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Supreme Wrapping Film · PDF file • Vehicle wraps • Vehicle graphics • Watercraft graphics For a wrapping film that combines performance, versatility and convenience, look no

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  • Inspired Brands. Intelligent World.® P r o g r a m

    sellsheet |

    Supreme Wrapping Film


    Film: 80 micron high gloss supercast vinyl

    adhesive: Clear permanent acrylic with Easy Apply RS™* and long term removability of up to 10 years

    Backing: Two sided PE coated StaFlat outdoor life: Up to 10 years


    • Vehicle wraps • Vehicle graphics • Watercraft graphics

    For a wrapping film that combines performance, versatility and convenience, look no further than Avery Supreme Wrapping Film.

    This dual-layer film incorporates colour and clear protective layers, providing a smooth, paint-like finish that's both durable and stunning.

    With 33 colour options and our unique custom colour matching service, Supreme Wrapping Film offers you more choice than ever before to completely transform your vehicle. Whatever the colour, we can match it.

    Change the way you think about paint

    High performance and easy application... in your choice of colours.

    SIze Roll width (m) Roll Length (m) 1.52 25



    Black & White: 10 years

    colours: 9 years

    Metallic: 4 years


    Black & White: 5 years

    colours: 4 years

    Metallic: 2 years

  • Feature advantage Benefit

    Easy Apply™ adhesive technology

    Eliminates wrinkles and bubbles Easy to work with and reduces application time, allowing for greater efficiency

    Repositionability and slidability Easy to reposition and slide with minimal force Lays down smoothly after pre-tacking without losing adhesion

    Premium cast vinyl Highly conformable Ideal for concave, convex, compound curves and into deep recesses

    Long term removability Easily and quickly removable with heat Removes easily with little or no adhesive residue resulting in reduced removal time

    Up to 10 years outdoor life Outstanding durability and outdoor life Excellent UV, temperature, humidity and salt- spray resistance

    Permanent adhesive Adheres well to most surfaces Ensures the graphic stays down for the length of application

    Custom colour matching available Includes pantone colours and can be custom colour matched with a minimum quantity order

    Effortlessly match corporate colours

    No application tape required Extra film thickness and body for improved application characteristic without the need for application tape

    Reduced application costs

    New 60” 1.52m width 60” (1.52m x 25m) width products provide greater practicality

    Allows bonnets, roofs and side panels to be applied with one piece of material for faster application and a more cost effective solution.

    Non-vertical durability Warranted on non-vertical surfaces Complete wraps with a full warranty

    SUpReMe WRappIng FIlM

    Tested. Guaranteed. Our media had undergone rigorous scientific and durability testing to guarantee that your printer and ink coupled with our media and overlaminates will work together every time. This commitment to quality is confidently backed by our ICS Warranty program.

    For more information contact Avery Dennison customer service or your sales representative on 1800 888 560 or visit

    Avery Dennison [email protected] Aus Freecall: 1800 888 560 Freefax: 1800 888 561 New Zealand Tel (09) 573 0995 Fax: (09) 573 0996

    Supreme Wrapping Film features Easy Apply RS™ adhesive technology - air egress channels that help eliminate bubbles and wrinkles making application effortless. Combined with added respositionability and slideability, plus Long Term Removability, Supreme Wrapping Film is a cost effective solution for branding your entire fleet.

    With 33 colours to choose from, including metallics, vehicle personalisation has never been easier.

    P r o g r a m

    available colours^

    White Lime Green Matte White

    White Pearlescent Grass Green Matte Dark Grey

    Black Dark Green Matte Black

    Yellow Light Blue Gold Metallic

    Dark Yellow Intense Blue Brown Metallic

    Orange Blue Cherry Red Metallic

    Soft Red Dark Blue Bright Blue Metallic

    Red Indigo Blue Dark Blue Metallic

    Cardinal Red Light Grey Silver Metallic

    Carmine Red Grey Grey Metallic

    Burgundy Dark Grey Black Metallic

    *May be covered by one or more of US patents 7,344,618, 7,332,205 and other US and foreign patents pending

    ^ Colours shown for reference only

    Please see our website for access to the ICS Performance Guarantee Durability Bulletin for your printer and our computerised cutting films.

    Supreme Wrapping Film has a unique dual layer construction which provides superior UV and weathering performance - ideal for demanding surfaces like vehicle roofs and bonnets.