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Style Guide - Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty ... 2013/02/21  · Branding body copy RFERL - 12 - Alternative Typeface GEO Kolketi À Á Â Ã Ä Å Æ È É Ê Ë Ì Í Ï Ð Ò Ó

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  • Style Guide

  • Torch Logotype


    - 2 -

    Preferred brandmark

    Alternative option 2: Orange torch and white logotype on gray background

    Alternative option 4: Black torch and black logotype on white background

    Alternative option 1: White torch and white logotype on orange background

    Alternative option 3: Orange torch and white logotype on black background

    Main Brandmark

    The RFE/RL brandmark consists of two elements 1) the torch and 2) the Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty logotype. These two elements should always appear together. There are a few exceptions that are mentioned later.

    This brandmark was designed with as- pects such as spacing, proportions and orientation in mind. The brandmark should never be typeset, recreated, or altered in any way other than displayed here in the style guide.

    The ‘Preferred brandmark’ is with the or- ange torch and gray logotype. There are several alternative options in the case that the preferred is not able to be used due to the color of background or purpose for use (ex. print in black and white).

  • 84.4 px

    32 .9

    p x

    141.92 px

    55 .9

    3 px


    - 3 -

    In order for all elements of the RFE/RL brandmark to be visible and legible, it must be placed with the appropriate amount of padding space around it. This area is known as the ‘exclusion zone’.

    The example below shows the amount of space needed from the edge of the orange graphic element. This same padding should be applied when placing near to other brandmarks, borders, boxes, photos, etc.

    To the right you will see examples of incorrect and correct placement of the RFE/RL brandmark.

    The brandmark should always be clearly legible. The minimum size for use on web is 84.4 px wide x 32.9 px tall.

    The brandmark should always be clearly legible. The minimum size for use on web is 141.92 px wide x 55.93 px tall.

    Minimum size for screenMinimum size for print

    Exclusion Zone

    Do not place the brandmark directly on edges, borders, or on top of other graphics.

    Using the ‘exclusive zone’ place the brandmark a minimum of this distance from edges, borders, and other graphics.



    Exclusion Zone & Size

  • RFE/RL

    - 4 -

    Moldavian Service Russian Service Georgian (Russian) Service

    Tajikistan Service Tatr-Bashkir Service Turkmenistan Service

    Ukrainian Service Tatar-Bashkir Service Armenian Service

    Azeri Service Belorussian Service Kyrgyz Service

    There are individual language service brandmarks that should be used when representing a specific branch of the RFE/RL organization. The ‘preferred brandmark’ should be used when representing the organization as a whole.

    All guidelines mentioned for the ‘preferred brandmark’ also apply to all language service brandmarks.

    The only exception is the Radio Farda brandmark. This circular brandmark has been custom designed to suit its audience and should not be altered in any way.

    Service Brandmarks

  • RFE/RL

    - 5 -

    Kazakh Service

    Afghani Service (Pashto) Pakistani Service

    Iraqi Service Afghani Service (Dari)

    Iranian Service

    Kosovo Service

    Kazakh Service (Russian)

    Macedonian Service

    Georgian Service

    Balkan Service

    For service sites with text which read from right-to-left, the service brandmarks appear with the torch on the right hand side of the logotype and should be aligned to the right. All other guide- lines apply, including exclusion zone. Never horizontally flip the orientation of the torch, just place on the right hand side of the logotype.

    If you would like to include the URL along with the brandmark, please make sure to follow the placement guideline located to the right.

    Service Brandmarks

    Russian Service with URL, placement on right side, aligned with service name.


  • RadioLiberty


    - 6 -

    Torch should never appear on the right of the service brandmark (except for brand- marks with right-to-left text).

    Torch should only be RFE/RL orange, white, black, or can be transparent form of any of those colors used as a watermark in the background.

    Do not recreate the logotype using any random font. Use only the official brand- mark files provided to you. The typeface used for the English logotype is Futura. For most of the other language services, the typeface is Myriad Pro Bold.

    Horizontally flip the torch for any reason.

    The brandmark should always be accom- panied by the orange torch. The logotype should never stand on its own.

    Place a border or box around the torch or brandmark.

