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Summer Math and Technology Ideas for Grades K-5


<p>BUSD TK-5 SUMMER IDEAS FOR ENJOYING MATH AND TECHNOLOGY</p> <p>Games Available at most game stores, toy stores and online retailers Battleship Blokus Checkers Chess Chocolate Fix Dominoes Mancala Mastermind Qwirkle Rush Hour Set Spot It YahtzeeLogic Puzzles &amp; Problem SolvingAvailable at bookstores and online retailers Family Math (published by Lawrence Hall of Science in English and Spanish) Ken Ken Logic Puzzles Math Olympiad Mazes Mousematics Origami Sudoku</p> <p>Learning computer programming Code Monkey Kodable (App only) LightBot Tynker </p> <p>Apps and Websites Arcademics Dragon Box (App only) Dream Box Khan Academy Motion Math (App only) Operation Math (App only) XtraMath</p> <p>For more great resources, check out CommonSenseMedia.orgBUSD Summer Math and Literacy Resource List &amp; Library Website</p> <p></p> <p>Compiled by Instructional Technology TSAs, June 2015</p>


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