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Fulfilling Promise: Admissions

Sycamore School Admissions

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Publication from Sycamore School featuring school information, photographs and additional material for prospective parents.

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Fulfilling Promise: Admissions

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“Sycamore didn’t make me who I am, but helped me become what I could be.”—Margot Montgomery O’Donnell, MD, 1994 Sycamore Alumna

A lot of gifted kids dream about a school where they can be themselves, explore their passions, and learn with other smart kids. A school where there is no ceiling on what they learn, where it’s ok to be smart, and where loving to learn is the norm.

Sycamore is that school, and it’s one of a few schools in the entire country dedicated to serving the needs of high ability children.

Kids don’t just “become” gifted in second or third grade. They’re born with great potential. Sycamore begins with a program for three-year-olds and lasts through Middle School. At every age and stage, students at Sycamore find a peer group of kids who think and learn like they do, a curriculum designed for gifted learners, along with teachers who understand and respect them and who are trained to teach gifted kids.

The most common reaction we hear from first-time visitors to Sycamore is about the positive atmosphere and energy at the school. Although we try to communicate our passion for educating gifted children in our print materials and on our website, nothing compares with experiencing Sycamore first-hand. Please contact us to schedule a visit to this amazing school.

Gifted kids are our mission and our passion. So please, come in…come in!

“If you are a dreamer, come in…”—Shel Silverstein

Susan Karpicke, Ed.D.Director of Admissions [email protected]

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In 1985, a group of parents and teachers had a dream. They

dreamed that they could create a school where intellectually

gifted children could be challenged and stimulated, a school

where children could actually reach their potential as

students and future leaders.

For more than a quarter of a century, Sycamore School has

been in the business of enabling our brightest learners to

fulfill the promise that lies within each one of them. Our

students, who would be outliers in other educational settings,

find the challenge and support they need to develop their

significant potential. These students learn in ways different

from the norm; they need a program that is broader, deeper,

more complex, more abstract, and delivered at a faster

pace. Sycamore provides that. Today, Sycamore’s vision is

to be recognized as the premier resource in Indianapolis,

and among the best in the nation, for the education and

development of the academically gifted child.

ACCREDITATION:• Fully accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Central States

INSTITUTIONAL MEMBER:• National Association of Independent Schools

• National Association of Gifted Children

• Indiana Association for the Gifted

FOCUSED MISSION:• Sycamore is the only private, independent school in Indiana dedicated to the education of gifted children from Preschool through 8th grade.

Our History

Sycamore School is a private school that focuses on the specific needs of highly intelligent children, from Preschool through Eighth Grade. As a school, we shape gifted students into people who are comfortable in their own skin, who think clearly and potently, and who engage the gifts they’ve received with humility and a determination to make the most of their lives.

Are you a parent of a child who shows a gifted child who would benefit from Sycamore School.

12 Signs of a Gifted Child

1. EARLY LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT• Advanced vocabulary and language usage• Sometimes early reading without formal


2. EXCELLENT MEMORY• Accurate recall of events and details

3. PERSISTENT CURIOSITY• Insatiable appetite for learning

4. RAPID LEARNING• Masters concepts easily and is ready to

“move on”

5. SENSE OF HUMOR• Sees humor in situations at an early age

6. INTENSITY• Passionate about areas of interest

7. LONG ATTENTION SPAN• Attends to areas of interest for long periods

8. SENSITIVITY• Emotionally sensitive• Intuitive

9. KEEN SKILLS OF OBSERVATION• Likes to watch and understand before


10. PREFERENCE FOR OLDER PLAYMATES• Chooses to be with older kids or adults

11. PERFECTIONISM• Likes to do things correctly the first time• Expects a lot of him/herself

12. STRONG SENSE OF MORALITY AND JUSTICE• Strives for fairness• Compassionate

19,000+ Books in the library

Expert speakers each year 80+

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PhilosophyGifted learners have special intellectual, social, and

emotional needs. They need an open, enriched educational

environment designed to develop superior thinking skills and

the opportunity to complete a broad range of academic and

artistic projects and products.

