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T e a c h i n g C la s s C l o w n s. And what they can teach us William Watson Purkey. Understanding and Appreciating C la s s C l o w n s. School is a rat race, even when you win your still a rat Class clowns are not timid D o not believe everything they are told - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Teaching Class Clowns

Teaching Class ClownsAnd what they can teach usWilliam Watson Purkey1Understanding and Appreciating Class ClownsSchool is a rat race, even when you win your still a ratClass clowns are not timid Do not believe everything they are toldDo not do everything they are toldSee themselves as vocal leadersWhen directly challenged quick to assert themselves in the most creative and ingenious ways2I have never let school interfere with my education Mark TwainA critical ingredient in working successfully with class clowns is getting to know them. Personal attention and long term relationshipLikely to be a beneficial presence in the classroom when they believe they are understood and appreciated.Successful teachers of Class Clowns get results through relationships3The Benefits of having Class ClownsWhile the currency of clowns is laughter; cheerfulness is their commodity.Humor is a wonderful teaching strategy: It can teach concepts and stimulate intellectual development.Banish boredom, fight monotony, spread sunshineTeach us to laugh at ourselves.Laughter is a wonderful safety valve.The teachers ability to monitor and control the classroom social environment is a hallmark of good teaching Purkey

44 Signature Tendencies of Class Clowns Investing Class clowns are willing to jump in, take risks, and try new things; willing to take bold risks to live life fully.Asserting Desire to have as much control as possible over their surroundings affirmation to claim their own integrity.Relating Basic liking of people and concern for their welfare establish connections and relationships with fellow human beings.Coping One way or another class clowns find ways to successfully cope with lifes challenges.These four signature tendencies offer important clues on how to work successfully with Class Clowns

5Quality of INVESTINGClass Clowns exhibit a willingness to invest themselves fully in what life has to offer.Channel the Class Clowns special tendency to invest in worth while school endeavors. Class Clowns want to have an important role in making things happen.Great discoveries are often the result of recognizing what others have not seen. Class Clowns are stimulated creatively they become engaged in the learning process.

6Application of Capitalizing on INVESTINGForm student triads place a Class Clown with two serious-minded classmates to work on a research project.Show case the Class Clowns abilities: student announcer, video exchange with other schools in other parts of the world.Form special interest groups.Two minute commercial on an academic concept.Delegate responsibilities to Class Clowns,

7Quality of ASSERTINGAsserting is defined as the ability to establish and fight for ones dignity and self-respect.Class Clowns are aware that they have some control over what happens to them.Class Clowns asserts themselves by challenging authority and maintaining a voice in what is taking place.Quick to step in and maintain their rights.They speak up for their own ideas and do not hesitate to stand up to authority.8Application of capitalizing on ASSERTING Practicing wait time is an excellent teaching strategy for maintaining classroom behavior.Directive must be positive and with a choice the goals of directive is maximum compliance with minimum effort; politeness is crucial.Use contracts involve Class Clown in decisionsAllow stand-up comic route for a good week.Start the day with 5 happy minutesKeep a sense of humor to challenged authority: Palm trees survive hurricanes because they bend without breaking.

9Quality of RelatingI do not teach, I relate. -- Michel de MontaigneLife is never so busy that there is no time left for laughter. -- William Watson Purkey

10The clowns upside-down, breezy attitude toward life forms ties between and among individuals.The clowns funny approach to life gives voice to the meaning and purpose of being human. Human relationships are essential in living a good life. It is hard to imagine anything worse than being totally disconnected from other human beings. Forming connections with other human beings allows us to become part of a larger whole.To a student starving for relationships, one teacher can make a profound difference.

11Application of capitalizing on relatingThe ways in which class clowns relate to teachers seems to correlate with how much they believe that others like and respect them.Teachers should take every chance to reach out and form relationships.An essential part of connecting to laugh at yourself.Enjoy life and remember that your students want to enjoy life as well.12Quality of copingClass clowns are often able to turn painful things upside down. A weakness becomes a strength. Coping is the ability to learn from experience, to take advantage of situations, and to deal successfully with lifes demands.

13Application of capitalizing on copingKeep the volcano from erupting.If you are bored as a teacher, its probably because you are a boring teacher.Successful teachers of class clowns consider good classroom behavior as a logical result of their ability to involve students actively in their education.Keep them busy!A good response to difficult moments is to get the laughter going.14SummaryI doubt if there is among us a more useful citizen than the one who holds the secret of banishing gloom, of making tears give way to laughter, of supplanting desolation with despair with hope and courage, for hope and courage always go with a light heart.Franklin D. Roosevelt15


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