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Text of Summer Internship Brochure - 2015-16 - feel privileged to invite you for Summer Internship 2015-16...

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    Shri Dharmasthala ManjunatheshwaraInstitute For Management Development

    Summer Internship

    Brochure - 2015-16

  • Contents

    Placement Chairperson's Message ..................................... 02

    The Institute ..................................... 04

    Summer Internship ..................................... 06

    Batch Overview ..................................... 06

    Summer Internship Calendar ..................................... 07

    Students Profile Index ..................................... 08

    2015-17 Batch, Students with Work Experience ..................................... 10

    2015-17 Batch, Freshers ..................................... 17

    Visitors Point of View ..................................... 26

    About Mysore ..................................... 27

    Placement Contacts ..................................... 28

  • Message from Chairperson-Placements

    Dear Recruiter,

    We have great pleasure in offering you the SDMIMD Summer

    Placement Brochure 2015-16. Last year SDMIMD received

    tremendous support from corporate organizations for the summer

    placement process. Leading organizations from both the

    manufacturing and services sectors visited our campus and chose

    from a well-honed pool of talent for internship.

    We are also happy to state that SDMIMD had a significant number of

    start-up firms that participated in the summer internship process.

    These indicate recruiter confidence in SDMIMD and the quality of

    management education the Institute imparts to its students.

    It is interesting to note that many organizations with a reputation for

    innovation offered live projects to our students. Our students won

    appreciation for their research and contribution to live projects from

    senior level managers. We thank the recruiters for the confidence

    reposed in us and our students.

    Our PGDM program has been designed and updated to equip our

    students with the latest developments in the field of management.

    New features have been introduced to inculcate values and social


    We feel privileged to invite you for Summer Internship 2015-16

    and look forward to having you in our campus. Should you have any

    query, please feel free to contact us.

    Warm regards,

    Dr. H. Gayathri




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  • Founded on the belief that ethical practices and universal values are

    the starting point for business excellence, the Institute has grown to

    set a benchmark in managerial education.


  • Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management

    Development (SDMIMD), ranked among the top Business Schools in

    India, is located at the foot of Chamundi Hills in the heritage city of

    Mysore in Karnataka, 140 kilometers from Bangalore. Its charming

    campus has won architectural and landscape awards, and provides a

    great setting for learning and germination of managerial intellect.

    The Institute is promoted by the Shri Dharmasthala

    Manjunatheshwara Educational (SDME) Trust, a much admired non-

    profit educational trust that runs over 40 recognized educational

    institutions in Karnataka, including engineering and medical colleges.

    Dharmasthala, 'the abode of dharma', has been a renowned

    pilgrimage centre for hundreds of years and canons of selfless service,

    integrity, and social development stand embedded in all of the Trust's

    activities. The Trust and all the associate Institutions benefit from the

    visionary leadership of our Chairman, Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade.

    SDMIMD has been rated A** (A Double Star) by Credit Rating

    Information Services of India Limited (CRISIL) at the National Level.

    The ranking by CRISIL assumes special importance in the light of the

    fact that the rating was awarded after a thorough inspection of the

    facilities in the Institute, the performance in respect to admissions,

    placements, academic rigor and the feedback from the alumni and

    students. The ranking brings the Institute on par with many leading B-

    Schools in the country.

    SDMIMD's AICTE-approved PGDM program that is accredited by NBA

    runs for six terms over two years with an impeccable quality of

    academic rigor. The curriculum and pedagogy are planned by an

    elaborate process every year by taking into account practices in other

    leading institutes the world over, and considering the views of leading

    academics and recruiters. The Institute is well known for its research

    activities and the dedicated research publications have come in for

    praise from the world of academics.

    SDM Research Centre for Management Studies (SDM RCMS) has been

    recognized as a centre by University of Mysore for guiding aspiring

    Ph.D students. Further, in association with AIMA, a two-year dual

    certification program was launched last year.

    The Institute has tie-up with five foreign universities for academic

    collaboration-Mays School of Business, Texas A&M University, USA,

    MBA Centre, Global Management Education Institute, Shanghai

    University, China, British University in Dubai, University of Dubai and

    London College of Business Sciences.


