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Symantec Health. Stephanie Roongsathapaul ISM 158 April 22, 2010. Current Problems. Cost of medical images storage is increasing at a rate of 20-40% annually . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Symantec Health

Symantec HealthStephanie RoongsathapaulISM 158April 22, 2010Current ProblemsCost of medical images storage is increasing at a rate of 20-40% annually.

Image sharing with non-affiliated physicians typically involves unreliable, inefficient, and costly CDs, DVDs, or web-based tools that often require long downloads and system reboots. This limits the healthcare organization's referral opportunity and competitiveness, while subjecting patients to delays in care and the risk of repeat scans.What is Symantec Health?Symantec Health is a new hosted medical image archiving and sharing solution for healthcare providers. The service helps lower storage costs and provides secure, Web-based image sharing for non-affiliated hospitals and physicians.

Symantec Heath ComponentsThe new Symantec Health Safe solution consists of two components:Symantec Health SafeSymantec Health Image Share

Symantec Health SafeProvides secure and reliable storage capacity when needed Enables providers to pay only for storage usedEliminates capital outlays for storage hardware and software at a time when capital budgets are tightProtects medical images at geographically-distributed data centers

Symantec Health Image ShareProvide easy and secure image sharing over the InternetEliminates CDs and DVDs sharing methodsEnhance image sharing with non-affiliated specialists for consultations prior to patient transfer

Symantec Health Image Share

Selecting a patient study displays all associated study data including images and reports. Simply enter a physician email address in the top right box to share the study with a non-affiliated physician.Patient studies - displays recent sharing activity for each study.BenefitsSymantec will help themselves branch into the growing health care technology market.

Symantec Health service will help hospitals and clinics reduce the soaring costs of medical image storage.

The service will allow health care providers to share their reports and images with hospitals and doctors over the Internet.

Is this a good idea?Yes! Symantec sees the service as another technology to help hospitals deal with the high cost of health care. Doctors and authorized staff would be able to search for and view medical images through the Web.

Symantec Health will reduce the cost of data storage for hospitals and increase efficiency in referring patients to specialists and transferring images file from one place to another.Sources

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