The curriculum should offer greater complexity, more

depth, and a faster pace than is typical. Students should

have stimulating interaction with their intellectual peers

and be encouraged to develop the skills and character traits

of creative, productive, contributing members of society.

Sycamore School values its positive, enthusiastic school

climate that supports and nurtures school life.

Sycamore School provides a full-time educational program to

meet the needs of academically gifted students. The faculty

members set criteria for evaluating students’ academic

progress, and they promote and expect the development of

personal responsibility, task commitment, self-discipline,

independent learning, and respectful conduct. High

standards of behavior and performance, as well as high

aptitude, are expected.

Sycamore has an ongoing commitment to leadership in

developing and improving teaching methods, learning

strategies, and curricula in gifted education. Its teachers are

dedicated to learning from others in gifted education and

to sharing their experience and expertise with the larger

community for the educational enrichment of all children.

Mission and Philosophy

Sycamore School exists so that academically gifted children can experience the enriched, accelerated education they need to reach their potential and to lead responsible, constructive, fulfilling lives.

“As students we have been incredibly blessed to have faculty that are unbelievably dedicated and earnest about what they do. They enjoy their work immensely, and teaching at Sycamore is not simply a job, it is their passion. Not only do our teachers give of themselves in assisting before, during, or after class, but there is also an obvious connection to the students and a real desire to pass along their knowledge. They do not simply teach the required material, but go above and beyond to provide us with the means to be successful”

—Alex Brinkman, 2014 Sycamore Alumnus

100% Faculty working on or have completed high-ability licensure

70+ School-wide field trip each year

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What Teachers Say

“Sycamore is a place of tremendous resources - students, parent and colleagues. Sycamore provides gifted students, adults and teachers a place to call home and be appreciated, not to mention the ability to take students places other schools dream of.”

“At Sycamore, the answer is in the question. It isn’t about finding the correct answer; it is about finding the correct question to ask to delve more deeply into subjects.”

“As teachers, we are given the freedom to try new things - like introducing stability ball chairs to preschoolers. It is like nowhere else. Students have a love for learning that most students don’t have. By the way, those students love our new chairs.”

“Our creativity is fully expressed in our activities, field trips, and unit work created for students.People can be themselves here. There is no need for pretension, no stress about trying to be cool. Kids enjoy being kids.”

Our Core Values

Nelson Mandela said, “A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.”

At Sycamore, we’re focusing intentionally on improving what we offer our students in the area of character education.

We believe the most important character traits for all Sycamore students are:

RESPECTMORAL COURAGEEMPATHYRELATIONSHIPSThese traits are taught, practiced, and exemplified by students in every age group at Sycamore. Our faculty in each division work to systematically integrate these character traits into our already existing programs, and they appear in virtually every discipline we teach as well as in our co-curriculum (athletics, playground, clubs, and activities). As we go forward, a logical extension of this work will be in the area of service learning. We will thoughtfully consider how we can take these values beyond Sycamore’s walls in order to make community connections and have a real impact on others.

6+ Community service projects each year

100% Of Sycamore graduates attend college

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“I owe a lot to Sycamore’s teachers, who prioritized our educational development above all else. I left Sycamore understanding how to think critically and creatively about the world.”—Mytili Bala, 1997 Sycamore Alumnus

“Sycamore taught me to ask why, to figure out a solution, to help in whatever way I could. I know that one day someone here is going to help solve the issues that plague the world. And I know we will never stop trying. We have the desire to make a difference in the world, and the resources to work together and achieve the unachievable. That is why we came here. That is what Sycamore is.”

—Joseph Mervis, 2013 Sycamore Alumnus

1750 West 64th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46260

Visit sycamoreschool.org for tour, contact and financial aid information .




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Apply onlinewww.sycamoreschool.org/admissions

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