Symbolism from Mythology and Elsewhere

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Symbolism from Mythology and Elsewhere. by Don L. F. Nilsen and Alleen Pace Nilsen. Part II: Greek and Roman Mythology. Romulus and Remus Rome, Italy. Saturn, Bacchus & Dionysus Saturnalia, Bacchinalia, & the Planet Saturn. The Phoenix Rising vs. J. K. Rowling’s Phoenix Rising. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Symbolism from Mythology and Elsewhere

  • *Symbolism from Greek and Roman MythologyPart IIby Don L. F. Nilsenand Alleen Pace Nilsen

  • Romulus and RemusRome, Italy*

  • Saturn, Bacchus & DionysusSaturnalia, Bacchinalia, & the Planet Saturn*

  • The Phoenix Rising vs. J. K. Rowlings Phoenix Rising*

  • The Sphinx:Riddle of the Sphinx*

  • Tantalus (the Catch 22 god)and Tantalizing*

  • Thalia (Music, Dance, Song)Thanatos (Death)*

  • The Titanic*

  • Boticellis Venus, Venus Fly Trap, Venus De Milo (Le Louvre) and the Planet Venus*

  • Vulcan vs. Spock (A Vulcan)*

  • Astronomy and AstrologyNorthern Constellations(Never Set24-Hour Clock)Ursa Minor (Little Dipper)Ursa Major (Big Dipper)DracoCepheusCassopeia

    Southern Constellation(Never Rises)Southern CrossAustralian FlagNew Zealand FlagZodiac (Milky Way)(Rise & Set in 24-hour period)Aquarius (Water Carrier)Pisces (Fish)Aries(Ram)Taurus(Bull)Gemini(Twins)Cancer(Tropic)Leo(Lion)Virgo(Virgin)Libra(Scales)Scorpio(Scorpion)Sagittarius(Centaur Archer)Capricorn(Horned Goat)


  • ZodiacSign:Dates:Stone:Equinox/SolsticeAquariusJan 12-Feb 19GarnetPiscesFeb 19-March 21AmethystV. E.AriesMarch 22-April 20BloodstoneTaurusApril 21-May 21EmeraldGeminiMay 22-June 21AquamarineS. S.CancerJune 21-July 22PearlLeoJuly 23-August 22PeridotVirgoAugust 23-Sept 22SaphireA. E.LibraSept 23-October 23ChrysoliteScorpioOct 24-Nov 21BerylSagittariusNov 22-Dec 21TopazW. S.CapicornDec 22-Jan 21Ruby


  • Milky Way Galaxy and the Zodiac*

  • Astronomy and the ZodiacNorthern & Southern Constellations*

  • Special Stars*

  • Mythological Places:Elysian Fields and Champs Elysees in Paris*

  • Scylla & Charybdis*

  • The River Styx (with Charon)The River Lethe & Phlegethon*

  • The Iliad & The Odyssy*

  • Jason & the Argonauts*

  • Helen of Troy &Trojan Horse*

  • Mythological ObjectsThe Golden Apple and the Judgment of ParisJason and the Golden Fleece


  • The Philosophers Stone and the Beginnings of Chemistry*

  • Mythical Characters:Griffin, Satyr, Centaur, Unicorn*

  • Hogwarts Houses*

  • An Invented PlatformAnd An Invented Alley*