Style: Surrealism “ I am not strange, I am just not normal.”

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<p>Salvador Dali 1904-1989</p> <p>Salvador Dali1904-1989Style: Surrealism</p> <p>I am not strange, I am just not normal. The Basket of Bread</p> <p>Persistence of Memory</p> <p>SurrealismDreamlikeFantasyBizarre Out of the ordinaryThe opposite of real"Visage of Mae West" </p> <p>Much of Dali's efforts during his life were to distance himself from others both socially, and politically, to create iconic status for himself. This effort can be summed up in the artists own words, "at the age of six I wished to be a female cook, at seven Napoleon, ever since, my ambition has been continually on the increase, as has my megalomania {a symptom of mental illnessmarked by delusions of greatness, wealth}: now all I want to be is Salvador Dali. But the closer I get to my goal, the further Salvador Dali drifts away from me." </p> <p>Objective:To create a 1 point perspective SURREAL room.The interior of the room will show VALUES (using pencil). The exterior will be surreal and colored in with colored pencils. Be creative! Artist: Salvador Dali and his style was SurrealismObjective:The objective is to create a portrait using only implied textures taken from magazine pictures. You will assemble the images to create an IMAGINATIVE portrait. The portrait can be human or animal. </p>