  • Su





    ip After completing the mandatory courses of the first-year, students get into the practical world of decision-making and business management in the Summer Internship Project (SIP). Spanning eight weeks, the SIP is selected

    according to the chosen specialisation of the students. They are assigned

    specific tasks which allow them to use managerial concepts learnt in the

    classroom. After understanding the student's abilities and aspirations

    thoroughly, specific projects are assigned to each in conjunction with the

    companies concerned.

    During the internship the students work under the guidance of a senior

    executive of the company and their progress is monitored by an internal

    faculty guide. Students keep in touch with the faculty guide on developments

    on the work front and obtain clarifications as required. At the end of the

    internship, they are required to obtain a certificate from the company they

    have worked with, stating that they have satisfactorily completed the project

    allotted to them. On return to the campus, they are required to submit a

    detailed report highlighting the practical application of management

    concepts in the work place as well as details on what they had learned in the

    company. The best Summer Internship Project Reports are published in the

    'Excerpts of the Summer Internship Reports' brought out by the SDM Research

    Center for Management Studies (SDM RCMS).



    Non Engineers




    2015-17Batch Profile


  • Education Break-up

    Degree Students

    B.E./B.Tech 102

    B.Com 43

    BBA/BBM 25

    B.Sc 8

    B.Pharma 1

    B.A. 3

    BCA 3

    Masters in Tourism 1

    2015 2016

    Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May

    Summer placement talks

    Summer Placement Process Internship Duration

    Summer Internship Calender


  • Sl.No. Name Page No.

    1 Aakash R 10

    2 Abdul Ahad M 10

    3 Abdul Kareem Khan 17

    4 Abhijit Kurup 10

    5 Abhijith G 10

    6 Abhilash Veerabhadraiah 10

    7 Abhinandan V S 10

    8 Abhishek 10

    9 Abhishek Chandra 10

    10 Afzana Shaji 17

    11 Aiswarya S Das 17

    12 Ajay J 17

    13 Akash Gupta 17

    14 Akash Murthy T N 17

    15 Akhil M 17

    16 Akshay Choudhary 17

    17 Akshay Nayak U 17

    18 Alka R Bharadwaj 10

    19 Amit Kumar Sharma 17

    20 Amith Kamath K 10

    21 Amol Rachit Goel 10

    22 Amruta K R 10

    23 Anisha 11

    24 Anitha Narayanan 11

    25 Ankit Sanghani 11

    26 Anne Shruthi 17

    27 Anubhav Jain 11

    28 Anup Jyoti Dash 17

    29 Aparna K C 11

    30 Aradhana Rawat 18

    31 Archana Shastry R 18

    32 Arjit Saxena 11

    33 Arjun P.S 11

    34 Arpan 11

    35 Arvind Bharadwaj M 18

    36 Ashish Kumar Dubey 18

    37 Athira Ram 11

    38 Atreyee Acharya 11

    39 Avi Bajaj 18

    40 Ayesha Arbeena 18

    41 Ayush Pandey 18

    42 B. Narayan. D. Nagvekar 18

    43 B.Ramya. Pai 18

    44 Bhagyasree Patnala 11

    45 Chaitanya Geddam 18

    46 Chiranjeevi B 18

    47 Chitradip Pramanik 11

    Sl.No. Name Page No.

    48 Cyril John Varghese 18

    49 Debadrita Basu 19

    50 Dhanush Urs T.A 19

    51 Dheeraj Kumar 19

    52 Dipyaman Choudhury 12

    53 Dominic S. Joseph 19

    54 Eshwar.K.R 19

    55 Faizin Navas S 12

    56 Gagan Chengappa M.N 19

    57 Gairika Dey 19

    58 Gaurav Barjatya 12

    59 Gokul G 19

    60 Gourav G 19

    61 Griffin Philip Varghese 19

    62 Haamed Ul Rasheed 19

    63 Hannah Priyadarshini B 12

    64 Hari Sankar P. S. 12

    65 Harsh Garg 12

    66 Harshad Mishra 19

    67 Harshita Gakkhar 20

    68 Harshith Gowda R 12

    69 Hima Madan 12

    70 Indrasish Guin 20

    71 J.Chandana 12

    72 Jagrati 12

    73 Jayant Golghate 20

    74 Jeevan H N 20

    75 Jesman Inacio Braganza 12

    76 Jessima 20

    77 Jonnalagadda Sri Naga Hemanth 12

    78 Jubin Babu 20

    79 Kalsank Akshay Pai 13

    80 Karan Malhotra 13

    81 Kariappa A.S 20