    Brandmark Misuse

    We all like to be creative, but when it comes to maintaining a brand, it is extremely important to follow proper guidelines and rules. These standards uphold the purity of our brand and our mission’s message to the public eye.

    The brandmark should never be recreated, recolored, distorted, or reorganized in any way. The correct use of the brandmark is specified in the previous pages as well as in the section on icons. See below examples of incorrect ways to use the ‘RFE/RL Main Brandmark’. These same rules also apply to all of the language service brandmarks.







  • RFE/RL

    - 7 -

    Brandmark Misuse

    Change the orientation of the logotype to fit in to one line.

    Use dark drop shadows, outlines, or an outer glow behind or around the brandmark.

    Duplicate the torch and group them together in various sizes.

    Should never be placed transparently on a dark background, this impairs visibility.




    The torch should never stand apart from the logotype unless the torch is used as an icon in combination with the logotype as background or banner.

    Change the proportional size of the torch in comparison to the logotype. Overlay of logotype on top of the torch.




    - 8 -

    Brandmark Misuse

    Changing the proportionate size of the torch to the logotype.

    Change the size of just one line of the brandmark or change the orientation from the text aligned with the text to being in line with the torch stem.

    Stretch, squeeze, or distort the brandmark.

    Add a colored and underlined url link underneath the logo- type. Use standard service brandmark with URL link example.




  • RFE/RL

    - 9 -

    PANTONE : Cool Gray 10 CPANTONE : 158 C

    PANTONE : 158 U

    Logotype Gray HEX: #5C666F CMYK: 66C, 52M, 45Y, 17K RGB: 92R, 102G, 111B

    RFE/RL Orange HEX: #EA6903 CMYK: 4C, 72M, 100Y, 0K RGB: 234R, 105G, 3B

    Brandmark Black HEX: #231F20 CMYK: 0C, 0M, 0Y, 100K RGB: 35R, 31G, 32B

    Gradient Edges HEX: #9D4702 CMYK: 27C, 78M, 100Y, 21K RGB: 234R, 105G, 3B


    Subtext HEX: #1B734A CMYK: 66C, 50M, 16Y, 1K RGB Web-safe: 26R, 114G, 163B

    Gradient Center HEX: #EA6903 CMYK: 4C, 72M, 100Y, 0K RGB: 234R, 105G, 3B

    Active Bar HEX: #C6D9E5 CMYK: 21C, 7M, 5Y, 0K RGB Web-safe: 197R, 216G, 228B

    Inactive Bar HEX: #DEE4EA CMYK: 11C, 6M, 4Y, 0K RGB Web-safe: 221R, 227G, 233B

    Branding Colors

    Color is an essential element to strong branding. It can distin- guish, define, and characterize the branding identity.

    We have chosen orange as our primary highlight color because of its vibrancy. It is bright, and contrasts well with the gray logotypes as well as white, black, and gray back- grounds.

    Depending upon the intended use, there are different color swatch options. Please use the correct swatch for its rightful purpose.

    Web: RGB / HEX #

    Print: CMYK/ PANTONE Coat- ed/ PANTONE Uncoated

    Light HEX: #F0F1F3 CMYK: 4C, 2M, 5Y, 0K RGB Web-safe: 240R, 241G, 243B

    PANTONE : 7541 C

    PANTONE : 7541 U

    PANTONE : Black 6 C

    PANTONE : Black 3 U

    PANTONE : 1675 U PANTONE : 158 U

    PANTONE : 1535 C PANTONE : 158 C


    PANTONE : 656 C

    PANTONE : 656 U

    PANTONE : 2707 C

    PANTONE : 2707 U

    PANTONE : 7690 C

    PANTONE : 3015 U

  • RFE/RL

    - 10 -

    Myriad Pro Semi-bold

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 & ! ? @ ( ) “

    Myriad Pro Regular

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 & ! ? @ ( ) “

    Myriad Pro Bold

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 & ! ? @ ( ) “

    Primary Typeface

    Correct use of type helps to unify and strengthen brand identity. Set standards for use of typography, help to create a system of hierarchy for the information and data. By using the styles with- in the typeface, titles or section headlines in a document can be highlighted or provide contrast.

    We have chosen Myriad Pro as the

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