective Play with eye contact Vary the placement of your subject Take a series of shots Fill the frame Use Lighting in unique ways. Change Your Perspective. Most portraits are taken at eye level - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Taking Portraits

Some tips to keep in mindTaking Portraits1

Components of Great PortraitsChange your perspectivePlay with eye contactVary the placement of your subjectTake a series of shotsFill the frameUse Lighting in unique ways

Change Your PerspectiveMost portraits are taken at eye levelChange your perspective for a unique twist

6Play with Eye ContactMost portraits are taken with the subject facing forwardHave the subject focus on something off-camera to create interest

7Change where the subject appears in the frameCan be full-frameOn the edge of the frameOr even cut off part of the subjects head in the frameLeaves something to the imagination And focuses attention on parts of your subject that you want to be focused uponVary the Placement of your Subject8



11Take a Series of Shots Use continuous shooting mode and fire off more than one shot at a time.Create a series of images that could be presented together instead of just one static image.

12Fill the FrameOne way to ensure that your subject captures the attention of the viewer of your portrait is to fill the frame with their face.Its not something that youd do in every shot that you take


If your subject is the only feature in the shot - theres really nowhere else to look.14Some ideas to considerSelf-PortraitsFrom Where I StandDennis Maitland has a unique take on the self-portraitHe uses aerial views of Detroit to showcase his self-portraitsIt combines a birds-eye view and parts of him

http://photo.tutsplus.com/articles/inspiration/100-seriously-cool-self-portraits-and-tips-to-shoot-your-own/100 Cool Self-Portrait IdeasUnique LightingUse light to create an interesting portrait:Side lit PortraitsBlack backgroundsWhite backgrounds

Black Background

White Background

Take a series of portraits to experimentTake a picture for each of the following portrait components:PerspectiveEye ContactSubject placementSeries of shotsFill the FrameSelf-portraitUnique LightingSide lit PortraitUse a White or Black background and play around with lighting

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