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Sleep is an essential part of health. It allows your mind and body to rest and recharge. There are various factors which affect sleep. But few things can be managed by an individual to improve sleep. Along with time or duration of the sleep, quality of sleep also affect., Sound sleep only for 3-4 hrs can give you freshness. So follow these tricks to get good night sleep.

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  • 1. Take good night sleep By Dr. Nilima Gaikwad

2. Importance of sleep 3. Sleep only at night Avoid daytime sleep if possible. Daytime naps steal hours from nighttime slumber..Limit daytime sleep to 20- Limit daytime sleep to 20- minute: Power napsminute: Power naps 4. Exercise Regularly Exercise stimulates thebody. Aerobic activity beforebedtime may makefalling asleep moredifficult. 5. Take hot showerTaking a hot showerorbath before bed helpsbring on sleep becausethey can relax tensemuscles 6. Avoid eating before bed Give yourself at least2 hours from whenyou eat to when yousleep. This allows fordigestion to happen(or at least start) wellbefore you go to sleepso your body can restwell during the night. 7. Avoid coffee Avoid coffee: It keeps you awake and thats now what you want for a good nights sleep. 8. Sleep in silence 9. Avoid alcohol beforebed Its a depressant; althoughit may make it easier to fallasleep, it causes you towake up during the night. As alcohol is digested,your body goes intowithdrawal from thealcohol causing night timeawakenings and oftennightmares for somepeople. 10. Allow Fresh air tocome inOpen the bed room window to let fresh air in. Both the bed and bedroom need to be between 16C and 18C (the optimum temperature to ensure a good nights sleep). 11. Take a walk beforesleepTake a gentle 20minute walk, or do some yoga, followed by 15 minutes of sitting quietly. Allow your brain to download your day and plan for tomorrow 12. Read book As we read moreand more, regardlessof the book, we getmore tired at nightand so find it easierto fall asleep. 13. Good Night 14. Contact Us for Any Query:Writeto: customercare@justforhearts.orgGet info from: info@justforhearts.org Corporate Organizations: contactus@justforhearts.org