Tablets/ipads in the classroom

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Tablets/ipads in the classroom. CREATED BY PATTI TURCOTT. WHAT IS A TABLET OR IPAD?. Similar to: Computer Smart Phone Made by many different companies. Handheld device that is capable of doing many technological tasks right at your fingertips. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Tablets/ipads in the classroom</p> <p>Tablets/ipads in the classroomCREATED BY PATTI TURCOTTWHAT IS A TABLET OR IPAD?Similar to:ComputerSmart PhoneMade by many different companies.Handheld device that is capable of doing many technological tasks right at your fingertips. </p> <p>How many different types of tablets are there?There are many different kinds of tablets out there on the market. Knowing which to use depends on the preference of the classroom.Things to keep in mind when deciding which tablet to use:Does it need to be heavy dutyDoes it need to be lightweightCan it be used with a keyboard, mouse, or stylistEtc. . . How is it used?</p> <p>There are many uses! To name a few:Note-taking Reading BooksTest TakingTaking PicturesSocial MediaEducational Game PlayingPeer Editing</p> <p>VIDEO ON USESWhen using tablets in the classroomTeachers should:</p> <p>Select grade-appropriate softwareSet up clear expectations Deal with filters and firewallsBe knowledgeable with the technology being used</p> <p>Why should tablets be used in classrooms?Technology is a big part of todays society.</p> <p>It is our job as educators to teach children the importance of being safe and responsible, which includes the use of technology.</p> <p>ResourcesInternational Society for Technology in Education ISTE. (2012). Standards for students. Retrieved on December 2, 2013 from Network. (n. d.). Teachers network: how to incorporate technology in the classroom. Retrieved on December 2, 2013 from Carmitchel, John. (n. d.). Intel: What is a tablet PC. Retrieved on December 2, 2013 from Coachmeonline McMahon. (April 5, 2010). Ipad classroom. [Video]. Retrieved December 2, 2013 from;feature=player_embedded</p>