Successful Social Media means Being Social

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Successful Social Media means Being Social. View the article Why First. Simon Sinek the science of the Golden Circle. Broadcasting the Brand IDEAL. Ask yourself: What are my brand ideals? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Successful Social Media means Being Social</p> <p>Successful Social Media means Being SocialView the Why FirstSimon Sinek the science of the Golden Circle</p> <p>Broadcasting the Brand IDEALAsk yourself:What are my brand ideals?What does this brand stand for?What do they live by?Why do they do what they do?</p> <p>Remember 2/3 great like minded messages, 1/3 selling or marketing your product or service. (dont be a carnival barker/megaphone head)Check out Jim Stengel, P&amp;G VP Marketing- GrowBroadcasting the Brand Ideal on Social NetworksThe goal is to connect and market to like minded people (your demographic).</p> <p>Identify who your brand wants to connect withTell them why you do what you doBuild a conversation of two way communication</p> <p>Communicating a brand ideal greater than yourself or your company will allow people to embrace the brand </p> <p>What a Meme isA Meme is a visual used on facebook, twitter, and pinterest to communicate.Memes people like will get likes, shares, retweets, etc.Dog Lovers - Getting SocialVirality = Impressions (views)Virality = Shares (how often are your pins, posts, tweets being shared, retweeted, repinned?)Social Means interaction Two Way CommunicationBuild the conversation Keep up the communication (dont say how cool you are)Get other people to say how cool you are</p> <p>How to make Memes for freeSeveral tools that can be used:Microsoft Paint (free default in Windows 7)Desktop Publisher (free Microsoft Office)On a Mac:iPhotoOn Mac or PC I prefer to use PhotoshopAbility to clone over bad spots and dates</p> <p>What if I dont want to make Memes?You can share other peoples memes.Part of the 2/3 content rule &amp; two way communication is finding content your demographic will enjoy and sharing it on your page.</p> <p> It is important to look around and follow pages that your demographic will like.</p> <p>THEN Share it on Multiple PlatformsWhat Social Channels Should I use?FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle Plus ( &amp; set up Google Authorship)Other ChannelsTumblrInstagramVineYouTube</p> <p>How to Streamline the ProcessMake and Program your posts ahead On Facebook you can prescehdule posts.You can program your Facebook setting to auto post to Twitter for you.Another option is to program Pinterest to auto post to Facebook and TwitterAlso tools like, Hootsuite, SMQUEBe sure to use #Hashtags.#hashtagsA #hashtag is a way for people searching for a subject matter to find relevant Tweets.</p> <p>Recently Facebook began recognizing Hastags.So does Pinterest, and so does Google.Tweet Example: I am speaking at SCV Internet Marketers #meetup tonight on Social Marketing. #socialmarketing #seo #barnes&amp;noble #valencia #santaclarita@handles and @mentions@Handles are the usernames of the Twitter accountYou can mention people in a Tweet or Post using the @handle. You can view the @mention on TwitterFacebook uses @handles to help label peopleHowever, their @handles will not always be the same account name on Facebook as it is on Twitter.Twitter Ex: @2199web Facebook Ex:</p> <p>Now that you know what to doHow do I get Traffic,Brand recognition,AndHow do I convert that into sales???Pinch of Yum post pictures on their blog, great images and content, pin pictures to Pinterest board, tweet them, post them on Facebook</p> <p>Traffic comes for the Valued ContentGive the consumer or prospect what they want.They ShareMore people follow your brandThey also share with their friends &amp; followers...Those advocates and new followers go into the Sales funnel.Note: NOT ALL SALES ARE MONETARY Sales can be as simple as trading email for content. You post, they like or they share it and that is the sale. Maybe I sold you on why to follow/like my page, because I have content that you want. Now you tell your likeminded friends. Social Marketing is Social + Marketing.What can I do with YouTubeGrow your brandVideo content about your product or serviceAdvertisingGet your trusted face in front of people (Google authorship) and on VideoTell your storyShare on multiple social channelsExplore the abilities of Google HangoutsWhat can I do with all of this???Build brand awarenessBuild brand recognition</p> <p>Be sure that your brand name is in the story they tell. Ex: Toms Shoes</p> <p>Sell more, market lots more to people that may be out of your reach but in your demographic target marketingBecome an Authority on a subject = more trafficBe the source for the content they want that fits your branding and company idealsTell the world why you do what you do, network, communicate, and build brand recognition!</p>